Utterly Stylish Lab Grown Diamond Engagement & Wedding Rings

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement & Wedding Rings

If only I had known about lab grown diamond engagement and wedding rings when I was wedding planning. To me it seems like a no brainer; eco friendly, sustainable, conflict free and of course totally and utterly beautiful. There really isn’t anything not to love. So I am just thrilled to be introducing you to Ken & Dana Design this afternoon, who hand-craft lab grown diamond engagement and wedding rings, with conflict-free traditional diamonds available too, in NYC.

They offer international shipping and have the most wonderful reviews from their stylish clients. I am having a hard time choosing a favourite ring from their collection, they are just so on trend and will sure to make a huge impact on your ring finger. They also offer custom engagement ring design for the perfect personalised piece of heirloom jewellery. Shall we take a look at their swoon worthy designs and find out more about lab grown diamonds?

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement & Wedding Rings

Are lab diamonds real diamonds?

Lab diamonds are identical to natural, mined diamonds, sharing the same physical, chemical and optical properties as their natural counterparts. They are structurally and optically the same as mined diamonds.

How are lab diamonds made?

By using high heat and pressure, investment-grade diamonds are grown from a seed of pure carbon, under controlled settings that mimic the diamond creation process underground. This process uses half the energy of diamond mining and results in a rough diamond, which is cut and polished similarly to natural diamonds.

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Lab Grown Diamond Engagement & Wedding Rings


Why are they now available?

The first lab diamond was created in 1954, and while lab diamonds were created for industrial purposes for many years, only recently has technology enabled the production of gem-quality diamonds.

How can you prove it is a diamond? Is there a certification?

Lab grown diamonds are graded to the same specifications as mined diamonds, and accompanied by Diamond Grading Reports from leading independent laboratories such as the IGI (International Gemological Institute). We partner with Pure Grown Diamonds for our lab grown diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement & Wedding Rings


Is a “lab created diamond” the same thing as a “lab grown diamond”?

Lab created, lab grown, engineered and man made are all some of the terms people use to describe diamonds that have been created.

Is there a difference in price between natural diamonds and lab diamonds?

Because of improvements in technology, lab diamonds can cost 30% – 35% less than natural diamonds. Just like selecting a natural diamond, the type of lab diamond that’s best for you depends on your budget and priorities. Learn more about choosing a lab or traditional diamond, and the prices that you can expect to pay.

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement & Wedding Rings

Jeein II

What’s the difference between lab diamonds and cubic zirconia, or white sapphires?

Those are gemstones that may look like a diamond at first glance, but do not have the durability, brilliance or longevity of a diamond. They are simply not diamonds.

Eco Friendly & Sustainable

We proudly offer diamonds grown in a technologically advanced facility using modest amounts of energy that has very little direct impact on the environment. Grown diamonds don’t undermine the sustainability of natural systems or our environment, allowing future generations to have the natural resources they need.

I love the ethos that Ken & Dana Design work by, it’s really inspirational and it means you can really treasure your engagement and wedding rings knowing they are both eco friendly and sustainable too. They also ensure that the metals they use have green credentials.

We use recycled metals in all of our jewelry. In doing so, we help to decrease the global demand for newly mined gold and the social/environmental destruction that comes with it. We guarantee eco-friendly silver, platinum, palladium and gold of the highest quality. These metals are not compromised and allow Ken and Dana Design to remain strong in its commitment to environmental responsibility.

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement & Wedding Rings


Ethical & Conflict Free

Ken & Dana Design also donate a portion of proceeds to Global Witness from every engagement ring they sell along with practices to ensure an ethical production and service.

In keeping with our ethical commitment, all of our jewelry is responsibly handcrafted in NYC. We do not engage in overseas production and everyone involved in our supply chain earns a generous living wage. All of our natural diamond suppliers are Kimberley Process compliant, which is a certification system that prohibits the trading of diamonds from conflict regions. We also offer Canadian origin diamonds, and lab-grown diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement & Wedding Rings


Charleen & Janie

Lauren & Maive

So there you have it, utterly stylish lab grown diamond engagement and wedding rings from the fabulous Ken & Dana Design, do head over to their website and fall head over heels for their incredible diamond rings. Which is your fave? I think Molly may just been my dream ring xo Lou

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement & Wedding Rings



Lab Grown Diamond Engagement & Wedding Rings


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