Destination Weddings During the Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID19 Coronavirus Destination Wedding Pandemic Advice Help Lockdown

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Coronavirus doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, however here in the UK and in Europe especially it seems as though it has eased slightly. Lock-down measures have begun to lift, travelling between countries is looking likely this summer and weddings are being gradually being allowed to take place. Here in the UK wedding ceremonies with 30 guests are now allowed, but what about couples who are planning destination weddings, or are looking to hold their destination wedding during 2020? Currently the UK government is allowing travel to Italy, along with many other countries which you can search here for guidance. The Italian tourist board has announced that UK residents are now able to travel to Italy also, which seems to now be without the need for quarantine before and after (please do check before you book and travel anywhere). So what does this mean for destination weddings?

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Destination Weddings & Coronavirus

I am going to focus on destination weddings in beautiful Italy today, which was particularly hit hard by the virus back in the Spring and how you can now plan a wedding during phase two and three of their lock-down restrictions. Current restrictions to weddings have been explained to me by Tuscany and Italy wedding planner, the wonderful Noemi Bellante, who has planned and coordinated a wedding which was held on the 7th June 2020 during these restrictions. So she has a full understanding, first hand of how to plan and coordinate a destination wedding during the COVID19 pandemic.

COVID19 Coronavirus Destination Wedding Pandemic Advice Help Lockdown

Image by 24 Pose

Italy Wedding Restrictions

The following restrictions are currently in place for destination weddings in Italy. With the fine weather often seen in Italy during the summer especially, it should be a straight forward decision to host your wedding and reception alfresco. We are all used to social distancing here in the UK now, so keeping to a 1 metre distance should be fairly straightforward to keep in place and remember. The same goes for the use of face masks, which of course not everyone will want to use, however it is a sensible option for those that are particularly concerned about the virus.

  • The use of open spaces such as gardens and terraces is preferred.
  • 1 metre of social distancing everywhere including at the table while eating and on the dance floor.
  • 5 people can sit at tables for 10.
  • Use of face masks indoors and also outdoors in case is not possible to keep 1 metre social distancing.
  • Using separate entry and exit paths at the ceremony and reception venue.
  • There must be sanitizing gel in place.
  • Suppliers/staff must wear a mask.
  • Entrances must take place in intervals to avoid gathering situations and for the same reason it is recommended to not use a table plan at the entrance, staff are to tell guests which table they are sitting at.
  • Venues must keep guest names on their records for 14 days to enable track and trace systems.
  • Buffets are allowed but only waiters can handle kitchen utensils to serve portioned dishes and guests can go to the buffet area a few at a time.
  • No shared objects to be placed at the centre of the table such as menus, oil cruets and salt shakers.
  • No tossing of the bouquet.
  • No open bar or sweet tables.

I would always advise keeping up to date with the government advice via the UK government website. Also please do ensure you get insurance and check our policy terms and conditions carefully when taking out a new policy to ensure you are covered for all eventualities during the COVID19 pandemic especially.

Italy Destination Weddings

We have featured many Italy destination weddings, which you can see in our archives. Italy makes the perfect destination for weddings; the scenery, the food and drink, the weather and the spectacular venues all make for a really magical celebration.

COVID19 Coronavirus Destination Wedding Pandemic Advice Help Lockdown

Hosting a wedding outdoors especially makes the most of all that Italy has to offer, just imaging saying I do in a vineyard, gardens or with lake views. Then having a glittering, twinkling fairy lit reception by night. Dancing beneath the stars and moonlight until the early hours. Then waking the following morning and spending your day lazying on the beach in glorious weather whilst enjoying the tantalising cuisine on the start of your Italian honeymoon. Whether you are looking for an exciting historical city wedding or a romantic laid back countryside affair, Italy can accommodate for both. It’s no wonder so many couples worldwide chose to hold their weddings there.

COVID19 Coronavirus Destination Wedding Pandemic Advice Help Lockdown

Image by 24 Pose

Wedding Planner Tuscany & Italy

Noemi Bellante is an Italian wedding planner from Milano her weddings stand out for their elegance in step with the latest trends. She helps Italian brides and grooms but also couples who come from abroad to have a beautiful destination wedding in Italy. Her services include the total or partial wedding planning and wedding coordination to follow all the steps during the wedding day. Until the pandemic ends, Noemi is also offering a new service: the “Wedding anti Covid-19” for couples who have chosen not to give up on celebrating their wedding and need help to plan everything in compliance with the restrictions issued by the government.

COVID19 Coronavirus Destination Wedding Pandemic Advice Help Lockdown

Image by 24 Pose

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