DIY Felt Heart Favour Tutorial

Felt hearts are a super cute way to add a bit of pretty to your wedding day. You can use them in many ways, as favours, place names, decoration, as a cake topper or in your bouquet. The ideas are endless… You can also try different shapes; just get a different shape template. Don’t worry about them being perfect, it adds to the homemade look and it means each heart is different :-)  Your guests will be bowled over by the time and effort you have put in.

What you need:

♥ Coloured Felt

♥ Stuffing {I used cotton wool balls}

♥ Contrasting Thread or Wool

♥ Needle

♥ Scissors

♥ Pins

♥ Card Template {I printed off a heart from my computer}

1.       Pin your heart template to your felt.

2.       Cut around the template; be sure to keep the template tight to the felt for a perfect finish.

3.       Put the two felt hearts together and pin in the centre. It’s now time to start stitching, using a blanket stich…

4.       To start the heart pull the needle and thread through the top layer of the felt, and pull the thread through BUT leave a length of thread inside the heart.

5.       Making sure you don’t pull out the previous stich, put the needle and thread behind of both pieces of felt and pull through both pieces of felt.

6.       Don’t pull the stich entirely through, but leave a loop at the top of the felt.

7.       Pull the needle and thread through the loop and pull tight.

8.       You should now have one stich with a piece of thread running along the outer edge of the heart.

9.       Continue steps 4-8 until you have the majority of the heart sewn. Stop stitching and stuff your heart, I used cotton wall balls unravelled, stuff as much or little as you like, I think the more shape the better the finish.

10.   Continue to sew the heart, once at the end tie a not with the needle and thread. Snip the ends and you have a beautiful felt heart.

11.   If you wish to use the heart for hanging, pull a piece of thread through one of the stiches, or put a wire or small stick in the bottom of the heart and use as a cake topper or in your wedding flowers. Alternatively arrange loosely on your wedding table for a pretty look :-)

Have lots of fun crafting lovelies, why not rope in some family and friends to help too ;-)  Much Love, Lou xoxo

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  • What a great post – excellent instructions and tons of pictures, plus using cotton wool balls for stuffing is genius. I think these would look lovely mixed with candy hearts on a three-tiered cake stand?

  • I’m really enjoying all your wedding diy tutorials Lou – will link back to this one (and to the category) from English Wedding on Monday.

    I’m at the stage now where I’m waiting eagerly all the time for your next one!

    Claire xx

  • Thankyou so much! Actually say these in this months issue of wedding ideas magazine. Im making these at the moment, its seriously a great tutorial.
    Love it! (although my bleeding, needle stabbed fingers dont!)
    Bex (also an aug 09’er!)

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