Print Your Wedding Photos! Why and How – A Full Guide

Wedding Photos Print Gallery Wall

We’ve spoken many a time here on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings about the importance of great wedding photography and even lifestyle portrait photography before and post wedding day. Ensuring you have all of your beautiful memories captured forever by your dream wedding photographer is all well and good. But, just what are you going to do with those stunning captures? Will you upload one as your Instagram profile image? Perhaps share an online album with your nearest and dearest? How often will you take time to sit down properly and look through your treasured images stored online? This is exactly why I am here today to share with you the importance of printing your wedding photographs.

Wedding Photos Print Gallery Wall

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Why Print Your Wedding Photos?

Seeing your images in print, rather than on a screen is so different. There is a different feel and vitality to paper vs pixel. Be sure to take time out and plan your printed images, whether that be in an album, a canvas print or even a photo blanket. The options really are endless. That’s where come in. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to print some of our favourite photos, it’s something that you need to plan and carve out time for, but goodness me was it worth it. I really wanted to create a gallery wall of our precious family photos and wedding images. Somewhere prominent yet personal, which would also make a statement to our interior. I have to say I love the end result!

How To Create A Gallery Wall

First up the website was super simple to use, simply pick your fave shots, upload and then choose your size and image style. Viola, they do the rest. I really love a framed photograph, so their framed photo print range stood out to me straight away. I loved their choice of colours and the passe-partout, which I always prefer to use when framing images. It really makes them pop and look super professional in finish. I handed over the gallery wall planning to my husband. We carefully measured how large we wanted to make our gallery wall in situ, before checking out the size of the frames had on offer. It’s all in the prep, because once it came to installing the frames, it made it all super simple. We made a diagram of the proposed layout and the measurements too, which was a simple yet effective way to plan. Or you could try cutting paper templates to size and arranging on your wall too. We worked out the gaps between the images and then once we had chosen the size, style and quantity of frames it was on to choosing the images.  To be honest this is the hardest bit. If you have many amazing images on file, choosing a small selection can leave you feeling torn. Being an editor that selects images to feature every single day, you’d have thought that this would be a breeze for me. But when it comes to your own meaningful images, it doesn’t make it much easier. honest!

How To Choose Which Wedding Photos To Print

Some of my top tips on choosing which lifestyle images and wedding photos to print would be;

  • Choose a range of different shots. Go for black and white images, colour images, landscapes and portraits for a real showcase of the different photography styles captured. Or you could go for a more uniform style gallery wall display with them all in colour and landscape for example.
  • Don’t feel like you have to just have portrait images of the two of you on display. Use an image of your much thought out decoration, a shot of the dance floor antics which makes you smile when you see it, a serene image of the morning prep which takes you back to that moment in an instant, or even of your favourite piece of attire. After all, it’s all about how the images make you feel, not just how they look. It’s your home, your photographs, your memories, your way.
  • Choosing different sizes is also a nice way to give a gallery wall a mix. You don’t have to choose your favourite shot for the largest frame either, sometimes the smaller frames can stand out more.
  • Be ruthless. Yes you may want 50 images printed to you wall, but it’s just not going to happen. Make a folder of all your favourites and cut them down bit by bit. The ones you can’t bear not to use will be the ones to choose.
  • Finally have fun! Sit down together and make an evening of it. My husband and I really enjoyed choosing images to use going through old images amongst newer ones. It made us feel nostalgic and emotional right through to happy highs. Now every time I walk past my landing, I get to see those wonderful memories time and time again. Yay!

Wedding Photos Print Gallery Wall

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In order to activate the discount, a simply head to their website, upload your beautiful photos and select two 20×20 cm format canvas prints. As soon as both images are successfully uploaded, simply enter the code WHIMSICALCANVA in the coupon code section and then the discount will apply. The code will be valid until 18.09.2018.

Wedding Photos Print Gallery Wall

So there you have it, a full guide on how and why to print your wedding photos. You will really treasure the time spent doing this together and the end results. Happy photo planning guys xo Lou

Wedding Photos Print Gallery Wall How To DIY Guide Advice Family Photographs Wedding Photos Print Gallery Wall How To DIY Guide Advice Family Photographs
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