DIY Glitter Jam Jar Wedding Snow Globes Tutorial

All images (c) Lou at Whimsical Wonderland Weddings


It’s been forever and a day since my last DIY tutorial, i know! Slaps wrist. But here i am with a really simple and easy DIY with a nod to the festive season.

Inspired by pretty snow globes i thought why not have glitter globes all year round, with non festive decorations within. Imagine your jars filled with the things you love that represent you as a couple, next to your flowers or cakes. How cute would that look? Try getting different sized jars with mismatched arrangements and glitter too. I really want to try some with some cute artifical flowers or foliage or perhaps our intials written on some clear plastic within.

OR if you don’t fancy these for your wedding they are still really fun to do at home.


Happy crafting lovelies. Do tweet me your finished globes :-) i’d so love to see them XOXO Lou

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