The 9 Best Multi-Destination Honeymoons

Best Multi-Destination Honeymoons Ideas

What’s better than a honeymoon? A multi-destination honeymoon! Increasingly popular as a way to combine a variety of experiences into a single trip, at their best each destination compliments the other, providing a beautiful balance that leaves you invigorated, rested and ready for married life. We’ve searched our database to find some of the most popular multi-destination honeymoons.

Chill Out and Play: the Maldives and Dubai

A great combination for couples looking to combine a complete chill out with a vibrant city stop.

The Maldives brings you perfect white sands, swaying palm trees and crystal blue waters, while Dubai is the ultimate playground: shop till you drop at the tax-free boutiques, ride a camel in the desert, Jet Ski past the skyscrapers.

Best Multi-Destination Honeymoons Ideas

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Safari and Beach: Tanzania and Zanzibar

The perfect combo to combine an exciting game drive with an idyllic beach paradise.

Tanzania is incredible for animal lovers: take a balloon flight over the Serengeti National Park to see the annual migration of the big five.  Visit Lake Manyara National Park to view the millions of flamingos or go to Olduvai Gorge, the world’s oldest Caldera.

Zanzibar is the perfect destination to kick back after exciting game drives in Tanzania.  It’s known for its traditional way of life, its stunning beauty, its beaches and its spice farms.  Be sure to take a tour of one of the local spice farms if you can drag yourself away from the stunning beaches.  Or marvel at the magical Stone Town and visit the Arab Fort or the bustling markets to get a truly authentic experience.

Best Multi-Destination Honeymoons Ideas

Laid Back and Ultra-Modern: Bali and Singapore

A fabulous combination of culture, beaches and cosmopolitan cities. Bali is a perfect place to relax: the peace and tranquillity of its lush hills, fascinating local culture and an unrivalled natural beauty will leave you refreshed and replenished.

Best Multi-Destination Honeymoons Ideas

Then prepare to be blown away with the heart beating thrill and excitement in the futuristic city of Singapore. Dine on top of a modern skyscraper or journey back in time to order Singapore Slings at Raffles. Its fast pace will provide endless distractions.

Best Multi-Destination Honeymoons Ideas

Culture and Paradise : Sri Lanka and the Seychelles

One of the most spectacular and peaceful combinations will leave you utterly blissed-out.

Sri Lanka has a captivating culture from beautifully breathtaking temples to sweeping tea plantations. Reach the top of Sigiriya Rock, see the elephants in Udawalawe National Park — you will be overwhelmed by its beauty.

The Seychelles is a dazzling utopia with secluded-beaches, turquoise waters, fabulous scuba diving allowing you to swim alongside thousands of tropical fish. Pure heaven!

Best Multi-Destination Honeymoons Ideas

City and Beach : New York and Mexico

An energetic honeymoon for people with who love adventure. The perfect city and beach combo.

NYC is the most instantly recognisable, fast-paced city in the world and it’s not for the faint hearted or those looking to just chill out on honeymoon. Its sites and shops are world famous and you should visit them all but don’t forget the romance: take a carriage ride through Central Park, enjoy a cocktail at the Plaza Hotel, and recreate An Affair to Remember atop the Empire State Building.

After all that fast paced excitement it’s time to relax a bit: glorious beaches await you in Mexico — but if you are still looking for adventure then go visit Chichen Itza or the Xcaret archaeological park to swim with dolphins.  Mexico can be as busy or as laid back as you desire.

Best Multi-Destination Honeymoons Ideas

Natural Wonders and Beauty: Fiji and New Zealand

Probably the most stunning combination of destinations, this is an amazing combination for adventure in a breathtaking natural environment.

Fiji is an exquisite island drenched in golden sunshine with glorious white sandy beaches.  For the adventurous there are stunning treks through lush rainforest to find cascading waterfalls, river safaris, snorkelling, lush coral gardens and deep canyons.

New Zealand is a land of spectacular natural beauty: with gigantic national parks, gorgeous wine lands, breathtaking fjords and natural hot springs.  Take a cruise of Milford Sound to see one of the worlds most beautiful sites.

Best Multi-Destination Honeymoons Ideas

Temples & Culture: Vietnam and Cambodia

Vietnam and Cambodia are perfect for those looking to combine rich culture and natural landscapes, while still enjoying stunning beaches with plenty of restaurants, nightlife and shopping districts.

Vietnam is known for its beaches and rivers, as well as a collection of bustling cities to explore. Culture seekers will adore the many temples, museums and French architecture that surround beautiful Ho Chi Minh City.

Cambodia’s Angkor complex is a truly spectacular collection of centuries-old temples spread over roughly 250 square miles.  It’s a must-do destination.

Best Multi-Destination Honeymoons Ideas

Best All In One: South Africa and Mauritius

Both South Africa and Mauritius boast the perfect balance of expedition and activity along with lounging around and basking in the sun, allowing you to have as much or as little of either as you please.

South Africa has everything: experience safari at Kruger Park, drive through the wine lands at Franschhoek, look for dolphins at Hermanus or explore the rich history of Cape Town. Take a trip to Robben Island, or climb Table Mountain.

Mauritius is a perfect tropical beach holiday. White powdery sands, sparkling lagoons, coral reefs packed with marine life — as well as miles upon miles of picturesque land to hike over.  If you are looking for some adventure, explore the volcanic rocks at Chamaral Falls and Coloured Earth, visit the markets at Port Louis, the botanical gardens at Pamplemousses or indulge in a little casino action!

Best Multi-Destination Honeymoons Ideas

Cosmopolitan and Spectacular: Argentina and Peru

South America really does have it all, whether you’re looking for adrenaline-filled adventure, sightseeing spectaculars or a blend of both with some gorgeous beaches in between!

Buenos Aires is often called the Paris of the South — it’s a sophisticated and cosmopolitan haven. Learn to dance the tango, eat the best steak in the world, and enjoy the stunning architecture and cosy coffee bars.

Combine sophisticated Buenos Aires with a trip to another side of South America. Trek the Inca Trail to visit Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. From snow-capped mountains, picturesque meadows, azure blue lakes and rugged landscapes, Peru will make you feel like you’re in another world.

Best Multi-Destination Honeymoons Ideas

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