The Bride Diaries. Ashley’s Getting Married Tomorrow

The Bride Diaries Planning Blog UK

Hello lovely WWW readers! I’ve just woken up next to my fiancé for the last time as an unmarried woman. I am getting married tomorrow! I feel like the last few months have flown by, and we’ve been planning the wedding for so long it’s always been “ages away” and all of a sudden, it’s just here! We went out to our local pub for dinner last night, just the three of us, which was lovely and a perfect way to spend a little bit of quality time together before the madness starts.

The Bride Diaries Planning Blog UK


The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a blur if I’m honest. We have had so much to do. I think no matter how organised you try to be, there will always be a lot to do that simply can’t be done until nearer the time. Our table plan took longer than expected, and with last minute guest drop outs has had to be rearranged a couple of times. We wrote up our display table plan as late as possible to avoid having to re-write it. All of our DIY projects are finally finished, hopefully all of our hard work will pay off tomorrow. All of the ties and pocket squares are finished, but I do feel like I have been sewing non stop for the past three months! It was worth it but I don’t want to sugar coat what hard work it’s been.


The Bride Diaries Planning Blog UK


Our joint hen & stag do (or stendo as we’ve named it) was absolutely amazing! We had such a blast with all of our besties and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is considering it. We had so much fun spending time on the beach, going to an inflatable obstacle course on a lake, sitting around the campfire and just chilling out! It was great to make memories together with our friends, especially as a couple of us have children so getting away all together like that is such a rare treat.


The Bride Diaries Planning Blog UK


I also got to have afternoon tea with all of the ladies in my family a couple of weeks ago. This was so lovely as it’s not very often that I will see them all in one place. William’s mum came too, which was fab as it gave her a chance to get to know some of my family that she’s only met a couple of times before. We had a wonderful time, enjoying sandwiches, tea, cake and some cheeky bubbles!


The Bride Diaries Planning Blog UK


Our day today will be a busy one. We will be going down to the venue to deliver our decorations, picking up my dress, picking up the hire car, packing last minute bits. Then this afternoon I’ll be saying good bye to Will and Samson and driving down to my hotel with my bridesmaids! I’m hoping I won’t be too emotional saying goodbye but I’m sure I will be!

Thank you lovely WWW readers for having me the past 19 months! I’ve had so much fun sharing our planning journey with you and I can’t wait to share our wedding pictures!


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  • Love the warmth in the images. congratulations!

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