Something Old New Borrowed & Blue

something old new borrowed blue wedding bride

Image by Andy Gaines, full wedding here.


Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue is something i see and hear brides talking about even now. It’s a lovely tradition that gets a bride and her family thinking about how to include sentimental items in her wedding outfit. The personality of a bride can really shine through the lovely items she chooses.

So today i have rounded up some simple ideas to get you thinking about your something old, new, borrowed and blue… I’d also love to hear your plans in the comments box below :-)


Something Old


something old handkerchief wedding

Image by The Image Garden Photography, full wedding here.


Don a vintage frock.

Wear your favourite shoes.

Choose sentimental jewellery from your jewellery box.

Paint your nails in your best varnish.

Wear your glasses.

Scour vintage haberdasheries for a vintage ribbon to accessories your dress or bouquet.

Wear antique gloves.


Something New


something new wedding gift

Image by Amy Lewin Photography, full wedding here.


Your shiny new dress or accessories.

A gift from your loved ones or fiance on the day.

Engrave a new message on an old classic.

Wear a cheeky garter.

Get a tattoo to mark the day.

A new hair cut or colour.


Something Borrowed


something borrowed veil wedding

Image by Philippa James Photography, full wedding here.

Borrow your veil just like the real bride above.

Ask for brooches or lockets to adorn your bouquet.

Borrow a fun cover up such as a jacket or cardigan.

Borrow a friends chic designer clutch bag.

Ask a loved one to lend a pretty handkerchief.


Something Blue


something blue bouquet ribbon

Image by Shell De Mar, full wedding here.


Wear a blue dress or accessories.

Clutch a blue bouquet.

Stich something beautiful into your dress.

Decorate the bottom of your shoes.

Go daring an wear blue eye make up.

Wear some blue wellies for those muddy field portraits.

Don blue tights under your dress… or pretty undies!


… ohh and don’t forget the sixpence in your shoe!


Please do come and share your something old, new, borrowed and blue below to help other brides with their own ideas… Is it important to you to follow this tradition? XOXO Lou

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  • I had a blue ribbon sewn to the inside of my wedding dress and I pinned my late nans handkerchief to the inside of my wedding dress xox

  • ahh thats so lovely :-)) thanks so much xx

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