DIY Ring Cushion Pillow Tutorial

DIY ring pillow cushion

I just love seeing little details that make those special moments even more personal. Ring cushions or pillows are pretty popular in the US and i’d love to see more in ceremonies in the UK. They are so easy to make if you have some basic sewing skills and totally customisable.

I added a rainbow heart to mine, but you could add your names, wedding date or a special saying personal to you.


What you need








Sewing Machine (optional)


DIY ring pillow cushion

Cut your fabric into 2 equal squares, I made mine approximately 12cm. Draw your embroidery design onto one piece of the fabric. Using a back stitch or running stitch trace your design in your chosen colour.


DIY ring pillow cushion

To make the tie for your ring, cut 2 equal lengths of wool. Tie a knot in one end and thread through the centre of your cushion. You could use ribbon or twine too.


DIY ring pillow cushion

Pin your 2 peices of fabric together. Ensure that your embroidery design is facing inwards as you will be turning your cushion inside out. Stitch along 3 sides of the fabric, leaving enough space to stuff your pillow.


DIY ring pillow cushion

Turn your fabric inside out and stuff with your filling.


DIY ring pillow cushion

Then pin and hand stitch the last gap in your cushion.


DIY ring pillow cushion

And there you have your completed cushion. Simple tie on your rings for the sweetest moment of your ceremony.


Happy crafting :-) XOXO Lou

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