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Oxblood Trend Flower Wedding Ideas

Image by Melissa Beattie via Wild Romance Greenery Wedding Ideas


For those planning a wedding this year or next, and needing some colour inspiration, have you considered oxblood?  ‘What colour is oxblood?’ I hear you ask.  Well, oxblood is a colour that is considered to be a dark shade of red, it resembles burgundy, with more purple and dark brown hues.  It is also known as the ‘new cool red’ – oxblood is very much the on-trend colour – ‘the colour of the moment’ – and is appearing on runways and sidewalks alike.  Ideal for those autumn and winter weddings mixed in with hints of copper and gold for some ‘wow-factor’, but equally lovely mixed with soft blush pinks and warm creams for those summer weddings.  Rich vivid colours such as deep clarets and magentas add a lovely sense of warmth and comfort, pairing these with peach and brighter reds also makes a striking contrast.  Other similar colours to oxblood could also be burgundy, beaujolais, marsala, maroon, mahogany, plum or wine.

When you’re planning your wedding and are deciding on a colour theme for your flowers, this tends to be dictated by the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses; so complementary colours such as navy or gold dresses would complement this opulent colour.  Just a quick top tip however; although oxblood tends to suit most skin and hair colours, take care if you have a blonde bridesmaid with pale skin, as this colour can be draining if it is too dark.

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Oxblood Wedding Flowers


Trendy brides everywhere are turning to oxblood burgundy to take their wedding to the next level.  This lush, romantic tone is perfect for wedding flowers that set the stage for an elegant and opulent vibe.  Burgundy flowers have a deep, rich hue that really stands out in centrepieces, bouquets and other flower arrangements.  It also makes a lovely accent when placed on a light-coloured tablecloths or backgrounds.  In addition you can pair lightly coloured blooms with burgundy flowers to play up the contrast between the two tones.  The deep velvety colour of oxblood is also reminiscent of royalty, and it works perfectly with crisp white and other rich jewel tones.

So, IF you’ve decided on this colour theme for your wedding day, what next?  Well, we would suggest you ask your florist what is in season flower-wise, who will then provide you with a list of suitable flower varieties or another idea is to start a Pinterest board, collating images of oxblood wedding themes and suitable colour combinations, the options really are endless and there is so much inspiration out there, so get Pinning!

But, to help you on your way, here are some flower and foliage varieties to inspire you!




A less well-known flower with small clusters of flowers on the end of shoots, it has a lighter red tone, but makes a truly wonderful support act within oxblood wedding flowers.  Whilst colour is important of course, texture is also king, and the skimmia is my number one choice.  Flowers at its best in the autumn time, but is available from September to February.


Oxblood Flower Bouquet Trend Wedding Ideas

Image by Agnes Black via Dark Romantic Urban Wedding Ideas




Commonly known as the Lenten Rose.  This flower tends to bloom late winter/early spring time.  A true winter beauty this, and becoming very popular within bouquets.  Also known as the Christmas rose.  Great to use in buttonholes.  However, it doesn’t tend to last well in foam, but keeps its longevity for displays in water.  Deep red/black varieties we recommend are ‘Ruse Black’ or the more burgundy red ‘Red Lady’.


Oxblood Flower Bouquet Wedding Ideas Inspiration

Image by Georgina Brewster Photography via Beautiful Countryside Wedding Ideas



The carnation is growing in popularity, and not always considered a ‘wedding’ flower, but available in nearly every shade possible, and all year round. Carnations are loved by florists for their versatility and durability.  They are perfect for use in centrepieces and bouquets, especially as they last longer than most other flowers and dry-out well for a post-wedding memory. The deep red variety we recommend is the sultry ‘Burgundy Moonlight’.


Oxblood Flower Trend Wedding Ideas

Image by Becky Ryan Photography via Retro Kitsch Pastel Mint & Pink Wedding Ideas



Available in every hue from warm to cheerful to cooler colours.  Gerberas are available all year round and look especially fabulous when paired with other flowers and colours.  The gerbera looks great as a buttonhole too, when using the smaller variety known as ‘germini’.  We recommend deep ‘Maroon red’ with black eye (which refers to the centre of this daisy-like flower).


Wedding Flower Trend Ideas Bouquet Wedding

Image by Benjamin Mathers Photography via All Things Big Bright & Beautiful Multicolour Wedding




A spring flower available from January to around the end of May (depending on the variety).  Part of the buttercup family, the ravishing ranunculus has layer upon layer of tightly-packed petals.  Available in a range of jewel colours, we recommend the plummy red ‘Aazur Bordeaux’ or ‘Pauline Violet’ which is a more plummy-red.


Oxblood Flower Trends Wedding Ideas

Image by Becky Ryan Photography via Retro Kitsch Pastel Mint & Pink Wedding Ideas




Synonymous with early summer, and available from around April/May to early July.  Peonies are large, soft, silky and romantic, and therefore an ideal wedding flower!  There are a wide range of colours from pretty pink to the stunning rich reds and maroons.  It is one of the most popular wedding flowers and apparently a favourite of Prince Harry’s wife-to-be; Meghan, so perhaps, we will see these flowers in her bridal bouquet?  The darker red varieties to try are ‘Red Charm, ‘Buckeye’ or ‘Red Sarah Bernhardt’.


Oxblood Flower Bouquet Ideas Wedding

Image by Alba Rose Photography via Modern Romantic Winter Wedding in Texas


Calla Lily


Also known as ‘Zantedeschia’ to use its Latin name, and available all year round.  The calla lily has a very elegant form that allows them to be used in lots of different ways.  They are available in an extraordinary range of colours, and for the darker moody burgundy hues, we recommend ‘Purple Berry’ or the burgundy-black ‘Schwartz’.


Oxblood Flower Trends Bouquet Wedding Ideas

Image by  Jett Walker Photography via Modern Elegance Marble Greenery & Gold Wedding Ideas




A flower that needs no introduction!  This multi-petal flower is available throughout the year, and in a host of colours.  The rose has been a symbol of love and beauty for many years, with the red rose in particular being known as the flower of love.  Deep red rose varieties we recommend are ‘Black Baccara’ (a velvety deep dark burgundy rose, ideal for the Goth brides out there!), ‘Red Naomi’, ‘Opium’, ‘Grand Prix’, ‘Black Magic’ and the wonderful ‘Scarlett O’Hara’.


Oxblood Flower Trend Ideas Wedding

Image by Jayne Lindsay via Ethereal Opulent Woodland Inspired Wedding




Have you heard of scabiosa before? Not the most romantic sounding of flowers I agree! – it is commonly known as the ‘Pincushion Flower’, but, it is a wonderful flower with luxurious, velveteen petals, and so we recommend you try the deep red version called ‘Red Velvet Scoop’.  Available from around June to end of October.


Oxblood Flower Trends Ideas Wedding

Image by White Stag Wedding Photography via Magical Fairy Lit Autumn Barn Wedding




Commonly known as ‘Love Lies Bleeding’, and has catkin-like tendrils of flowers with a velvety texture.  It is usually available in the UK from August to September but have seen it flourishing in my sister’s garden in late October.  We suggest ‘Rosary’ which is a lovely deep red.  It is a personal favourite, as it looks amazing trailing in tall vases or candelabras and in bridal bouquets to add a wonderful texture.


Oxblood Flower Trends Wedding Ideas

Image by Kirsty Mackenzie Photography via Magical Autumn Outdoorsy Woodland Wedding Ideas




Not really a flower, but more a foliage!  Although it does flower briefly from June to July.  It’s a bushy shrub with deep purple leaves the variety we recommend is ‘Royal Purple’, which turns the most amazing red in the autumn.  Looks really ‘oh my!’ with blush or dusty pink roses and cream lisianthus.  Another one of my current favourites; quite simply red and perfectly plumtastic!


Oxblood Flower Trends Wedding Ideas

Image by Melissa Beattie via Wild Romance Greenery Wedding Ideas


So there we have it, a few flower and foliage varieties to consider.  However, trust your wedding florist to help you choose the right colours for your big day, they will want all of your floral dreams to come true as much as you do, so trust their suggestions, and before you know it, you’ll be exchanging vows surrounded by awe-inspiring florals!

*This is the fifth in the flower feature series from Whimsical Wonderland Weddings expert contributor and florist extraordinare Flowers by Suzanne Randell*

Oxblood Wedding Flowers & Bouquets


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