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I am excited today to introduce you to another fabulous new sponsor, today in the form of the amazing Sacred Daisy, who stock incredible vintage pieces, with bridal gowns and evening wear, there really is something for everyone.

Take it away Sacred Daisy

{w} Hi, could you firstly tell {www} readers a little bit about you?

Sacred Daisy offers elegant vintage, retro gowns and evening wear from the 1930’s to the 1980’s. Ours is a beautiful collection of rare pieces for women who have a strong sense of style, love fashion and want a unique and exquisite gown for that special occasion. We cater for every bride and bridal party, from the one looking for that pretty gown, to the bride who want s a simple beautiful dress with her unique style in  mind and for the one looking for something special for her bridesmaids…. and with out the price tag which so often goes hand in hand with a traditional wedding gown.


{w} What do you aim to achieve for your clients?

We aim to give the modern day women the opportunity to get a timeless outfit from decades past. Each piece has been previously loved and could tell a thousand stories. These beautiful vintage clothes offer what the average bridal shop does not…. and without the cost.

{w} What style is your work?

We pride ourselves in bringing you styles that are enduring, flattering and the best of every decade. So have a look and choose that dream dress for your wedding!


{w} What do you love/dislike about your job?

What do I love about my job….. everything! I get to experienced the love that went into making every stunning vintage dress in our collection. Like most women I love to shop, plus I love all things vintage. So for me there is no better job than being able to buy and experience the best of every decade and then bring these beautiful dresses to other women out there, that share a love for similar things. I get to take part in sharing there special day with them when they choose one of my gowns to help make there moment that little bit more rememberable. I love knowing that these dresses  are truly timeless and that they add that style, that only a garment from those eras can. And that these stylish women of today are adding there own memories to an outfit that would have once been loved by someone else so dearly.

{w} How did you get into fashion  and into the wedding industry?

My business started from my love of all things vintage. I found myself collecting beautiful dress in all sizes for special occasions. I eventually decided that if i was going to start selling these stunning garment,  then what better person to than the bride to be. I knew selling these decadent clothes to a bride for her special day, that they would be truly cherished and looked after. I like knowing that the person buying my clothes finds them so special that they want to share there most memorable moments in them. This not only makes me feel good that the clothes that I love so much  for there unique style, but that they have also found there way into an others heart.

{w} Do you have any tips for couples in selecting their dress?

I think like anyone in the wedding industry you want to see your clients day meet all the expectation that they have about it.  I personally want to see my clients feel as beautiful in one of my dresses as I feel my dresses are. And for there partners to be taken back by there beauty whilst wearing these classic gowns.  I want them and everyone at there special day to see her as she truly is, a stunning woman, timeless in her own right.

{w} Could you tell us some information about your packages/prices?

Our clothing and vintage accessories range from $35 to $500 for the rare mint condition early vintage dresses. I am happy to offer free shipping within Australia when buying more than one garment. Ill also upgrade any international shipping at my expense when purchasing more than one garment so to keep the cost down for the buyer.

{w} How can we get in touch with you?

You can get  in touch with me through the Sacred Daisy website and also view our current full clothing range or directly on [email protected]

Thanks so much Alysha… what simply stunning wedding dresses… wow!! Do go and have a look on the Sacred Daisy site for current vintage stock of not only wedding dresses but evening wear too :-) xoxo


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