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Colours of Sapphires Engagement Ring Wedding Band

Sapphire Engagement Ring Colours

There is one gemstone that rivals diamonds’ versatility and hardness, one that shines bright with its unique colours and vibrancy, the sapphire. Mined mainly in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Madagascar, Thailand, Cambodia, Tanzania, Australia and the US, sapphires are often bought not because they are more affordable than diamonds, but primarily because of their outstanding colours. They are easy to maintain and will turn heads wherever you go, making them a popular choice for engagement rings, since they come in almost any colour imaginable.

Below are some of the most amazing faces of the mineral corundum and if you’ve always dreamed of a sapphire engagement ring, here’s some tips to help you decide what colour will match your personality best.

Colours of Sapphires Engagement Ring Wedding Band Marquise Blue

Something Blue

The most recognizable blue shade is due to the presence of titanium and iron in the corundum. The Kashmir blue and Ceylon sapphire are amongst the most highly coveted and while the Kashmir mine in India is already exhausted, the Ceylon mine still produces the gorgeous electric blue gemstone. Princess Diana’s engagement ring featured a Ceylon sapphire, which is now worn by The Duchess of Cambridge, and is cemented in royal jewellery chronicles for good. Prince William couldn’t have honoured his mother, Diana, in a better way than to make an heirloom out of her engagement ring by proposing to his then-fiancée with it.

Colours of Sapphires Engagement Ring Wedding Band Blue

Another example of a rich blue sapphire visually complementing its owner is Elizabeth Taylor’s engagement ring, which was given to her by her second husband, actor Michael Wilding. Taylor is famous for her splendid jewellery collection, and with that sapphire ring she was a true influencer of her time.

Also known as the stone of royalty, the blue sapphire is a logical choice for title-bearers but not for all…

Pink Is the Colour of Passion

Princess Eugenie’s Padparadscha sapphire engagement ring made history as both a very royal and very unique choice. The salmon pink hue of the stone suits her hair and skin tone beautifully and, because of its rarity, this perfectly-balanced pinkish-orange sapphire is a gem fit for a princess.

Colours of Sapphires Engagement Ring Wedding Band Pink

Padparadscha sapphires delicately straddle the colour boundary between pink and orange, resulting in a colour unrivalled by no other gemstone.

The depth of pink hues in a sapphire is determined by the chromium content – the more chromium, the more intense the colour. The more chromium present, the more red the sapphire will appear, which is when they are more commonly identified as rubies.

Colours of Sapphires Engagement Ring Wedding Band Rose Gold Pink

And They Were All Yellow

Colours of Sapphires Engagement Ring Wedding Band Yellow Octagonal

While coloured gemstones are going to solidify their place among the latest engagement rings trends, one specific gemstone stuns and awes with its playful and extravagant colour – the yellow sapphire. Often, and rightfully, confused with yellow diamonds, the yellow sapphire is more affordable than its carbon counterpart, but more importantly, it is almost blemish-free. Sometimes sapphires develop inclusions (natural consequences of crystal growth) that can decrease a gemstone’s clarity quality, but with this hue, yellow sapphires appear almost unimpaired.

Colours of Sapphires Engagement Ring Wedding Band Yellow Art Deco

Orange Crush

Colours of Sapphires Engagement Ring Wedding Band Pear Cut Orange

While we are on the bright and joyful spectrum of colours, let’s take a look at orange sapphires which, aside from being stones of wisdom, are said to enhance one’s sexual and creative energy. Their rarity makes them valuable despite potential inclusions. If you’re someone who’s looking to empower their artistic expression, look no further. An orange sapphire ring might just give you the boost you need.

Colours of Sapphires Engagement Ring Wedding Band Round Orange

Green Light

Colours of Sapphires Engagement Ring Wedding Band Green

Green sapphires are our next stop in the world of the stones ‘dear to Saturn’ (from the Sanskrit Shanipriya). Just like any sapphire, green ones vary widely in terms of hue and saturation, that is why you will often see them encircled by a diamond halo which makes the centre stone show off its unique qualities. From very rich green to light yellow-green and blue-green, those precious stones are said to stimulate the Heart Chakra, but also bring tranquillity, as green is associated with calmness. Many couples tend to prefer them to the king of greens, the emerald, which is more expensive and less durable. In any case, a green sapphire is a relatively non-traditional choice, especially when it comes to the racing green gemstone.

Colours of Sapphires Engagement Ring Wedding Band Green

Purple Reign

Colours of Sapphires Engagement Ring Wedding Band Purple

Often called violet sapphires, those gems seem to be a well kept secret. They are the most neglected among the sapphire family and this is probably due to the confusion with amethysts, which are a type of quartz and are not as durable or lively as sapphires. There is one more reason why purple sapphires are a logical choice – they offer a range of purple shades, from light lavender to deep reddish purple, and require modest heat treatment, as they are not as opaque as the natural versions of their fancy coloured cousins.

Colours of Sapphires Engagement Ring Wedding Band Purple

Whatever purpose your sapphire serves, always pick your stone first and then play around with different settings, metals and styles to ensure your centre stone stands out.

Colours of Sapphires Engagement Ring Wedding Band

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