How To Create A DIY Wedding Video in 5 Easy Steps

Having a film of your wedding is a really important memento. Having a lasting visual and audio record of your wedding really is priceless, it will be something you keep coming back to time and time again. But, what if you just can’t afford to hire a professional wedding filmmaker? Not every wedding budget can stretch to one. Does it mean that there aren’t other options? Absolutely not. Here are five simple steps on how to create a DIY wedding video and ensure you keep your wedding memories alive forever.

1 Find A DIY Wedding Video App

To collate all of your guests’ footage you could try to collect it all using Whatsapp or a similar mobile app. This can be fiddly and time consuming, not to mention disorganised. But there are apps out their built especially for collecting videos together. Enter the totally free Vidicrew wedding video app. Simply download to collaborate together. You can see the video content from your wedding guests gather into one online gallery in real time. How cool is that?

2 Ask Some Reliable Friends To Help

When you assign wedding day roles to your wedding party, think about the video footage you are looking for. Chose friends that you trust to capture all the fun. Guests that can be in the right place at the right time and know how to use their camera properly. Roping in your friends can be super exciting and ensure really relaxed, real content. Have a think about which key moments you want to be captured on your day. Then simply ask the right guests to be in the right spot at the correct timings.



3 Contribute Yourself & Capture The Build-Up

What’s super awesome about having a DIY wedding video is being free to capture the whole build up to your wedding too. You can include everything from the proposal to the honeymoon and have one epic film. Be the star! You can easily collect all the memories into one gallery with Vidicrew.

You Could Film

  • The proposal
  • Sharing your engagement news
  • The engagement party
  • Hen and stag parties
  • DIYing your décor
  • Collecting your wedding outfits
  • The rehearsal
  • The night before
  • The mini moon or honeymoon
  • Opening any gifts or cards
  • Thank you messages

4 Tell Your Guests About Your DIY Wedding Video Plans

Be sure to let all of your guests know that you are making a DIY wedding video. This way they can have fun by contributing. Everyone loves to help out their favourite couple when it comes to their wedding. Share your plans via your wedding website or invitations. You could text or Whatsapp all the details however you feel it is easiest to communicate it to them. On the day, be sure to have reminders by using cute signs, including in your order of service or on table cards at the reception. Make it even more fun by offering a prize for the best video, competitions are always entertaining at weddings.

Be sure to give clear instructions such as filming in landscape format or asking for no filters to be used for consistency.

How amazing would it be if your guests filmed their memories of your wedding too? You can ask them to do a video message for a video guest book or even share their journey to the wedding. All you need to do is share the Vidicrew gallery code and then easily collect their video. Seeing it all appear in real time.

5 Editing Your DIY Wedding Video

Once you have all the footage from your wedding you will need to edit the videos together yourself or find a professional editor. There is some free software out there you could use to edit all the content together into a film, but that can take a lot of time, effort and skill.  You could sit back and get someone to add a professional touch. Or by buying Vidicrew’s editing plan it means you get a designated editor who will transform your content on a date of your choice. You could be on your honeymoon sunbathing on the beach or trekking up the mountain and receive your film on your phone! Isn’t that just so cool?

The most important thing is to have fun with it! Here is a great example of what another couple made of their wedding journey.

I just love how interactive and immersive the Vidicrew app enables wedding guests to be. This really is the ultimate way to create your own DIY wedding video and I for one think it looks so fun.

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