6 Reasons to Fall in Love with An Intimate Wedding

Intimate Wedding Planning Ideas Advice The Ferros

When you picture your dream wedding, there’s everyone you know in the room; from colleagues to ex-classmates to friends and extended family, all watching as you walk down the aisle in a glorious white dress…

Or maybe not.

The word “wedding” still comes with a lot of tradition attached to it, but the truth is that a big, white wedding is definitely not going to be right for every couple. So, if you’re not wild about the idea of a big wedding, then read on for six good reasons why intimate weddings are so hard not to love….

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There’s Time To Bond

Pretty much all newlyweds will agree their wedding day passed by so fast that they didn’t get the chance to even speak to many of their guests. With a smaller guest list, there’s more time to really connect with each person on a one-to-one basis, which means their presence is part of your memory of the day. Also, the chances are that not everyone at your wedding is going to already know each other, which means your wedding is a chance for them to bond too. A room full of hundreds of people can be daunting to navigate, but when the guest list is smaller, there’s more opportunity for your friends and family to really get some time to get to know each other too.

Intimate Wedding Planning Ideas Advice The Ferros

Freedom From Expectations

Letting go of the idea of the big, traditional wedding is also pretty liberating in the bigger picture. If the day isn’t about you playing host to every person you know (and a lot you probably don’t even know that well), it gives you the freedom to create a wedding day that’s tailored your idea of the perfect day rather than worrying about what other people might expect. You also open yourself up to a wider variety of venues and a real sense of creativity in putting together plans for the day.

Intimate Wedding Planning Ideas Advice The Ferros

It’s Authentic

Let’s be honest for a second here. We’ve all been to weddings where we felt a bit like we didn’t know the bride and groom that well. Distant cousins, partners of colleagues and Aunt’s you can’t remember ever meeting might not be the people you want to be hanging out with on the most special day of your lives. There’s something pretty magical about being able to look at every single face sharing your wedding day with you and know that it belongs to someone who’s a big part of your life.

Intimate Wedding Planning Ideas Advice The Ferros

You Can Go Crazy With The Details

One of the best things about an intimate wedding is the level of detail you can put into the little things. While it’s not realistic to personalise too many details around hundreds of people; it’s much more do-able for ten, twenty or thirty guests.  As a wedding planner, I work on weddings ranging from elopements for just two people to elaborate events for hundreds, and it’s always the intimate sized weddings where we’re able to really let loose on the individual details and personalisation factor.

Intimate Wedding Planning Ideas Advice The Ferros

It’s A Budget Shrinker

You don’t have to be a maths whizz to figure out that buying 30 of something is going to cost a lot less than buying 300, so a smaller guest list will certainly be kinder on your bank balance. This also means you’ve got the freedom to spend your budget on your priorities and to make every detail count. Not only is that going to mean you end up spending less overall, but it also means you can really spoil your guests on the day with creative food and drinks, great entertainment and beautiful décor and surroundings that just wouldn’t be possible for a bigger group.

Intimate Wedding Planning Ideas Advice The Ferros

It’s Less Stressy

Planning a big event is more or less a full-time job (trust me, it’s what I do all day), and taking that on isn’t going to work for everyone. A lot of the most time-consuming elements of planning a wedding have a close relationship to the number of guests. Gathering RSVPs, working out transport, thinking about parking, block-booking accommodation, dealing with last minute changes, catering to a wide-variety of dietary needs, sorting the seating plan etc. are often the most labour-intensive and stressful elements of the planning process, so opting for a really intimate guest list will definitely make the whole process much easier.

Intimate Wedding Planning Ideas Advice The Ferros

The images from this article are from Erin and Jeff’s intimate wedding in Scotland, photographed by The Ferros and planned by Weddings by Sara Jane.

This is the latest article in the wedding planning feature series from Whimsical Wonderland Weddings expert contributor and wedding planner Sara from Weddings by Sara Jane.

Intimate Wedding Planning Ideas Advice The Ferros

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