Planning the Perfect Engagement Party

You just got engaged, congratulations! Now, what better reason to throw a fabulous party? Apart from announcing your happy news to everybody you love, engagement parties are a great time to introduce your family and friends to his. What’s more, the experience of throwing a smaller party now will be really helpful when it comes to wedding planning later.

That’s why this week the team from the luxury London online jeweller that specialises in diamond engagement rings and bridal jewellery,, are here with this great little guide to getting your engagement do just right.


Engagement Party Planning

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When should I throw it?


The best time to have an engagement party is within two to three months from your engagement. You’ll still be floating on those happy vibes after the proposal, but the stress of wedding planning hasn’t yet started.


Engagement Party Planning

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Who should host it?


According to tradition, the bride’s parents should host an engagement party. But that might not always be possible, due to distance or other obstacles. So in that case it’s perfectly acceptable for the groom’s parents or even the couple host the party. You could also ask a friend to be a host, but just make you give them a hand with organising and cover their costs.


Engagement Party Planning

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Does it have to be a cocktail party?


No, there’s no formal way in which you have to celebrate an engagement, you can let your creativity run free. Throw a Mediterranean garden garden party, find a great rooftop restaurant, or book a wine tasting experience – whatever suits you.


Engagement Party Planning

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Should guests bring gifts?


No, engagement gifts aren’t really necessary or expected, as people will be buying you wedding presents later. But if a guest insists on bringing you one, just smile and thank them. They just want to celebrate your happiness!



Engagement Party Planning

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Should we send thank you letters?


That depends on how formal your party was and whether you also sent out written invites. Letters are always nice, but if you didn’t invite guests by post, then a phone call or email will be just as welcome. If your parents or a friend hosted the party for you, you could also give them a lovely surprise by sending them flowers or taking them out to dinner.



Ahh so many brilliant tips. I love party season, especially engagement parties. So exciting. Thank you xo Lou


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