Lil A’s UP Birthday Party Sunday Rambling + Sneak Peek

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First things first, i want to send my respects and love to those who have been affected or suffered on and since the horrors of 9/11 in New York 10 years ago today. Big big love to my American friends. I will be thinking of you.

But today needs to be positive and I am celebrating as it is G and I’s 6th anniversary…. so i just want to say to my beautiful beau…. i love you :-) Today will be a family day, so i have pre written today’s post and will talk about our anniversary next week.

So as promised i am here to share lil A’s second birthday party…. with an UP theme.

As soon as G and I watched the film UP when it was first released we fell in love with it. That first 3o minutes had me chocked up… if you haven’t seen it, it’s a must see film.

Anway lil A arrived two years ago and we have watched the film with a couple of times now, which he totally loved too. So for his birthday we thought we would have an UP theme :-)

I drew inspiration from this amazing party…. i knew it would never be as amazing, but i took some ideas from it… isn’t it cute!! :-) The carboard models took me a whole evening… i even missed xfactor… how dare i! Hehe, they are a free printable from the Disney Fun site, aren’t they cute?! They were a little rain damaged unfortunetly as it decided to chuck it down just as we arrived at the village hall.

Lil A wore the sweetest outfit ever, with a nod towards Carl’s style in the film :-) He had bergandy slim fit trousers, with a checked shirt, knitted waiscoat, a bergandy bow tie and bright blue braces underneath… and of course a grape soda badge :-)

For the party bags i brought brown paper bags and stuffed them with multi coloured tissue paper, with a balloon attached to each one, of course filled with goodies.

The grape soda badges were made with bottle tops, drilled with holes and pva’d graphic ontop… they went down really well, with the adults and children alike.

G made the cake… isn’t it fab. We copied the look of this one i found online. As it was simple yet fun.

Of course the room had to be filled with balloons, which the children LOVED!!

And i put on a little spread for everyone to munch on, and made up some grape soda.

There’s me in a new dress :-) i loves it hehe!!

And lil A with his daddy having fun!!

I cannot tell you how fab it was to have all our loved ones together in the same room. This was the first big party i have organised since our wedding so i was so proud to have managed it. It was worth all the stress as i think everyone had a great time :-) most of all my lil man.

Anyway, happy birthday by beautiful boy. I hope you remember your first big birthday party hehe!!

Onto the bloggidy blog… here’s a sneak peek of a gorgeous wedding hitting the blog this week…. glitter converse…er yes please!!

Have a restful Sunday all xoxo

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  • Aww, what a fabulous idea for a party and very well put together! Happy 2nd birthday to your little one, glad it went well.

  • thanks so much lovely :-) xxx

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