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So, you’re thinking of designing your own wedding dress? This is so exciting! How often is it we get to design our own clothes and what better time to design your own dress than for your wedding?

However, you may be feeling overwhelmed by where to begin, how to design a custom wedding dress and where to go to get it designed. Well, I am here with all the answers as well as top tips on how to nail your wedding dress design.

Plus I’ll be sharing all about Dressarte Paris, who offers an online couture service! Here’s to the wedding dress of your dreams. Hooray!

Designing Own Wedding Dress Dressarte Paris

Why Design Your Own Wedding Dress?

If you are still on the fence about designing your own wedding gown, let’s take a look at the pros of going bespoke.

1. Your Dress Will Be A One-Off

It’s guaranteed that designing your own custom dress, will mean your gown is 100% unique. When you buy a dress from a collection, many other brides will be rocking the same gown as you. You may never meet them, or even see the dress worn elsewhere.

However, you will know it’s not totally and utterly individual to you. And if you are looking for a one-off design, bespoke at a design house such as Dressarte Paris is definitely the way to go.

2. Special Experience

Weddings are not only special because of the big day itself. Your wedding memories and experience are made from engagement all the way to your honeymoon. What better way to enhance the traditional dress shopping route than to design your own wedding dress?

Imagine working with a designer, inputting your dream details and seeing your very own wedding dress come to life. Sounds pretty epic right?

Designing Own Wedding Dress Dressarte Paris

3. Personalisation

Creating a wedding gown from scratch means you can totally personalise your design. You may love a multitude of dresses, but just want them all in one frock. Well, when you go custom, you can have that neckline, the perfect fabric and dream train all in one dress.

Plus you could add individual elements, perhaps a treasured piece of fabric or inscription.  The choice is all yours at Dressarte Paris.

4. Fit Like A Glove

When you buy a dress off the peg, it is not usually made to measure. But when you have your own wedding dress made, it’s going to be made for your exact sizing. No major alterations are required and no matter your shape or size, your dress will fit like a glove!

Wedding Dress Design Process

Now we’ve looked at the advantages of a bespoke dress, shall we dive into what to expect?

Is It Possible To Design Your Own Wedding Dress?

Yes, it is possible to design your own wedding dress. All you need to do is source a custom wedding dress designer/maker such as Dressarte Paris to make the process possible.

When Should I Design My Wedding Dress?

If you are looking to have your dress made bespoke, the team at Dressarte Paris recommends having 6-12 months before your wedding date to start the process with them. The timeline really depends on the complexity of your chosen design and the fabrics you choose.

The last thing you want to do is rush the process and be stressed about the timescales. So be sure to start the design process as close as you can to a year before the big day. If in doubt, do ask the Dressarte Paris experts for guidance.

Designing Own Wedding Dress Dressarte Paris

How Much Is A Bespoke Wedding Dress?

Generally speaking, a custom wedding dress is likely to cost between £1500-£3000+. However, Dressarte Paris‘ custom wedding gowns start from £1200. The price of a bespoke wedding gown depends on many factors. The complexity of the design, the fabrics used and the embellishments are all going to increase the cost.

However, most custom wedding dress designers will help to keep your design in budget and Dressarte Paris will be there to guide you through the costings too.

How To Involve Loved Ones?

If you really want your nearest and dearest involved in designing your wedding dress, you can! Simply bring them along to your appointments and share your mood boards and sketches with them.

Then organise a trying-on party at yours when your prototype and dress arrive so they can be involved in the special moment.

Designing Own Wedding Dress Dressarte Paris

What To Expect?

First of all, Dressarte Paris is an online atelier so their personal service is completely unique. Here are the steps to your dream dress:

Designing Own Wedding Dress Dressarte Paris

How Do I Work Out What I Want My Wedding Dress To Look?

There are many ways to nail down what your dream wedding dress looks like. First of all, get online! Check out Pinterest, wedding blogs and Instagram and save dresses that you are drawn to. Once you have some images saved, see if there are similarities between the images you are saving.

Find Wedding Dress Inspiration

Next up, you could try wedding dress shopping. Wedding shows are a good way to see wedding dresses in real life, the fabrics you may like and the details you just can’t see online.

Why not look to the history books? Take ideas from vintage fashion or pieces you have in your wardrobe already. Perhaps a certain dress cut you know flatters you and you feel fantastic in is the one.

Make some notes of the fabrics you love, the cuts and the details and have them ready for your dress designer. It’s also important to note that a dress designer cannot simply copy another wedding dress design. It’s vital to have a unique design, so take inspiration from different dresses and styles instead.

Dress design elements to think about:

Designing Own Wedding Dress Dressarte Paris

Consider Your Overall Bridal Look

When you imagine how you look on your wedding day, what do you see? Close your eyes and picture yourself or how you feel.

For example, you may wish to have your wedding hairstyle worn up. If so, it’s an opportunity to have beautiful back detail on your dress. Maybe you have some incredible shoes you wish to show off or imagine spinning on the dancefloor? Then a tea-length gown may be for you.

Is a veil a must-have? Ensure your dress is going to work with your dream veil. Your bridal accessories, as well as hair and, make up can play a big role in your wedding dress design.

Designing Own Wedding Dress Dressarte Paris

Don’t Forget The Practicalities

Then there are the practicalities. If you are having a religious ceremony, you may wish to have a more modest design. If you are planning a destination wedding somewhere hot, the fabric you choose will need to be breathable. The same goes for cold winter weddings, long sleeves may help to keep you toasty.

It’s all well and good wanting to look a certain way. But if you feel uncomfortable on your wedding day, are you going to be having the best time? Think about the location, the weather and how you want to spend your wedding day as well as the aesthetics.

Why Get Your Wedding Dress Designed At Dressarte Paris?

Dressarte Paris has not only had brilliant reviews from their brides, but they have already created over 500 bespoke wedding dresses for brides globally.

Their dresses are handcrafted by skilled artisans in Europe and the UK. They also specialise in using sustainably sourced quality fabric and materials that don’t leave a negative impact on the environment. They also try to ensure waste reduction in the process of making sustainable wedding dresses.

Dressarte Paris really aims to have a collaborative and creative experience for their brides to make the whole process really special too.

They don’t just design dresses by the way! If you are looking for a wedding suit, jumpsuit or two-piece gown they can help! Your bridesmaids, MOB or MOG can also use their services to have a very special outfit created for them.

Designing Own Wedding Dress Dressarte Paris


There we have it! How to design your own wedding dress, top dress designing tips and where to have your dream custom wedding dress made. Yes!

Design My Own Wedding Dress



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