DIY Tissue Paper Hanging Pinwheels Tutorial

It’s time for the next DIY tutorial in the series following on from A DIY Shoot — Fresh + Modern, White Wedding Ideas.

This week i am sharing how i made the really pretty and striking paper pinwheels/fans. I decided to make them from tissue paper for the delicate feel.

They are so easy to make, and very cost effective, so they make the perfect decoration to make to decorate your wedding. Here goes…


What you need:


♥ Two identical piles of tissue paper to give layering

♥ Glue or sellotape

♥ Scissors

♥ Wool/thread


1. Work on each pile of the two piles of tissue separately.You want to create a constantina effect when folding. So start by folding the paper by appox 1 inch (depending on size of fan) then flip the paper over and fold again. Repeat until you are left with this…


2. Fold the folded paper in half, and cut the ends into a curved shape.


3. You now need to secure your folds. This can be a little fiddly. I used wool to tie the paper together.


4. Now get the second set of folded paper and tie them together as tightly as possible.


5. Open in out! If you hang it by the excess string you will see you have some gaps, you need to glue or sellotape these together. If you are making in advance, do this when decorating your room/venue.


And here you have it…. i do love the delicate tissue paper effect, but i think they would hang better with stiffer paper. So do experiment and have fun :-) Don’t forget you can try patterned or coloured paper for a different finish too,


Happy crafting peeps :-) XOXO Lou

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