Late Summer London Film Engagement + A Slow Motion Video

Ally & Mike from Manasi Kashyap on Vimeo.


I am totally head over heels for this feature… it’s pure perfection.

There is a bit of a resurgence in the world of photography for film…. and i have to say thanks to these images i love it just that little bit more right now.

A natural, carefree and so very romantic shoot, with golden sunlight and the most touching slow motion film… do take 5 minutes to watch it, it’s just magical.

Thanks so much to Manasi Kashyap Photography for sharing his work today, here is what he had to say about the shoot;

“Images & music video were shot for Ally & Mike an incredibly fun & confident couple. They wanted something ‘light-hearted & edgy’. They were both open to shooting a slow motion short & it worked out very well! All the still images were shot on a 35mm film camera. There’s nothing like film to capture every magical grain of color!

Both the outfits Ally wore were dresses she already had. A DIY detail worth sharing about the ‘poofy’ dress is that it used to be white & Ally dyed it yellow in a fit of experimentation! Both Mike & Ally have a great sense of style & I left their choice of outfits to them entirely. Ally loves to travel & much of the jewelry she wore was bought while on a recent trip to India. The weather in London tends to be horribly grey at most times but were very lucky to get a warm, golden day in early Fall.

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