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Today is a three poster kind of  a day ;-) and i am not only sharing two simply beautiful weddings with you all, but some seriously pretty paper, courtesy of Paper Sherbet.

I so adore the Paper Sherbet designs, with strong graphics and beautiful fonts, what better way than to start your wedding planning here.

Take it away Paper Sherbet….


{w} Hi Paper Sherbet, could you firstly tell {www} readers a little bit about you?

Paper Sherbet is a stationer with a passion for designing and creating custom made hand-printed wedding stationery. All of our wedding stationery is screen printed by hand in our art studio inBristol. We offer two ranges so there is something for everyone: an eco (and budget) friendly range which is printed on recycled materials sourced from here in theUKand a luxury range which is printed on ‘uber’ luxurious paper and card from Envelopments. We are proud to be one of the few designers in the South West that offer the Envelopment range of products, with a choice of over 200 colours, textures and styles your stationery can suit your wedding like a glove.

The beauty of screen-printing is that every single item is unique and hand made, giving it a more romantic feel than printing digitally on mass.



{w} What do you love/dislike about your job?

“If you do what you love you never have to work another day in your life.” I remember hearing that as a little girl and thought “That sounds ideal!” I love meeting couples and bringing their ideas to life. It is really satisfying to see a concept all the way through from the initial consultation to the final print on the drying racks in the studio, then on the door-mats of guests. Because everything is done by hand, I am involved with the whole process and I enjoy that. It is very exciting to be a small part of someone’s big day.


{w} How did you get into your business and into the wedding industry?

I graduated with a distinction in Graphic Design and worked as a freelance designer in the corporate world but felt creatively slightly stifled due to corporate restrictions. Then a friend asked me to design her wedding stationery for her and I had a light bulb moment! The name Paper Sherbet was born out of the idea of paper stationery with the effervescent pizzazz and ‘fizz’ of contemporary graphic design.



{w} What do you aim to achieve for your clients?

My aim is always to create something that reflects the personalities of a couple and create stationery that they can be excited about sending to their family and friends to set the scene for their big day. In an increasingly technological world, it is meaningful and exciting to both send and receive something someone can hold and keep.

With our custom design service the design process is driven by either a specific idea which we can develop or we can create a mood board of ideas to help couples visualise an idea. We always send a ‘wet’ proof of the design before the final print run so they can see the print to check the colours and details.



{w} What style is your work?

The style of our stationery is very modern and contemporary. I love using typography (fonts!) to tell a story and display emotions. Screen printing creates art work that is dramatic by only using one or two colours, so all the designs are clean and crisp.

You won’t find any clip-art, drop shadows or stuck on flowers or bows at Paper Sherbet : )



{w} Could you tell us some information about your packages/prices?

We have two ranges: Eco-friendly + Luxury, and two services: Custom-made + Off-the-peg.

Custom design costs a one-off design fee of £95 and includes a personal consultation, a mood board of ideas to inspire you and a ‘wet’ proof of your chosen design. Also we have some ‘here is one we made earlier’ designs available in our shop. All the designs can be completely customised to suit you at no extra cost.

Stationery prices start from £1.85 for a Save the Date card and £2.95 for an invitation and the more you order the less you pay per item. Other items such as ‘on the day’ stationery and favours are available.


{w} Do you have any tips for couples in selecting their wedding stationery supplier?

Couples usually look for a stationery supplier shortly after they have found a venue and have their date in mind. I would advise to start planning your stationery 6-8 weeks before you intend to send your invitations to allow enough time. As a designer, visual inspiration is important so building a scrapbook of ideas that you see around you is a fantastic idea and will build up a full picture of what styles, colours and ideas you like. As well as ideas from others that you find, it can be nice to include important things to you as a couple so everything stays personal and unique to whom you are. It is a great way of communicating to a wide range of suppliers how you envisage you’re wedding. Pictures always speak a thousand words!




{w} How can we get in touch with you?

The first port of call could be visiting us online at where you can see some of our work and find out more details of what we can offer you.  At a consultation I will bring along some stationery samples and after listening to what you would like and bouncing ideas back and forth I will be able to send you a no obligation quote. To book a consultation just give us a call on 01454 620280. If you are not located in the local area that is not a problem as we work with couples country-wide and a telephone consultation is just as effective.


Thanks so much to Paper Sherbet for introducing themselves today, what truely stunning designs. Stay tuned for a fantastic giveaway from Paprt Sherbet, really soon ;-) xoxo Lou

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