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I have some gorgeous images to share with you this afternoon courtesy of Matt Bowen Photography, who has popped by to tell us more about his fantastic timeless photography. I definitely think you are going to be wowed.


{w} Hi Matt, could you firstly tell {www} readers a little bit about you?


Hi, I’m Matt, from, a wedding photographer who just happens to live in Cheshire but I do weddings all over the UK and even abroad. I’ve been lucky enough to have two careers I consider rather exciting. I was a radio journalist for 11 years, presenting the news and sport on stations in the North West. I then re-trained as a photographer and turned it into my job. So far I love every minute of it, and the good communication skills that I learnt in my first job often come in handy now.


{w} What do you love/dislike about your job?


I love making people smile. When you hand them their pictures and see the look on their faces it gives me a massive sense of pride. I know I’ve done a really good job for them then.

I get really excited about each wedding I shoot. When I’m getting ready in the morning it’s like I’m going to one of my own friends weddings and I know I’m going to have loads of fun and a good laugh. I also like the fact that no matter how much money has been spent on a particular wedding, it’s always the bride and groom who make the day. The things that surround it are nice also but it’s the couple at the core.

I don’t massively dislike anything but I get a bit worried about the number of couples who will either go without photography at their wedding because they can’t afford it or they will pick someone who’s really cheap. I think most photographers understand the economic climate right now and there is always a deal to be done. I’ve done just that recently with a couple who weren’t going to have a photographer but we spoke and we’ve sorted out a great package for them that fits their budget. You just need to ask.



{w} How did you get into photography and into the wedding industry?


I starting by buying a digital camera with some savings, borrowing lenses from my Dad, and reading lots of books and watching lots of videos. I’m still learning everyday. After that the story goes much like every other wedding photographer; took some pictures at a friends wedding, other people liked them and the rest is history….(fade out to music). You’ll probably hear a lot of ‘trained’ photographers say they would never do a wedding, but I reckon once you’ve done one, you’re hooked and you’ve gotta keep coming back for more.


{w} What do you aim to achieve for your clients?


I want to achieve what my clients want, and then a bit more. It sounds simple but during the first few meetings with a couple I’ll ask lots of questions about their wedding and how they see the day going. It’s their day, not mine, so I’ll not try and impose anything on them. I can suggest things and advise on good places to have pictures taken but the final decision on everything rests with the couple. I’m not the sort of photographer who wants to run the show. By sticking to these principles the couple end up having a great day that is then reflected by the photos I present them with a few weeks later. Add to that an easy going attitude and great customer service and I think you’ll not go far wrong.


{w} What style is your work?


Personally I like cinematic style pictures, the sort that you can look at for ages and imagine what was going on at the time or imagine the connection between the people in them. I think that comes from both my journalistic background and from my love of movies like North by Northwest, Raging Bull, Vertigo, A Streetcar Named Desire and Nutty Professor 2 (just kidding about the last one).

In May I’m doing a wedding completely in black & white and I can’t wait to see the results. I’ve wanted to do it for ages. I’m actually a little bit in love with B&W. It’s perfect for weddings because of the natural contrast between the white dress and the groom’s outfit, and it’s timeless.


{w} Could you tell us some information about your packages/prices?


I have three packages listed on my website starting from £1200 for 8 hours coverage at your wedding. The more you add into that package then that’s where you see the increase in price, until you reach the Platinum Package. As I mentioned earlier though it’s always worth speaking to a photographer whose work you love so that you can talk about a bespoke package.

Each year I offer three ‘8 hour Photography’ packages at 50% off, that’s just £600, conditional on the couple allowing me to use their shots for promotional purposes. It’s a nice way for me to get some great photos to show other people what I do and the couples who take part love the fact that their beautiful shots are seen by the world.


{w} Do you have any tips for couples in selecting their wedding photographer?


Always have a meeting with them before agreeing to have them do your wedding and if possible have an engagement shoot with them so you can see how you will get on with them while posing for pictures. I actually offer a ‘try before you buy’ where your engagement shoot is complimentary. Yes, completely free! I’m so confident you’ll love the pictures I take that it’s my way of showcasing what I do.


{w} How can we get in touch with you?


T: 07974 914106

E: [email protected]


Tweet: @mattmattbowen


Thanks so much Matt :-) It’s been a pleasure getting to know you a little better. Aren’t his images amazing? Do go and visit Matt’s site and if you make an enquiry be sure to mention Whimsical Wonderland Weddings to him :-) XOXO Lou


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