Five Wedding Suit Styles for Grooms This Summer

Groom Style Look Summer 2020 Suits

There’s always been this kind of trade off for weddings. Women get the exquisite clothes – and the angst that goes into finding them. Men can simply rock up in a suit – and enjoy the attendant tedium that comes with looking like everyone else. But we’re at a good time now, for men’s fashion. Men’s formalwear, in particular. And weddings are slowly moving away from the formulaic black morning suit and giving grooms as much of a chance to shine as brides have ever had. If you’re getting married in summer 2020, you’ve got more than a fighting chance of being able to express your style at the same time as bowing to the demands of tradition.

Twisted Tailor delivers outstanding formalwear which blends diverse aspects of British culture. Combining the smooth sophistication of the traditional single or double-breasted style with the gritty, non-conformist attitude of the punk era and the sleek silhouettes of the contemporary skinny-fit cut. The brand has become a go-to destination for grooms looking something extra for their wedding day. And this is their good groom guide for summer 2020.

Five Wedding Day Looks for Grooms – Summer 2020

Groom Style Look Summer 2020 Suits

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Pinks & Pastels

If ever there is a time for a lighter coloured suit, it’s summer. And pinks and pastel shades are very much in for 2020. The Shades linen suit in pink is a stand-out choice for a morning wedding. It is lightweight, cool and relaxed, yet the elegant cut and skinny fit give it shape and an air of gravitas suited to the occasion. Wear with a plain white shirt and black, brown or navy loafers to complete the look.

If you’re not confident that you can carry off pink, explore the other lighter shades. The Runner linen skinny fit in stone looks exceptional. While beige, tan and light blue all make outstanding wedding choices.

Checks Tartans & Tweeds

Groom Style Look Summer 2020 Suits

Checks, tweeds and tartans have been among the chief fashion trends for men for the last three years. And they’re not going anywhere for 2020. Adaptable for day or evening occasions, a suit like the Twisted Tailor Ginger skinny fit is an exceptional choice for summer weddings. Wear with a light shirt for daytime, a contrasting dark shirt for evening and dress it up or down according to your preference. A waistcoat is always a good choice for weddings. While an ‘air tie’ and loafers without socks can complete the look for a more relaxed summer vibe.


From powder blue to Prussian, stopping at cobalt and cerulean on the way, blue is the absolute colour of the moment. And you’re spoilt for choice for wedding styles. Checks, stripes, florals, jacquard and plain are all contenders. For understated elegance, the Ellroy skinny fit suit in navy takes some beating. It takes that timeless aesthetic and gives it a subtle, contemporary twist. But if you’re looking for more of a showstopper, the Elroy skinny stretch suit in royal blue is bold yet unpretentious. The skinny stretch fit delivers the ultimate silhouette and the colourway compliments practically all complexions. It has become one of Twisted Tailor’s best-selling items for a reason.


Floral suits aren’t for everyone. But if you’re looking for a suit that is absolutely memorable for your wedding, florals – and other patterns – are always worth considering. The Daewon skinny fit suit with its gentle blue floral design on white cotton is fresh, characterful and yet retains enough formality to give a nod to tradition. Wear with a navy shirt and complete with a collar chain.

If you prefer darker colours or you’re having an evening wedding, the Fleet floral skinny fit tuxedo makes a stunning alternative. It’s opulent, chic, and will draw every eye in the room. Pair with a plain shirt for maximum effect.


Groom Style Look Summer 2020 Suits

Black will always be the ultimate colour for suits for any occasion. It’s timeless, chic and adaptable. And there will always be a place in groomswear for black suits and tuxedos. A skinny fit can help to elevate your black wedding suit from the traditional and expected to the exceptional, both in terms of comfort and style.

But a black suit needn’t be plain. The Farrow skinny fit tuxedo in black and gold is a shimmering piece of sartorial splendour. In this tux, you’ll stand as a beacon at the end of the aisle, guiding your bride or groom to the altar.

When you talk of wedding fashion, most people think of the bride. But it’s your day too. It’s the one day, above all others, where you should be equal partners. Because this is where you’re setting forth your agenda for your future life together. And while, of course, you want your other half to shine, there’s no reason for you to rest in the shadows. Step out in a suit that is absolutely, unflinchingly you.

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