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The peony has to be one of spring/summer’s most incredible wedding flowers. It’s no wonder you are thinking of having a peony wedding bouquet. I mean what’s not to love?

Fluffy petals? Check. Soft pastel tones? Check. Divine fragrance? Check. Gorgeous impact? Check.

However, perhaps you are unsure just what kind of peonies to opt for or how to incorporate peonies into your wedding bouquet. Well, you are in luck. As today I am sharing with you fifty stunning peony wedding bouquet ideas.

Peony Wedding Bouquet Ideas Jenna Kathleen Photo: Jenna Kathleen via Oakwell Hall Wedding Bouquet: Daisy Hoban Wedding & Event Florist


The Prettiest Peony Wedding Bouquet Ideas… Of All Time?

OK, so before we cover the practicalities of peony wedding bouquets, let’s look at all the pretty ideas, shall we?

1. Bright Colours

This bouquet utilises fuchsia peonies with seasonal summer wedding flowers in bold tones.

Peony Bouquet Idea Herbs Roses Ellie Gillard Photography Photo: Ellie Gillard Photography via Riverside London Wedding Flowers: Palais Flowers


2. Natural Shape

Peonies are used in this bouquet with tall flowers in contrasting tones, creating a wild, natural shape.

Peony Wedding Bouquet Bridal Iain Irwin Photography Photo: Iain Irwin Photography via Coming Soon Bouquet: Zoe Conville


3. Multiple Peony Varieties

Mix and match different peony bouquets in complementing tones. In this bouquet you will find:

Peony Wedding Bouquets Idea Peach Rose Pink Angela Ward Brown Photo: Angela Ward Brown via Clock Barn Wedding Flowers: Eden Blooms


4. Round Peony Bouquet

These fluffy pink peonies have been teamed with a matching rose and kept tight for a uniform round bouquet style.

Pale Pink Peony Bouquet Idea Kelly Hiscox Photography Photos: Kelly Hiscox Photography via Peony Pink Wedding Bouquet: With Love & Roses


5. White Peony Bouquet

This all-white peony bouquet is so romantic and soft, what a beauty. Don’t you just love white wedding flowers?

White Peony Bridal Bouquet Idea Sanshine Photography Photo: Sanshine Photography via Aynhoe Park Wedding Bouquet: Studio Sorores


6. Pink & Blue Flowers

Using bright tones in contrasting hues is so striking. In this gorgeous peony bouquet you will find:

Peony Wedding Bouquets Idea Pink Blue Jonny MP Photo: Jonny MP via DIY Back Garden Wedding Flowers: Clarke’s Florist


7. Wildflower Style Bouquet

Dream of having a bouquet that looks as though it’s from a wildflower field? This is the bouquet for you! It has so many lovely Spring wedding flowers such as:

Peony Wedding Bouquet Idea Blue White Pink Georgia Rachael Photo: Georgia Rachael via Spring Meadow Wedding Flowers: Fiori & Co


8. Red Peony Bouquet

Red peonies look so decadent, especially when teamed with luxe red roses.

Red Peony Rose Bouquet Idea Brandon and Serena Photography Photo: Brandon and Serena Photography via Red Rose Wedding Ideas Bouquet: Simply Elegant by Emma


9. Yellow Blue & Pink Bouquet

For a subtle peony bouquet, add one or two peonies to a multitude of other bright blooms.

Wedding Bouquet Peony Sunflower Charlotte Razzell Photography Photo: Charlotte Razzell Photography via Colourful Bright Summer Pub Wedding Bouquet: Chobham Flowers


10. Closed Peony Bouquet

Sometimes peonies won’t quite open and the effect is just as beautiful as open petals.

Pink Peony Coral Rose Bouquet Sally T Photography Photo: Sally T Photography via Bright Wedding Bouquet: Amanda Randell Cox


11. White Peonies & Grasses

Peonies are versatile and can work even in modern bouquets with grasses.

White Peony Bouquet Modern Wedding The Light Painters Photo: The Light Painters via Cockliffe Country House Wedding Bouquet: Sophie’s Flower Co


12. Spring Peony Bouquet

This woodland editorial displayed brilliantly how gorgeous peony flower arrangements look in the spring. Here are the flowers in this bouquet:

Peony Wedding Bouquet Idea Blue Pink Ideal Imaging Photography Photo: Ideal Imaging Photography via Bluebell Wood Wedding Flowers: Buds Floristry


13. Blush & Bright Pink Bouquet

This bright pink bouquet looks striking with blush flower highlights.

Pink Peony Bouquet Astilbe Cecelina Photography Photo: Cecelina Photography via Romantic Pink Gold Wedding Ideas Bouquet: The Vintage Floral Design Co


14. Peony & Rose

Peonies and roses really work so well together don’t they?

White Pink Peony Bouquet Idea Folega Photography Photo: Folega Photography via Bohemian Botanical Bridal Inspiration Flowers: Paeony Floral Design


15. Lemon & Pink Bouquet

Lemon-yellow and soft pink flowers look ever so pretty.

Peony Rose Astilbe Bridal Bouquet Wedding Grace Elizabeth Photography Photo: Grace Elizabeth Photography via High House Wedding Bouquet: Floral Desire


16. Peonies & Ferns

Ferns really create a perfect backdrop to these colour-pop peonies.

Pink Peony Fern Wedding Bouquet Idea Melissa Beattie Photography Photo: Melissa Beattie Photography via Garden Ceremony Wedding Bouquet: Wedding & Events Floral Design


17. Soft Pastels

Delicate soft pink flowers look gorgeous against white structural peonies.

White Peony Bouquet Wedding Pink Rose Natalie Coultas Photography Photo: Natalie Coultas Photography via Love Shack Wedding Bouquet: The Flower Lounge


18. Central Peony

Ensure your peony is the star of the show by placing it front and centre.

Multicolour Peony Wedding Bouquet Idea Beth Alderson Photography Photo: Beth Alderson Photography via Lancashire Barn Wedding Bouquet: Flower Design Events


19. Textured Bouquet

I love how this bouquet combines different foliage, flowers and colour to create a beautiful texture.

Pink Peony Bouquet Lilac Wedding Firewood Film Photo: Firewood Film via Fun Colourful Barn Wedding Bouquet: Leafy Couture


20. Greenery & White

For a simple wedding bouquet look, team greenery with blousy white flowers.

White Peony Bouquet Greenery Thistle Wedding Captured by Katrina Photo: Captured by Katrina via Cotswold Marquee Wedding Bouquet: Captured by Katrina


21. Peachy Dream

Orange, peach and pink tones work beautifully with wild-style foliage.

Peach Peony Wedding Bouquet Greenery Lily Bungay & Co Photo: Lily Bungay & Co via Kent Marquee Wedding Bouquet: Wild Flora


22. Succlents & Peonies

Who’d have thought that succulents and peonies were a match made in heaven?

Pink Peony Apricot Rose Bridal Wedding Bouquet Jasmine Skye Photography Photo: Jasmine Skye Photography via Paper Mill Wedding Bouquet: Pollen8 


23. Hot Pink & Orange

Hot pinks and oranges look so gorgeous together.

Tropical Peony Bouquet Orange Rose AW Wedding Photography Photo: AW Wedding Photography via Tiki Wedding Bouquet: Brompton Buds


24. Woodland Feel

Planning a woodland wedding? You’ll love this flower style.

Pale Pink Peony Bouquet Wedding Bowl Of Corks Photo: Bowl Of Corks via Bridal Barn Wedding Bouquet: Camomile & Cornflowers


25. Dahlia & Peony

Dahlias and peonies together? Does it get much better than that?!

White Peony Daliah Bouquet Wedding Isabelle Elliott Photography Photo: Isabelle Elliott Photography via Hertfordshire Barn Wedding Bouquet: Stephanie Rose


26. Rannuculus & Peony Bouquet

Peonies, garden roses and peonies together create a gorgeously fluffy wedding bouquet.

Pink Peony Wedding Bouquet Ideas Peter Reynolds Photography Photo: Peter Reynolds Photography via Kent Coast Wedding Bouquet: Orchard Blooms


27. Delicate & Summery

Team small delicate flowers with the show-stopping peony like this bridal bouquet.

Peony Wedding Bouquet Summer Idea Bride Lisa-Marie Halliday Photography Photo: Lisa-Marie Halliday Photography via Beauvale Priory Wedding Bouquet: cheekypetal


28. Sweet Pastel

Take white peonies and add them to a blush pink bouquet.

Peony Wedding Bouquet Bridal Peach White Wyldbee Photography Photo: Wyldbee Photography via Elford Hall Garden Wedding Bouquet: The Flower Patch


29. DIY Peony Bouquet

This bride created her own DIY peony bouquet by sourcing flowers from a flower farm.

Peony Wedding Bouquet White Summer Emma Stoner Photo Photo: Emma Stoner Photo via Middle Coombe Farm Wedding Bouquet: Windmill Farm Flowers


30. Vibrant Bouquet

Bright coral peonies with pops of teal look modern and vibrant.

Modern Peony Wedding Bouquet Coral Matt Moore Photography Photo: Matt Moore Photography via Bohemian Tipi Wedding Bouquet: Moss Floral Artistry


31. Meadow-style

Bring a meadow look to your peony bouquet with a mix of stems.

Colourful Wildflower Peony Wedding Bouquet Lorna Newman Wedding Photography Photo: Lorna Newman Wedding Photography via Flaxbourne Gardens Wedding Bouquet: Flowers At Fifty Eight


32. Apricot & White Bouquet

Lovely apricot tones look gorgeous with large white peonies.

White Peony Wedding Bouquet Peach Gem Hicks Photography Photo: Gem Hicks Photography via Apricot Wedding Ideas Bouquet: The Floral Potager


33. Artificial Peony Bouquet

You could use silk or artificial peonies to create a forever bouquet. If fresh flowers are more your vibe, you can preserve your wedding bouquet after the big day.

Artificial Peony Wedding Bouquet Whoisbenjamin Photo: Whoisbenjamin via Cheddon Fitzpaine Wedding


34. Spring Blooms

Fun spring flowers such as anemone, scabiosa, craspedia, nigella and ranunculus look lovely with peonies.

Pink Peony Bridal Bouquet Red Flowers Kim Williams Weddings Photo: Kim Williams Weddings via Brighton Barn Wedding Bouquet: Bride Collaboration with Town Garden Florist


35. White Peony & Foliage Bouquet

Classic, simple white flowers with foliage are always timeless.

White Peony Greenery Wedding Bouquet Kloe May Photography Photo: Kloe May Photography via Home Garden Tipi Wedding Bouquet: Albert & Arthur


36. Peonies & Daisies

Does it get any more quintessentially English countryside than peonies and daisies?

Pink Peony Daisy Wedding Bouquet Emma Stoner Photo: Emma Stoner via Cornish Tipi Wedding Bouquet: Bruallen


37. Deep Reds

Rich red peonies look gorgeously moody with plenty of foliage.

Deep Red Peony Wedding Bouquet Flit Photography Photo: Flit Photography via Halloween Elopement Bouquet: LeRoy French Flowers


38. Poppies & Peonies

Red and pink together really do work so well!

Pink Peony Red Poppy Wedding Bouquet McKenna Rhyne Photography Photo: McKenna Rhyne Photography via Colourful Farm Wedding Bouquet: Thistle and Twig


39. Classic Peony Bouquet

This soft blush pink and cream bouquet is a classic look!

Blush Pink Cream Peony Wedding Bouquet Gemma Giorgio Photo: Gemma Giorgio via Cream Blush Wedding Flowers: Triangle Nursery


40. Sunflower & Peony

Yes, sunflowers can work with peonies, and beautifully too.

White Peony Wedding Bouquet Sunflowers Three Flowers Photography Photo: Three Flowers Photography via Essex Barn Wedding Bouquet: @henriettahickling.florals


41. Autumn Peony Bouquet

Peonies aren’t usually available in the UK. But if you fancy growing them undercover, they may just bloom for your autumn wedding flowers.

Blush Peony Wedding Bouquet Autumn Victoria Baker Weddings Photo: Victoria Baker Weddings via Intimate Garden Wedding Bouquet: Forge Events


42. Pretty & Natural

How lovely are these pink peonies with a natural feel arrangment?

Pink Peony Bride Bouquet Summer Hayley Baxter Photography Photo: Hayley Baxter Photography via Sperry Tent Wedding Bouquet: Robie Flowers


43. Mint & Peony Bouquet

Looking for the ultimate fragrance? Use peonies with herbs such as fresh mint.

Pink Peach Peony Wedding Bouquet Idea Philippa Sian Photography Photo: Philippa Sian Photography via English Garden Wedding Inspiration Bouquet: Hibbert & Hagström


44. Tropical Bouquet

Add peonies to tropical flowers such as anthurium.

Pink Peony Wedding Bouquet Bride Tropical Emily Little Photo: Emily Little via Tropical Wedding Inspiration Bouquet: The Flower Story


45. Pink Pink Pink

Use different tones of the same colour, such as different pinks for a tonal bouquet style.

Coral Charm Peony Wedding Bouquet Rose Taylor English Photography Photo: Taylor English Photography via Chickamauga Wedding Bouquet: May Flowers


46. Single Peony Bouquet

Add one statement peony to a colour-packed bouquet.

Colourful Wildflower Peony Bouquet Wedding Laura Debourde Photography Photo: Laura Debourde Photography via Two Woods Estate Wedding Bouquet: Nells Flowers


47. Country Garden Bouquet

Create a country garden-style bouquet with an array of pretty summer stems.

Pink Peony Wedding Bouquet Lilac Flowers Fern Tiffany Gage Photography Photo: Tiffany Gage Photography via Socially Distanced Wedding Flowers: Christina Jupe


48. All The Colours

Go bold by using all the colours and multiple flowers as well as peonies.

Colourful Summer Wedding Bouquet Peony Ideas Jessy Jones Photography Photo: Jessy Jones Photography via Lincolnshire Tipi Wedding Bouquet: Rosedale House


49. Ribbon Bouquet

Don’t forget how you are going to tie your peony bouquet. Use plentiful ribbons for a whimsical flourish.

Pink Blue Ribbon Peony Wedding Bouquet Inspiration Jessica Isherwood Photography Photo: Jessica Isherwood Photography via Tipis Riley Green Wedding Flowers: Sam Williams


50. Eucalyptus & Peony Bouquet

Eucalyptus is a really popular and gorgeously scented foliage to use with peonies.

Peony Eucalyptus Wedding Bouquet Darina Stoda Photography Photo: Darina Stoda Photography via Stubton Hall Wedding Bouquet: FloralDeco


Are Peonies Expensive For Weddings?

Yes, peonies are one of the most expensive wedding flowers you can choose. They can work out as more expensive than roses. Factors that affect the price of peonies include the season, size, availability and variety.

Look to budget between £3-£6 per peony stem. If your budget can’t stretch to all-peony displays, try mixing a few peonies with other more inexpensive flowers. Alternatively, try using peony-look flowers for the same flower style.

Buying peonies in season is likely to save you money, so try and use peonies if they are in season during your wedding.

Peony Wedding Flower Alternatives

Peony Wedding Bouquet Ideas Esme Whiteside Photography Photo: Esme Whiteside Photography via Magical Tipi Wedding Flowers: Linda Palmer


When Is Peony Flowering Time In The UK?

Peonies tend to be in season and flower between April and June.

It goes without saying though that timing may differ each year. It really depends on the weather conditions and other external factors which may not be predictable.

So, if you do have your heart set on peonies, be mindful that even though you are having a spring wedding, peonies may not be available. Always have a plan B for an alternative flower. Your wedding florist can help advise here.

What Is The Meaning Of Wedding Peonies?

The symbolism of peonies is said to be honour, love, good fortune and prosperity, depending on the shade you choose! But, don’t worry too much about the meaning of the flower and think about what the peony means to you.

Perhaps you have your own personal connection or memories to the peony? That’s what matters the most.

Peony Wedding Bouquet Ideas Thyme Lane Photography Photo: Thyme Lane Photography via Island Hall Wedding Bouquet: Thatch and Roses


What Colours Do Peonies Come In?

Peonies come in many varieties, shapes and colours luckily. There is so much choice, with peony colours including white, pale pink, bright pink, yellow, coral and red.

Are Peonies Good For Wedding Bouquets?

Peonies are ideal for wedding bouquets. They are large flowers, with lots of fragrance, texture and gorgeous colour options. What’s not to love?

Peony Wedding Bouquet Ideas Amy Jordison Photography Photo: Amy Jordison Photography via Yellow Pink Wedding Bouquets: Ducks & Daffodils


And there we have it! Quite possibly the most beautiful peony wedding bouquets of all time. Plus answers to your most pressing peony wedding flower questions. YES!

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