Introducing New Real Bride Katy

Today i welcome the final bride to be joining the WWW family. Katy is getting married to Tim in September, with a super awesome photographer booked and hopes of an amazing sounding wedding venue. I’m sure we are going to love Katy’s updates… XOXO Lou


UK wedding blog

Hello! I’m Katy, I live in London and I’m getting married this time next year to Tim. I think I’ve looked at every wedding on WWW so I’m super excited to get the chance to contribute myself. We are planning our wedding for September 20th – looks like that’s going to be a busy weekend for the blog!

Tim and I met at sixth form college nearly 11 years ago and got together after about 6 months of being friends (and a much needed haircut from Tim!). Despite having been together nearly 10 years when Tim proposed back in May, I wasn’t in any hurry to get married. I genuinely felt too young (ha, I was just kidding myself!). So it came as a bit of a surprise.


UK wedding blog

Prepare yourselves for the story – it doesn’t get much more romantic than this…
As a child Tim spent a lot of time at his Gran and Grandad’s farm and the place means a lot to him – particularly the little woods up at the top of the field. We were back at his parents for the weekend and heading to a party, but said we’d pop and see his Gran on the way. Tim suggested we go up to the woods first to get some daffodils to take to her (the most amazingly tall ones grow up there) so that’s what we did – but we were already running late. We started to walk across the field towards the woods but the horses that live in the field followed us, which I hate. I was getting a headache, I knew we were late for the party – and when we got to the woods I could see there weren’t any daffodils left. So I said ‘There’s no point going in there, we’re late, let’s just go’. Tim says, ‘Please Kate, just come in to the woods for a minute’. I say ‘no’… this goes back and forth for about 5 minutes! It ends with me deciding to start walking back (in my defence, I had a very bad headache!) but all the horses come right around me. I say how much I hate it, flap my arms around, and turn around to find Tim down on one knee. I cry ‘what are you doing, this is my WORST nightmare!’… Tim says ‘I’ve been trying to get you in the woods and you wouldn’t come’!. I said ‘stop then, let’s go in the woods’! 2 minutes later, we’re in the woods and he proposes again with his great aunt’s ring on top of an amazing old Rolleiflex camera (he knows I prefer cameras to jewellery, he did good there).

Turns out he’d been planning it for a few weeks and had told both sets of parents, he just felt he had to go for it! But it was typically us and has made for a fun story to tell…!*


UK wedding blog

So far all we have booked is the church, the photographer and… that’s it! We are hoping to have the reception at Tim’s Gran’s farm (where he proposed) but haven’t booked anything just yet – I’m pretty certain I’m going to spend the next year worrying about the weather, but I’ll try not to bore you with that every post!

I’m a Graphic Designer and a part time second shooter for a wedding photographer friend, so the photography is extremely important to me. The next thing on my list is to book a proper analogue photo booth, but the first was to book an amazing photographer. And that we have in the fantastic Emma Case + Pete. I say fantastic, we haven’t actually met them yet – but I’ve admired their work for a while and I just know they will be. Tim jokes that if we ever cancelled the wedding I’d still have Emma + Pete come and photograph me for the day, and I’m pretty sure he’s right! So now we’ve got one year to plan a wedding worth photographing… and I can’t wait! (Remind me I said that one week before the wedding next year when I’m up all night hand-making something ridiculous).


UK Wedding Blog

*Fiance note from Tim* I’m pretty sure most grooms-to-be would agree that organising the proposal is pretty stressful. Finding a time to tell/ask both sets of parents, keeping it a secret and then coercing potential Bride-to-be somewhere without raising any alarm bells is next to impossible.

After the proposal Kate asked, “why not just wait?”. The truth was I couldn’t. My Mum had pretty much told the whole family (“I did keep it secret for a week”, she said) and Kate’s parents already had the Champagne on ice.

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  • Waaaaaaaaahoooooo! Awww guys I’m so fricking excited about your little wedding journey!
    We can’t wait. It’s going to be a visual feast of loveliness (I’m including you in that Tim)

    Thank god you were late to Noah’s 1st birthday. It was totally worth me screaming in your face with joy when I saw that beautiful ring!!!!

    Lots of love xxxxx

  • ahh thanks so much Kirsty xx

  • We cannot wait to hug you pair sooooooo hard! :) Woop!!!!!

  • It’s great to get some insight into the run-up to a wedding from real people. The best of luck to all the brides in The Bride Diaries x

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