Happy Fathers Day {Dads + Weddings}

Well I thought seeing as it’s fathers day here in the UK that this should be a post to all the daddies out there. Then have a chat about dads + weddings…

Happy Fathers Day – to my dad and my hubby to be {its his 1st fathers day} and to all the daddies in the world we love you!!

Hopefully your too busy today to listening to me babble on but hey if you got this far….

Now on to the serious bit ;) Firstly what is behind the tradition of fathers being at the pinnacle of the wedding – walking down the aisle with the bride? Well here is what i found..

“The tradition of the father giving away his daughter has its roots in the days of arranged marriages. Daughters in those times were considered their father’s property. It was the father’s right to give his child to the groom, usually for a price. Today a father giving away his daughter is a symbol of his blessing of the marriage.” source

Ok so this rarely applies anymore, but i think it still has significance on the day. Supposedly a lot of girls are daddies girls – just like boys are mummies boys {yes lil A is one of those :) }  So its a nice sentiment to have that special moment with your dad to say, thanks dad for doing a great job – now it’s time to let me go. Even if we have been living on our own for 3 years and have a baby hehe. It’s finally an official exchange of acceptance and growing up. So relish this moment, and remember your dad may be just as nervous as you walking down the aisle – you are not alone your dad is right there with you.

Remember this cult classic – Father of the Bride – i must re-watch this prior to the big day. Remember just how reluctant this dad is to let go if his little girl, only to see just how happy she now is. I’m sure none of our dads are like this – after all its a film and everything gets exaggerated. Dads never forget- we will always be your little girl :) Be sure to watch this – and then the sequel if your pregnant :)

Now the wedding speech – what are dad’s ‘supposed’ to say. How wonderful we are as daughters, welcoming his new son in law and cracking a joke about changing dirty nappies or something. But realistically is your dad going to do this, i honestly have no idea what my dad will do. Just so long as he doesn’t google wedding speech and use the same old jokes i don’t mind. To be honest i wouldn’t mind if we skipped the speeches altogether. I think most of the guests get bored and fall asleep – although the relatively new idea of betting on the length of the speeches could liven things up.

Never the less, my dad could trip down the aisle, screw up the speech and dodgily boogie the night away and you know what i don’t care because he is my dad and i love him for who he is; remember it’s just as an important day for him as it is for us.
Love & Whimsical Hugs
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