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The Florist

Well it’s been a little while since we last spoke and I’ve got big news! No I’m not engaged again or pregnant before you start doing the OMG face, but I have found an amazing supplier for our wedding.

I absolutely love flowers. Like a lot. The majority of my Instagram feed is florists with the occasional famous pooch and I will always pick up a bunch of lovelies if I’ve had a rough day. That said, I have no idea what any of them are called or where they come from – and please don’t look in my own back garden because it tends to swerve between looking like the forbidden forest of nettles to wild jungle book semi-chic.

So when it came to finding a florist for the wedding I thought it would be a breeze. I mean I literally stalk a few hundred florists from the comfort of my bathroom every morning, so no problem in finding a stockist right? Erm, well I don’t live in Hackney, or Shoreditch, or even zone 4. I live in Birmingham which, before we start on the brummy bashing, I love. I was born here and I was raised here (without an accent before you ask) but there is a distinct lack of small, super beautiful, modern florists. I asked around and my friend Chris came to my rescue. He knew a (wonderful) lady who was starting up as a florist after having had a career change from local baker. Yep, I know, she’s bloody made for Instagram.


Wedding Florist Flowers Planning Jordon Isherwood Wedding Florist Flowers Planning Jordon Isherwood


Obviously I had to contact her and ask her to please make our wedding lovely and full of all those flowers I don’t know the names of. She was really helpful and offered to come round to chat flowers whenever suited. After a long day at work one Friday she popped over and I went to offer her a polite cup of tea. Now, it had been a very long day at work for me and I knew that if it wasn’t red wine I was about to pour, I was not going to be interested. So I checked the time (it was after 6) and then cheekily said, ‘I’ve got earl grey, green or red?’. She went for the red and I knew we would get on just fine.

Jordan had so many ideas and began with a very comprehensive set of practical questions as well as a look through our Pinterest boards. She understood completely what we were after and got our style (or the style we had adopted after stalking Pinterest). So we had a brief run down of the number of bridesmaids and grooms men (there’s a lot of bridesmaids but more about that another time) and then on to the exciting stuff like room décor and special touches.


Wedding Florist Flowers Planning Jordon Isherwood Wedding Florist Flowers Planning Jordon Isherwood


Winston is a dab hand with a saw and is hoping to build an archway for our ceremony. Jordon was totally on board with adding some kind of floral arrangement to dress the archway beautifully. Okay so we are 500 words in and I am about to tell you the most exciting part of our wedding flowers that I just cannot wait for or help pinning a million images of… Jordon’s beautiful brain had an excellent idea. In the ballroom at Walcot Hall there are two massive windows which look very regal and lovely and Jordon thought of putting wreaths in them. Now I love a wreath but apart from those of us with our own country estate, very few of us are organised enough to pop one the front door at any time other than Christmas, but wedding wreaths?! Yes please.

So on to the details: we are going to go for a kind of spring wild flower look with lots of colours and textures in pinks and yellows. I did think about having flower crowns for the bridesmaids and myself but I think instead I am going to make little jewellery pieces for the bridesmaids to wear in their hair – and maybe a matching tiara for me! Actually, who am I kidding, I fully intend on being a queen for the day, I slay.


Wedding Florist Flowers Planning Jordon Isherwood Wedding Florist Flowers Planning Jordon Isherwood


Oddly, I am really excited for the button holes. I think they are such lovely things and really specific wedding tradition. I know that bouquets are also very wedding centric, but they do tend to follow the same pattern as other, non-wedding bunches of flowers. I also like that my dad will be wearing flowers that match mine and that it ties all of the wedding party together. It also makes me giggle that Winston was very specific about wanting a bigger button hole than everyone else, despite the fact he gets very bad hayfever. Our wedding ‘I do’s’ might turn into wedding ‘achoos’.



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