Pets At Weddings – All You Need To Know

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Aside from those couples who elope for their nuptials, most people choose to have their gang around them when they wed. But what if one of your main men or women happens to have fur? Here are our top tips for including your pet in your wedding day.


Are Pets Allowed?


Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, you should check with your venue that they will allow your pet to be there on the day. Of course, some venues may be unsuitable for animals while outdoor venues are much more likely to be able to accommodate your four legged friend, do make them aware of exactly what your plans are for your pet.


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If it is not possible for your furry friend to be at the ceremony, you might like to consider including them in your portraits afterwards so that you have a very special reminder of them whenever you look back through your wedding photographs.


Cat Pet Wedding Bride Ideas Help Advice

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Catering For Pets


If it’s good news and your pet is welcome at your nuptials, don’t forget to cater for them! Make sure to provide plenty of water and enough food for the day. Being in an unfamiliar place can upset animals so don’t forget that they might behave a bit unpredictably and might need a few extra treats and some fuss to settle. You might want to think about doing a dry run so that they can have a sniff around and familiarise themselves with their surroundings before the big day.


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It’s a good idea to position them somewhere where they can be taken out quickly if they start making noise during the ceremony. You want your furry friend to be there but you don’t need to be upstaged on your big day. It’s not very glamorous but it’s also very important to remember the bags for those toilet moments! So that you don’t have to worry about them, it’s definitely wise to put someone in charge of your pet on the day, whether this is a professional or a member of the wedding party.


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Involving Your Pet


Perhaps the most important decision you need to make is what role your pet will take in proceedings. Obviously it rather depends on what form your animal friend takes but if they are well behaved, you might want to consider giving them a job like being the ring bearer.


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Of course, the animal in question might be a rather bigger one and for me, brides and horses are what childhood dreams are made of. You can even double up and use your pony as transport. Just make sure you know how you can mount and dismount!


Pets Horse Wedding Transport Planning Help Ideas Nesta Lloyd Photography via DIY Weekend Long Farm Wedding


If this is too much faffing with a white dress, you can still capture beautiful photographs of you and your equine friend with your feet firmly on the ground.


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Pet’s Attire


You should also consider what your pet will wear on the day. Bow tie? Full suit? Floral garland? Or just a simple ribbon? The possibilities are endless! Just make sure in advance that their outfit fits well and is comfortable for them to wear – you don’t want them scratching and rubbing up against the first surface they can find.


Pets Wedding Dog Pug Bow Tie Outfit Ideas Craig and Eva Sanders Photography via An Elegant, Black Tie Classical Wedding


Informing Guests


Don’t forget to let others know to expect an extra guest at the wedding. It’s a good idea to inform your guests in advance so they can take precautions if they suffer from allergies and of course you will want to brief your photographer so that he or she can get ready to capture all the funny candid moments. Maybe your guests could bring their own furry friends too for a truly animal friendly affair.


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What if you don’t have a pet?


Maybe you don’t have your own pet but you’re still a pair of animal lovers. Consider having your wedding at an animal park or somewhere where wild animals are close at hand. You could even get a well-trained owl to bring your rings to the top of the aisle. Or how about tying the knot at a zoo? Or on a farm?


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Other Ways To Incorporate Your Pet


Sadly, not all couples are able to have their furry friends there on their wedding day but there are lots of creative ways that you can include them in your day instead. Maybe you use a picture of them on your stationery or table plan, or simply put a photograph of them on display.


Pets Wedding Ideas Stationery Becky Ryan Photography via Retro Kitsch Pastel Mint & Pink Wedding Ideas


Did you include your pet in your big day? Did everything run smoothly? Or are you still trying to work out the best way to include your four legged friend? I’d love to hear all about it. Rachel x


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Images 1. Image The Curries via Beautiful Bohemian Beach Glamping Wedding 2. Image Michelle Wood via Quirky English Garden Party Wedding 3. Image Nesta Lloyd Photography via DIY Weekend Long Farm Wedding 4. Image Chris Barber Photography via Stylish White & Pink DIY Floral Filled Barn Wedding 5. Image Assassynation via Rustic Woodland Inspired Spring DIY Mint & Pink Wedding 6. Image Jason Mark Harris Photography via Casual Summery & Rustic Beach Wild Horses Wedding

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