The Bride Diaries. Beth’s Hen Weekend & Final Prep

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Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while! Who knew the final few weeks of wedding planning could take over your life to such a huge extent!

Well, as I write this I am two weeks away from becoming a wife, and preparations are in full swing.

It’s been one heck of a ride over the last two years, and I hope my bride-to-be diaries have given you just a little insight into the emotional rollercoaster that is wedding planning, aside from all the beautiful details that go into making the special day. Hopefully you’ll see more of those if the wedding is featured on this wonderful site!

I never thought when I got engaged in November 2016 that my life would look as it does now, in August 2018. So much has changed. But all for the better, and I can honestly say I’m in the best place imaginable to begin married life.

I’ve formed the closest of bonds with existing and new friends who have been there for me throughout the process, as well as my family of course.

And then there’s my wonderful husband to be, Ian. Nothing can test you but ultimately make you stronger than two years of spreadsheets, DIY, colour schemes and budgeting! Through everything there is one thing that has never left my mind – that I get to be Ian’s wife at the end of this!

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The Hen Do

So, what’s been going on in wedding world of late?!

Well, my hen party was spectacular. 13 girls, one beautiful country house, a LOT of gin, and even more laughs. I would highly recommend Roseneath House for a hen party, and Bristol for a night out. It was so lovely to go into Bristol as the city has been a very important part of my relationship with Ian. He went to university there, we went to one of our first gigs together there, and a lot of our wedding vendors are based there. Big thanks to my girls for such a fantastic weekend!

The Final Preparations

We’ve nearly finished writing our ceremony. As it’s a humanist celebration we’ve written everything from scratch, which hopefully will feel super personal on the day.

Our ‘on-day’ stationery arrives from the insanely talented Harriet at De-Winton paper-company tomorrow and I have my final meeting with our marquee company County Marquees who are arranging all the logistics for the day.

I’ve got about a million beauty treatments booked in with my girls Apple’s Beauty, JV makeup artistry and Shelley Pengilly to make me a girl worth marrying! And my engagement ring is currently having a little makeover at Diamond Centre Wales.

Aside from that we’ve gone into DIY meltdown. I know people always say it takes longer than you think, but really, IT DOES! I’m drowning in fairy lights, ply wood and cushions. I just hope it all comes together as I’ve imagined it on the day – but I have no fears there, as I am lucky enough to have Kirsten from The Little Wedding Helper by my side for styling help on the day.

Bridesmaids dresses are all pressed and packed, Ian’s suit is hanging out in the doorway as we speak – oh and I get to pick my dress up from The Mews of Clifton next week!

I’ve also bought a sneaky second outfit from the gorgeous Rachel Burgess bridal boutique. Remember I mentioned her in a previous blog? Well, she was just so lovely, and her Welsh outfits so on point – I went back and treated myself to an outfit that is SO ME I can’t quite believe I found it! Any Welsh brides looking for something beautiful, hand made and with the most personal customer experience you could hope for – Rachel is your girl.

Kirsty at Thornbush Hill candles has just sent us our candles for the day – I’m trying my best not to light them right now, as they smell so stunning in the box!

Food is all ordered, musicians have all their song lists ready to party and copious amounts of alcohol are currently adorning my living room floor.

I guess all in all that can only mean one thing; I’m ready to become a wifey!

Thank you all so much for reading my blogs over the last 18 months, it’s been a pleasure to write for you all. Please do get in touch if you ever want any help in organising or planning your big day – as in the Autumn I’ll be launching my own wedding and events co-ordination company for Wales and the South West! If I can manage my 40+ vendors for my big day, I am happy to help others out! You can find me on instagram @itsbethiehere

With love and best of luck for all your big-days.

Beth x

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