Rustic & Quirky Mobile Wedding Cocktail Bar – The Libation Station

Mobile Wedding Bar Cocktail Rustic Quirky The Libation Station

It’s nearing party season and what better excuse than to talk all things wedding party related this afternoon? I am thrilled to be chatting with James and Dan AKA The Libation Station all about their fantastic bar service.

The Libation Station is the quirkiest and most rustic bar set up I’ve ever clapped eyes on, it’s just so cool. Your guests will instantly be drawn to prop up and make an order, let alone when they see the drinks selection on offer. The Libation Station specialises in craft beers and also offer a cocktail menu, which will really make a memorable statement and talking point for your nearest and dearest. Those jam jar cocktails look so thirst quenching, delish. Let’s find out more about the packages and services they offer to their couples.


Hi James and Dan, could you firstly tell WWW readers a little bit about you?


James and Dan met several years ago while working in a bar on the French Riviera.

James has worked in some of the French Riviera’s busiest bars, in Val D’Isere, on luxury super yachts and on a catamaran in the Caribbean.

Dan has ten years experience in the events industry. He’s promoted club nights, live music events and held a festival for thousands of party goers.


Mobile Wedding Bar Cocktail Rustic Quirky The Libation Station

What do you love and dislike about your job?


The things we love about our job are meeting new people, seeing new places and most of all, being part of some amazing events and experiencing some great music, entertainment, food and drinks!

The thing we don’t like about our job is trying to stay awake on the drive home after working almost 48 hours straight on an event!


Mobile Wedding Bar Cocktail Rustic Quirky The Libation Station

Tell us about your typical working day.


Our typical week would involve preparation work on the Weds and Thurs, getting all the stock and bar ready. Loading Friday and sometimes travelling. Saturday delivering the event. Sunday sleeping as we have just worked a 20+ hour shift on Saturday. Monday is clean down day and Tuesday involves and round of golf and a few beers afterwards, winner pays for the drinks!


Mobile Wedding Bar Cocktail Rustic Quirky The Libation Station


If you could choose another role in the wedding industry what would it be?


If we could choose another role in the wedding industry.

(James) Dan would be a wedding DJ. He was working as a DJ in the bar where we used to work together in France, his music is as bad as most wedding DJs!!

(Dan) James would be a Sax player. He used to be in a 2 piece jazz band. He keeps threatening a comeback!


Mobile Wedding Bar Cocktail Rustic Quirky The Libation Station

What do you aim to achieve for your clients?


We aim to deliver something quite different with the bar. Not only in its appearance but with the products we offer. The bar is made of reclaimed wood and is very rustic. You don’t see many bars like this at weddings and it really does work with a lot of venues. It always looks in place, whether it’s a tipi, an old barn or a grand hall, the rustic wooden bar always fits with the venue.


Mobile Wedding Bar Cocktail Rustic Quirky The Libation Station

Tell us about the drinks you offer.


Our beers are very different to most beers served up at a wedding. We offer beers such as grapefruit ale, orange ale, smoked porter, American pale ale, coffee stout and many more creative brews.

Our cocktails are all hand crafted fresh on site with fresh ingredients. We use fresh fruits to make our own syrups, no artificial products.

I would describe our style in three words: Rustic, on-trend, delicious.


Could you tell us some information about your packages/prices?


We offer a few different options. We can run a cash bar, where guests pay for their drinks and the client pays only a small set up fee. We also run a free bar, where the client pays for all the drinks in advance. The bar is then unlimited for a four hour service. Or we can do a mix of the both, with drinks being free for an hour or two, then guests paying for their drinks.


Mobile Wedding Bar Cocktail Rustic Quirky The Libation Station

Do you have any tips for couples in selecting their wedding bar?


When you choose your wedding bar, I would suggest taking these things into consideration:


Check out what the bars look like.

Many mobile bars have LED light up panels in fluorescent lairy colours. If you are having a vintage/boho wedding, then it’s important that the style of the bar suits your wedding vibe. Check out what the bars look like to see if they fit with your theme. Also take note of the bar tenders attire. For a vintage wedding you probably want to see more tweed/bowties/waistcoats rather than branded polo shirts.

Find a package that suits you.

There are often various packages available that may range from a fully cash bar, to all inclusive bars, to a mixture of both. Find a package that suits you, your guests and your budget. There can often be some very good deals available on all inclusive bars, where all guests drink for free, that may be much more affordable than you imagined.

Choose your own cocktail menu!

Some bars now offer you the opportunity to create your own cocktail menu, choosing your favourite cocktails to be included. Some even will make the cocktails personal to you! Allowing you to name the cocktails after important things/moments in your life – a very nice touch which will certainly get your guests talking about it on the day!

Is your wine included?

Some mobile bars offer a service to provide table wine for the meal. When enquiring find out if this service is available. It can make things a lot easier if you only have to deal with one person to provide the bar and the table wine. Also enquire about the quality of wines. Some companies may offer a wine tasting service before ordering, this can be a very useful service, plus you get to try all the wines! :-)



Are you seeing any trends for the year ahead?


We have seen a lot fruity and sweet beers being brewed, such as a chocolate milkshake stout or pineapple and mango pale ale. We see these beers flooding the market soon as they will appeal to a much wider audience. We are super excited about this!


Mobile Wedding Bar Cocktail Rustic Quirky The Libation Station

Can you give us a teaser about what you are working on now?


We are currently working on some unique cocktails. We can’t say too much but they involve craft beers!!! Ssssh!   Ground breaking libations coming for 2017! We are also working on a really exciting new project for festivals and large events! It combines everything that we are passionate about, even the music! Keep your eyes out for this dropping next summer!


How can we get in touch with you?


Phone 07585228882 / 07479928889

Email [email protected]


Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Cheers James and Dan, it’s been brilliant finding out all about your really unique wedding bar. I’d be enquiring quick sharp folks, I am sure their availability will be booking out fast xo Lou


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  • When I attend weddings I always looks forward to the bar station where I can get myself busy drinking and just love watching people at the wedding. It doesn’t matter if it’s nicely set up or not but this is a great setting!

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