Q+A Session with Seventh Second Entertainment – Get The Low-down on Live Wedding Music

Seventh Second Entertainment Live Wedding Bands

We all love a great party don’t we? And I think we will all agree that live music is just the best way to get the party started and the dance floor filled. So of course when it comes to a super special wedding day atmosphere, live wedding music and live musicians are the perfect way to build wedding day memories.

So I am so thrilled to be speaking with live wedding music pro, Jon from Seventh Second Entertainment today. He is bringing us the low-down on all we need to know about wedding entertainment, especially live music and an brilliant insight into what Seventh Second Entertainment provide for their wedding couples.

Hello Jon, could you please tell Whimsical Wonderland Weddings’ readers about yourself and Seventh Second Entertainment?

Hey! Well, I help run Seventh Second but also perform in a few of the bands we promote. I’ve been a professional musician for over 15 years and been lucky enough to perform all over and at loads of fantastic weddings. Seventh Second is solely staffed by a group of lifelong friends and musicians who perform in the bands you see on the website. When you speak to us, you are speaking to the members of the wedding bands you are looking at.

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Seventh Second Entertainment Live Wedding Bands

How do you manage your bands and website?

The musicians working here directly manage the bands but also run the website, keeping everything ticking over behind the scenes. We are a close-knit group of friends who studied together and have performed together for years so it’s a really fun and efficient working dynamic. It’s always just felt like a big musical family and it’s great that we still get to perform week in week out with each other at weddings and other events.

Seventh Second Entertainment Live Wedding Bands

Could you tell us about your blog? It looks like a great resource for couples.

Thanks! So a while back we noticed that couples would have the same kinds of concerns and ask the same kinds of questions over and over and it made us realise that there simply wasn’t enough information out there regarding live wedding bands. Since then, we’ve been on a bit of a mission to answer every conceivable question couples may have about live wedding bands so they feel reassured when booking a band online. We want it to become a detailed but fun and easy-going resource where couples can find all the answers they need.

Seventh Second Entertainment Live Wedding Bands

How are you helping your couples during the COVID19 pandemic?

Speaking to all sorts of couples over the last 4 months or so, we’ve seen the uncertainty and financial and emotional stress caused by them having to cancel or postpone weddings due to the pandemic. It’s still a very uncertain time for many, including ourselves so we decided to do two key things to help. Firstly, we decided to lower all our prices by 15% for the foreseeable future and second to offer as much information and guidance on how the pandemic is affecting weddings in our blog. The response from couples has been amazing and we’re really glad our work is making a difference.

Why do you think live music, especially live bands are so great at wedding receptions?

I’ve personally read quite a bit into the science of music and there’s such a strong link between music and our emotional state. I’m sure everyone would agree that weddings are one of the happiest occasions in life and with happy wedding vibes bouncing all over the place, live music just adds to that emotional fun factor. People still see live music as a treat and a spectacle which I love and most importantly, what’s more fun than busting out some moves with friends and family on the dance floor with a great live band performing?!

Seventh Second Entertainment Live Wedding Bands

What are your top tips for couples when searching for their perfect wedding band?

Oh wow, there are so many. I’d recommend couples have a look at our blog for more info on this but I’d say my key tips are to have a good budget in mind, pick a band with song choices you love and think about what your guests would enjoy and what kind of band your wedding venue can accommodate. Most importantly, pick a live band that makes you both want to let loose and enjoy yourself!

Seventh Second Entertainment Live Wedding Bands

Do couples need to do anything to liaise with their band and their other suppliers or venue?

We cover this in detail in our blog but make sure your wedding band and venue speak to each other as they can sort out all the important stuff between themselves like stage lighting, sound restrictions and other performance logistics. We find our couples feel reassured because we keep in contact with them every step of the way and I would suggest other couples do the same with their wedding band if they can.

What music genre is popular with couples booking their live wedding music right now?

Folk and festival-inspired music is still really popular but we are finding that more and more couples are loving the classics again. Dance classics from the 70s, 80s and even 90s are making a real comeback. They’re just so much fun to dance to!

Seventh Second Entertainment Live Wedding Bands

How is Seventh Second Entertainment different from other entertainment agencies?

Well, we’ve always thought it really important that when couples book there live wedding band online, they get to speak to the musicians every step of the way. That’s why we run our website and are available 7 days a week, 10 am to 10 pm and because we run and perform in our wedding bands and have done so for 15 years, we understand what couples want and can offer unrivalled expertise, professionalism, real insight and value for money. We find couples love that personal connection.

Seventh Second Entertainment Live Wedding Bands

How much should couples budget for live wedding music?

Funnily enough, we produced a huge study into how much wedding bands cost as part of a guide in our blog and we found that wedding bands can easily vary in price from £600 to £8000. However, our study also showed that the overall average cost of a wedding band was £1498. Regardless, if you have a budget of around £1000 you will have a lot of great wedding bands to choose from.

Could you share your favourite ever review for Seventh Second Entertainment?

This was really hard to pick! This review from Lynn has always stood out for me as she was such a lovely person and I was flattered when she spoke about how hard the band worked. We really do try our best for couples so it was so nice to receive this review.

I can’t tell you how many compliments we’ve had on the day and since about you guys. I got one just now that said ‘The wedding band were amazing, we barely sat down all night’. I was really impressed with the level of polish you have, it really shows that you’ve put the time and effort in as a group. I was also very impressed by how you adapted the vocal styles to the different songs. I noticed my cousin asking you for your autographs at the end! Rock and roll!

Seventh Second Entertainment Live Wedding Bands

What was the most memorable wedding or event that Seventh Second Entertainment has sourced a live wedding music for?

Another hard one to pick but I’m going to go for the first gig we ever did. We performed for a friend of mines wife and her colleagues who were nurses at Jimmy’s hospital in Leeds. They wanted ACDC all night and it was just so much fun! Nurses know how to party and I’ll always remember a little boy coming up to me and asking how I could perform and shake my head around at the same time like a rock star. He couldn’t understand how I didn’t get really dizzy all the time.

Seventh Second Entertainment Live Wedding Bands

What are your future plans for Seventh Second Entertainment, do you have any exciting projects in the pipeline?

We’re very focused on helping couples during the pandemic right now but once life gets back to normal, we’re going to continue to develop our blog in fun ways plus we have some new and exciting live wedding bands in the works that we can’t wait to share with all the wedding couples out there!

What an amazing insight into live wedding music, huge thanks to Jon for taking the time to answer all my questions today! And how amazing is it that Seventh Second Entertainment  have lowered all their prices by 15% due to the pandemic? Do get in touch with them for help in finding your dream live wedding music xo Lou

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