Last Minute Weddings ~ How to, should you, would you?

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So i have covered a fair few topics on this little pink blog, but today i thought i would talk about last minute weddings. Weddings to be fair can be planned years in advance… BUT what if you don’t want to spend that long planning your wedding but just want to get down the aisle and be married to your loved one.

G and i when we planned our wedding {that was subsequently cancelled} did it in 6 months, pretty easily too. It all depends what you want for your day, how rigid you are with your ideas and just how quickly you want to get married.

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The Legal Bit…

Bearing in mind the legalities of having a last minute wedding… for a civil ceremony you need to give notice of a minimum of a week before the wedding.. contact your local office for more details. For religious ceremonies, it can be a couple of months, in the Christian Church banns need to be read in three consecutive weeks in the lead up to your wedding. Again contact the officiant or registrar you wish to conduct the ceremony.

Remember if you wish to elope abroad or in the UK, to research the legal paper work first.

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If you want a designer dress, many of them take 16+ weeks to be made to order…. if you look for second hand dresses, off the peg gowns or alternative wedding wear you should be able to get around the wait.

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Popular wedding venues can be booked up years in advance, so being flexible with your date, say a midweek wedding, will not only save you money but get your wedding in on a shorter timescale. Or try looking for alternative venues, rather than traditional wedding venues to grab a wedding date as soon as you can.

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Of course one tricky element may be booking your favourite wedding photographer in time. Some of the best photographers are booked up really quickly, and some only take a number of bookings per year. If your photographer is a priority, get in touch with them before you set a date to get them booked in. Working with your favourite vendors before you set a date can ensure you won’t be disappointed. If your wedding photographer is fully booked, try asking them for recommendations.

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The Wedding Party….

Now if you want a full guest list, you may want to chat with your nearest and dearest at the possibility of a last minute wedding, to make sure they can attend. They may need to take time off work or cancel previous arrangements, so do get chatting to those you want there on your day… or have a surprise wedding!! :-)

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It may be worth investing in a wedding planner for a last minute wedding. Getting all the arrangements planned and organised in a short space of time could be quite stressful and you do not want to miss anything important. Relax while the planner takes control.

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Once you have your date, send out your save the dates or invitations as soon as possible. You will want your RSVPs back fairly swiftly too depending on the time scale you are working with.

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If you cannot get a designer or custom wedding cake made or booked in… why not opt for a DIY wedding cake or cake table or pick up gorgeous cakes on the high street.

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The Details….

Get shopping and making pronto… send your groom to get his outfit, organise your hen and stag dos and get crafting for all your wedding details. It shouldn’t be too stressful, as with planning a wedding far in advance there is only so much you can do until the last minute anyway. Enlist help from your wedding guests, family and friends and everything will be organised in no time :-)

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Do leave a comment below, are you planning a last minute wedding, do you have any top tips? Are you planning your wedding in advance and couldn’t bare doing it last minute… xoxo

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  • I’m not really sure if i like the idea of last minuet wedding, to me a wedding should be planned, saved for, worked for. I think if you have to go without some small thing to afford something else for your wedding it’s cared for more.

  • thanks for your perspective Neal… but then you don’t need a large budget to have a wonderful wedding either :-)

  • I’m LDS, and the majority of LDS weddings would definitely be termed “last minute.” I was married three months after my engagment, and I had all I needed: friends, family, and the love of my life. I think “last minute” weddings really helps keep the important things in focus; you don’t have time for all that fluff.

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