The Bride Diaries. Tor’s Make Up Trial

You know you’re a bit too laid back, when your hairdresser is more anxious about your wedding than you are….

My wonderful (almost lifelong) hairdresser was baffled that I hadn’t booked some suppliers and gave me a bit of a telling off! During my usual appointment with her, she made me book a make-up trial, scroll through Pinterest to find hairstyles that I liked and even convinced me that I should probably send out invites, like, NOW! She may well be some kind of superhero hairdresser.

So as you can probably tell, appointments and invites have been my life since my last post. So, so many appointments! All of which have been awesome, mainly due to the lovely people that I have had an absolute blast with.


Make Up Trial


The wonderful Adele Colby, who is an amazing make-up artist was first up. She literally transformed my face into a no-filter required, masterpiece! It is quite amazing what she achieved and as I had never had my make-up professionally done before, it was quite a revelation! I’m considering making myself a little entourage so I can have that treatment all the time! Adele was so delightful and professional that the appointment went really quickly. I’m genuinely excited for Adele to be part of the day itself; I cannot recommend a make-up artist enough! Not only for the novelty but also to ensure there is no stress on the morning itself. Someone else perfecting your winged eye-liner is always going to be a bonus!


Bride Bridal Diary Blog Make Up Trial Bride Bridal Diary Blog Make Up Trial


Next up was the hair. My hairdresser is a marvel and created the prettiest hair do that I could have ever dreamed of. I never wear my hair up and she may well have convinced me otherwise! All the appointments with her are now booked and I can’t wait to see the real thing. I’ve been tussling with the idea of having her pop out to me at my Mum’s house, or going to the salon itself in the morning. It’s a hard call! Ultimately it will depend on what my hairdresser prefers, I’d rather she be comfortable in what she is doing.


The Outfits


The lovely man in my life has even had an appointment himself! It was quite the family affair with the best man, the ushers and their partners and Chris’ parents all being involved. I was very happy for Chris to choose whatever he wanted, it is such a shame when the blokes are dictated to on what they can and can’t wear. I highly doubt any bride would stand for being told what she had to wear! He chose what he liked in about five minutes – so decisive! I haven’t seen him in his full suit yet as I love surprises, but I have no doubt that he will look amazing.

My beautiful dress arrived at the boutique and my Mum and chief bridesmaid, Lisa came with me for a sneaky glimpse! It’s pretty much a perfect fit other than a little hitch on the hemline. The lovely seamstress, Jenifer very smartly decided to save the cutting for later. The thought of it terrifies me! It was lovely experience and Lisa was a natural at making the dress look perfect, 26 years of friendship has paid off!


Bride Bridal Diary Blog Make Up Trial


The Invitations


The invites officially went out a few weeks ago and my goodness is Rachel at House of Airey a total genius! I’m fairly sure she is a mind reader and managed to understand exactly what I was after. They are so pretty and cute but equally elegant! She even taught me how to tie a bow and didn’t even laugh at my first attempt! We went for the ‘make it yourself’ option, which gives a very helpful price reduction and was also really fun. It became a bit of family affair, with my Mum and Aunty as the quality control supervisors! We have already received our first RSVP’s and it’s all become very real!


Bride Bridal Diary Blog Make Up Trial


Chris and Ken


Our marriage has been made all the more humbling by the very sad news that Chris’ grandad has passed away. Chris and Ken had an incredibly special bond and he was truly loved by all of his family. His illness was very short and understandably, devastating. Ken Randall will continue to be a Glastonbury legend and will always be greatly loved and appreciated by those who knew him. If anything, this sadness has helped us to hold each other a little more tightly and appreciate every single moment that we have together.


Bride Bridal Diary Blog


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