Quirky & Kooky Wedding Styling by Fleur de Lace

Fleur de Lace Wedding Styling Set Up Design Bedfordshire

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Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of styling and decorating your day? Have an idea of what you want to create but no idea how? Want to relax on the wedding day and have someone set up for you? Then I definitely need to introduce you to the brilliant Fleur de Lace.

Alice is one of the loveliest girls in the wedding industry, I first met her a couple of years back at a wedding event. Her eclectic, bold and fun style teamed with super cool DIY skills caught my eye. So when we started planning our own wedding, I knew I had to see if she was free. She really brought our colourful camp wedding to life and worked her socks off. There is no way we would have pulled it off without her, I cannot rave enough.


Hi Alice, could you firstly tell WWW readers a little bit about you?


My name is Alice. I run Fleur de Lace, we are a creative venue styling company. Amongst other things, we hand paint signs, make gorgeous garlands, hire out from our eclectic range of props and we work with couples to design and create their perfect wedding look. My vital stats: I’m mum to Ivy and Dot, I’ve been wifey for 8 years to Rog, I’m 5 ft, 10 ft on my ladders! I’m an artist at heart. I’m a lacrosse player and currently training for the London Marathon!


Fleur de Lace Wedding Styling Set Up Design Bedfordshire

What do you love and dislike about your job?


I love receiving emails which start with…”Strange request…but” to me nothing is strange, it makes a wedding so much fun when things are a little kooky! What I hate? Leaving. I liaise with couples for months, sometimes years, we meet, we email, then the big day arrives, I set up and then I leave… leaving me with the feeling, “did they like everything” “are they having a fab time” etc. It’s not until after the wedding that I know everything went perfectly. I’m a worrier like that!


How did you get into the wedding industry?


I started Fleur de Lace four years ago before having my daughters. Previous to this I worked in the Television Art Department in different roles including Art Director and Prop Buyer/Maker. From this my love of design grew, with it my collection of bizarre props and skills of creating weird and wonderful things from string, paper or whatever was at hand. Dabbling in the wedding world and painting signs etc I decided to go for it alone, and hey presto, Fleur de Lace was born!


Fleur de Lace Wedding Styling Set Up Design Bedfordshire

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Tell us about your typical working day.


I get up when the girls wake me up! I try and ignore them until at least 7, usually doesn’t work. After breakfast and the Nursery run, I write a list, I’m a big list writer, it helps with the different sides of the business, the sign orders, client emails, invoicing etc. I have an hour every morning when my littlest naps that is my super busy hour, this is when I get the power tools out, chop the wood etc. My husband works in IT and in the evenings, we are both working into the wee small hours, be it at my computer, painting in the workshop or making paper tassels. I work quite well with little sleep. Wedding days, I liaise with venues on the times I can get in, but I love working the night before, so everything is in order before the tables are being set.


If you could choose another role in the wedding industry what would it be?


Oh, I would so be a photographer. I’m kind of jealous of my tog friends, they see everything, I see a wedding on Home and Away and shed a tear, it sounds like such a cool job.


Fleur de Lace Wedding Styling Set Up Design Bedfordshire

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What do you aim to achieve for your clients?


Perfection! I love the fact that I can help them out of tricky situations with our setting up and styling packages, it really does ease their minds if they know they can rely on me 100%.


What style is your work? How would you describe your style in three words?


I’m not your usual venue stylist, I love quirky styles and being a bit edgy. Three words?… Creative, Kooky, Precise.


Fleur de Lace Wedding Styling Set Up Design Bedfordshire

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Could you tell us some information about your packages/prices?


I’m very realistic when it comes to pricing up my services. I know that a lot of what I can do, brides can and often do themselves, from making bunting and garlands, to place settings and blackboards. So because of this I don’t charge extortionate prices. I don’t think I would get booked if I did. Because I hire things, make bespoke items and have the styling side of things packages are generally tailored to each couple. Oh, and I never charge for a consultation or venue recce, after all I want people to book me!


Do you have any tips for couples in selecting their venue stylists?


I know quite a few other venue stylists, I think everyone has their styles and different quirks, like other suppliers, it’s nice to find one who knows your venue, who gets your style but mainly who you know can deliver the results you want, your perfect wedding look.


Fleur de Lace Wedding Styling Set Up Design Bedfordshire

Photo Credit Binky Nixon


Are you seeing any trends for the year ahead?


After a big pop of colour last year, this year a lot of our clients are going for softer palettes, pastels and hints of metallics. Hanging flowers, moss structures and lots of natural forms are also on a few of my couples wish lists.


Can you give us a teaser about what you are working on now?


I’m weeks away from our first wedding of the season, so have a few signs to paint and I’ve got a lot of Ivy to scavenge for this one. I’ve got a secret project on the go, a fake wedding and I’m working on the quirkiest lantern canopy I’ve ever done.


How can we get in touch with you?


Email: [email protected], or phone 07729211138.

I’ve also got a few wedding fairs coming up, as it’s great to meet in person. The National Vintage Show on April 17th in Shuttleworth, The Tie the Knot Carnival in Hexton on May 15th and The Bohemian Dreams Wedding Show in Milton Keynes on the 29th May. All really exciting and worth the visit!



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Get in touch with Alice quick sharp to secure your wedding date and the wedding décor of your wildest dreams. Thanks Alice xo Lou


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