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wedding selfie

Wedding Selfie after our registry office ceremony.


It’s so weird. I feel like I have rewound 5 years and have just started this very blog again. Talking about our wedding plans eekk.

So as many of you already know, G and I got married in a private secret woodland ceremony on our 10 year anniversary a couple of weeks ago. Now we are planning our wedding bash.

I am super nervous and still anxious. But part of the pressure is alleviated by the fact we are already married (using my new name Mrs Hollis is taking some getting used to – more on that soon hehe). I am trying to focus on the notion that it is a party, although it will be our official reception.

We did start planning the party when we started to arrange the ceremony, which we began just a few weeks in advance. But it all became too much and we decided to focus on each day at a time. So 4 weeks after we tied the knot our party will be taking place.

We started getting things together last week and to say it’s a last minute wedding is an understatement. But we figured that there is no point in delaying the celebrations any longer or it would feel like it was too late. And it would mean that I wouldn’t be thinking about it all and making myself poorly over the plans for months.


The Plans So Far


We have hired a camp site for a Friday evening, it is an outdoor venue, which is undercover with a big fire pit. I am crossing everything that it is a settled and not freezing cold evening. Has anyone else attempted or is planning to have an outdoor October wedding?

The food truck whose hearty grub we have enjoyed on many occasion, (it’s going to be delicious) is booked in.

We have chosen our rockin’ band who we hope will keep the dance floor packed all night. We have yet to decide whether to have a first dance or that ‘special’ tune. We are also considering a silent disco in between as the party music has to finish at 10:30pm due to noise restrictions but the silent disco means the party can carry on for another half hour. Has anyone experienced a silent disco before? We think it looks great fun.

I have been searching for the perfect gluten free dessert table and I think we have struck gold with our baker. I can’t wait to taste it all already.

We haven’t decided on whether to go for a photo booth as of yet. As the party is from 7 – 11pm, it doesn’t give the greatest amount of time to fit everything in. Plus we have a fairly tight budget to stick to.

I hand illustrated and got our invites printed which have gone out this week. They also point to our wedding website with all the additional info for our guests.

We have chosen and ordered the favours which will need putting together nearer the time.

Our lovely photographer is coming to the party, we have a brilliant wedding stylist to transform the venue space (sadly I don’t have time to DIY to my hearts content) and I am getting another flower crown from our magic florist. YAY.


Things To Do


Guest book. I am stuck for ideas… I know?! Hehe. I have seen so many brilliant options that I can’t decide on one. Polaroid (we have a camera)? Jenga (little A would love it)? A wall print? Help…

Table flowers. Do I get a professional in? Will I have time to do them myself? I also want to spray paint a ton of containers if we find a spare few hours.

Entertaining the little ones. There will be children from our immediate family coming, along with our two boys and I want to make sure they have lots of fun. I was thinking space hoppers and maybe some board games.

Somewhere to put cards.

The disco play list.



And urm, I am sure I have forgotten or will forget something. But perhaps that’s just paranoia. Iam so excited about our plans and our wedding dream team. It’s wonderful knowing we are in safe hands and can relax. All that’s left is to plan a little UK honeymoon for the two of us. I think it’s well deserved hehe.

I’d love to hear all about your plans or your words of advice for us below.

Wishing you a gorgeous Sunday xo Lou

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  • Congratulations! I have been a big fan of WWW since toting engaged almost two years ago (married 24/7/15) and this post really makes me smile!
    How about combining the photo booth and guest book thoughts – do a DIY photo booth using your Polaroid and some cheap props and stick the photos into a book for guests to sign next to xxx

  • i am asking each guest to provide three songs each to compile the disco list, that way everyone is happy and the pressure is off! ;)

  • For the guestbook idea,

    We just recently organised ours and have went for lego bricks which when signed by guests and built on the night, it will create a multicoloured brick wall with all the guests names on it.
    Lots of colourful lego and a few sharpie pens and away you go.
    Give me an email if you want any more info re sizes and cost etc, would be happy to help :) have a wonderful time when it comes, I love the blog! X

  • Oh, so many congratulations! I second the idea to combine Polaroid guest book and photo booth – that’s what we did and I love looking through the Polaroids. Also I’ve been to many a silent disco and it is amazing! Best if you have at least two tracks to choose from as it’s so fun trying to guess what everyone is dancing to! As for the temperature, could you have a stack of blankets or ask people to BYOB (bring your own blanket)? It all sounds wonderful xx

  • Ahhh thank you so so much :-)

    Great to hear the silent disco went down well Kate. Excited for that hehe. Blankets at the ready.

    We have our guest book nailed down now, we went for Jenga. I am thinking A will love it and we can have family game nights while reading the messages. LOVE the lego idea Laura :-) xoxo

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