A Woodland Engagement

Moving {www} forward, i from now on will be sharing each couple’s ‘story’, starting with their engagement shoot. I know you want to hear more about relationships and the couple’s featured on the blog, so lets get started with Anthony and Ru {read their love story at the bottom of the feature}.

The love in their shoot is evident and the backdrop of the woodland perfect :-) Thanks so much to the fab Miki Photography for sharing their work today, here is what they had to say about the shoot;


“Anthony and Ru met at Glastonbury two years ago, they shared some beers and their love of music and the rest as they say is history.  8 months later their beautiful boy Tristan was born, and this year they and all their ‘original’ mates from that meeting went back to Glastonbury to celebrate their two year anniversary and up and up and engagement. So when it came to choosing a place to shoot we all thought a woodlands shoot would be ideal. Ant and Ru are very free spirited and earthy people so they loved the idea of roaming in the woods for the day.  In the end we decided upon Horsell Common in Bagshot. Unfortunately on the day it decided to pour down with torrential rain and we almost cancelled but we had a chat and decided to meet there any way and see if it would die down. Amazingly the sun came out just as we started shooting and it was dry for 1hour – long enough to get some good shots – you almost can’t tell it was raining and it looks more like the middle of Summer rather than the middle of Sept!!!”


Anthony & Ruia’s Story…

We’re both originally from other countries but England had been our home for the last few years and it’s here that we’ve found each other and had our beautiful boy and so we thought a beautiful completion of that ‘journey’ would be to get married here. We’ve often talked about doing a much bigger ceremony abroad (Austrailia or Ireland) with our massive families but that would mean a lot of our friends who have been on this journey with is would miss out and we wanted to share that moment with them. Thats why  we’ve decided we’d rather have a much more intimate ceremony here with the people who have been with us every step of the way and have become our surrogate family.

The engagement shoot was great because it meant we would have pictures to share with our family abroad it will be a nice way for them to share in the occasion even though some are too far away to be physically here.

We will be married in Guilford Registry Office and then afterwards have picked a quaint local canal side Pub called the Boatman to host our reception.


Marrying where you met… how utterly sweet xoxo

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