Fresh Countryside Pink + Green Wedding + A Stunning Bride

The week is drawing to a close and the weekend is within sight, but before you all log off for the weekend i have one last beautiful wedding to share.

Emily and Jeremy got married on the 14th August 2010 in Oakley in Hamshire at a beautiful church service followed by a reception at Rotherwick Village Hall. Emily makes a simply stunning bride wearing a beautiful Lambert Creations dress. I love the freshness and countryside feel to this wedding with beautiful photgraphy from London based wedding photographer Kirstn Mavric, thanks so much to Kirsten for sharing her work today with {www} here is what she had to say about the day;

“I love this couple.  From the moment I met Emily, I knew this was going to be a fantastic wedding, with a great couple.  She told me she wasn’t a bridezilla and she was right!  I didn’t meet Jeremy until the wedding day, but he suits her so well, he’s so calm and relaxed.   And as for Emily, she is vivacious and outgoing, as you can see from her images.   She claims she doesn’t photograph well, I beg to differ, missus.  You looked STUNNING on the day, and so happy.  It was a joy to be there and share your day with you two.”

The Proposal…

It was the day after my birthday and Jeremy and I had booked the day off. My birthday is on the 5th November so it was very autumnal and drizzly. Jeremy had booked us into the Ice Bar off Regent Street, so we did that and ended up at Momo’s on Heddon Street, drinking wine and eating delicious falafel wraps.

After this, Jeremy convinced me into going for a walk in Green Park; it was cold, drizzling and getting dark so I thought it a bit strange! There was some work being done on the park, it was boarded off from the road, and this made us feel like we were far away from London which was lovely. The leaves were orange, it was dusk and there was some drizzle which added to the effect. We walked down the footpath, away from the main area and he got down on one knee, told me he’d always loved me, always will and would I marry him. In his hand was a box containing a beautiful diamond ring so of course I said yes ;)

He then produced a bottle of champagne and two plastic flutes which he’d been carrying around all day in his bag without me noticing!

Beautiful bridesmaids…

My best friend Esztella flew over from Canada and was an incredible support for me in the days leading up to the day, and my childhood best friend Rachael was very supportive and sorted the dresses and was always on the end of the phone every time I needed to vent. They were both fantastic and I couldn’t ask for better friends.

The Vision for the day…

We wanted something simple, as we were going to get married in the village we grew up in, we wanted it to have the “country” feel; Roses, pinks, cream and greens.

The ceremony was in an old church in the village and the reception in an old Georgian hall in a neighbouring village. It was all hands on deck with the making of bunting, seating plans, dried rose buds, cake, table runners etc.

The dress…

My dress was from a tiny shop in the village of Overton called Fantasia. It was a Lambert Creations dress from France and although it was expensive and swallowed a great deal of our budget, it was completely worth it :-)

The Planning process…

We shared a great deal of the planning. My wonderful colleague and friend Laura, is a designer and put together our invites and orders of service. My sister in law Ellen, and my childhood friend Julia made all of the bunting, which was the base for our theme. Ellen also made all the tablecloths and the head table runner, along with tissue holders and hearts for the lovely little touches. Jeremy and I were organised and began sorting things in advance so that it didn’t get too stressful. The planning process was the easiest bit actually, and Jeremy was brilliant. Our family and friends were awesome; everyone knew someone who could hire a sound system, play the guitar and sing (my brother in law), hire crockery, my uncle had a soft top Morris Minor for my dad and I, my old neighbour had a Jaguar he could take the bridesmaids in, my other friend Tasha is trained in bridal makeup and everything just came together!

The Cake

The cake was the most beautiful and delicious cake I’ve ever seen and we couldn’t have imagined anything more perfect.

We highly recommend anyone wanting a professional cake to go to Curtis and Co. Cakes:
Phone number: 01452 740 133
Email is [email protected]

Ups and Downs on the day

None! Even though it rained throughout the day, we managed to get our photos taken when the sun came out. The barman turned up two hours after he was meant to, which meant there was a period where nobody could drink, but fortunately no one seemed to notice.

The suits were hired from Slaters and although Slaters mucked up the order and caused great stress for the ushers and best men, the overall outcome was good.

Advice for other couples

Chill out! I had a lot of family issues and I let them blow out of control. Nine times out of ten you’ve got nothing to worry about, because on the day people just want you to have the best time possible.

100% recommend Kirsten Mavric for your photography. At a complete bargain price for what you get, we were blown away by this lady’s talent and professionalism. It was like having a friend there, and her partner Leon, was also fantastic. It’s the small touches that make anything special, and with the handmade DVD case our photos turned up on, she proved me right. Superb.

Thanks so much to Emily and Jeremy for sharing their day with {www} today.

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