Coronavirus & Your Wedding

Let me start by saying that I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well. I am writing this feature in regard to the coronavirus outbreak and your wedding. I know it is a time of frustration and confusion for many of you and I hope to be able to point you in the right direction of what to do now and following the official advice. First and foremost I am going to link to official advice from the UK government with their current coronavirus guidelines. Plus two useful websites to keep an eye on for helpful advice. I am also going to make you aware of the Whimsical Wonderland Weddings‘ plan currently, before giving you my own advice on what you can do right now.

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Sources For Guidance

  • For official government advice on coronavirus you can keep up to date via the government website. (There is currently no advice on cancelling gatherings).
  • For travel advice see the government website for the latest guidance.
  • Keep checking this page from Money Saving Expert for updates under the question: I’ve booked a wedding – will my insurance cover me? As they contact major wedding insurers for details. They also have more advice on many more different topics relating to Coronavirus including travel insurance guidance, which may be useful for those of you with honeymoons or hen and stag parties booked abroad or in the UK.
  • Which? is also a great source of advice for consumers.

Whimsical Wonderland Weddings’ Plan

Currently, I plan for Whimsical Wonderland Weddings to continue it’s regular schedule, both on the website and on our social media channels. I work from home and will be able to continue to do so currently. If the schools are closed and my children are at home this should also not impact my working hours. I will look to change my hours and can be flexible if required (evening working hours for example).

If I myself were to be taken ill, I will assess the situation and keep you updated of any changes to our schedule. The majority of our schedule (mainly real wedding features) are scheduled up to two weeks in advance. So there will still be some content going out in the scenario I am taken ill and unable to work.

I am not currently planning to continue to post about coronavirus on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, as I feel it can trigger anxiety and worry for many. Therefore I hope our website and social channels can remain a haven from the news at the moment, with love, positivity and inspiration. I will keep updating this page however if advice/guidance changes from official sources, therefore feel free to bookmark this page.

Coronavirus & Your Wedding Plans

There is a lot of advice and news at the moment and I am going to keep things simple here. I am not a legal or insurance expert. So here are some steps from me as to where to go from here if you have a wedding planned in the next few weeks and potentially beyond.

  1. If you have wedding insurance, contact your insurer direct to find out what you are covered for under your policy. Every insurer, policy and wedding are unique, so there is no standard answer here.
  2. If you don’t have wedding insurance, act now. However, some wedding and travel insurers are not accepting new polices and may no longer cover cancellations due to coronavirus. So double check with the insurer before purchasing a new policy.
  3. Contact your wedding suppliers for guidance, advice and their own policies/contracts you have with them.
  4. Stay in contact with your wedding guests. Possibly the easiest way if you can do this is to create a whatsapp/facebook/email group to stay in touch with them all together. Let them know you are looking into your wedding plans and assure them you will keep them updated. This may also apply for engagement or hen and stag parties if you have these planned. This will hopefully mean you won’t be answering the same questions multiple times and won’t be bombarded with messages from your guests.

Stay positive. As someone with anxiety, the pandemic and media coverage has resulted in giving me anxiety. It can really be all consuming and as it’s an unprecedented time there just aren’t the answers perhaps we are looking for at this time. I am trying now to limit how many times I look at the news. You can see more advice on the World Health Organisation website.

You can look into options such as moving your wedding date, scaling back your guest list or adapting your plans if your wedding suppliers are happy and able to do this with you. Again, contact your wedding suppliers directly for guidance. It’s always sensible to have a plan B when planning any event at any time.

If it comes to your wedding being cancelled/postponed or your wedding has been cancelled, it will be rearranged, it will happen. As someone who has cancelled their own wedding (this is a really old article written in 2011, please bare with me, my writing style has changed somewhat!), my heart goes out to you if this does happen. Our wedding was cancelled under totally different circumstances, so I can’t say that I totally understand how you may be feeling. However, those feelings are temporary and this will pass. We are now happily married and approaching our 5th wedding anniversary in September and it all seems something of a far flung distant memory. Health and staying safe is the most important thing.

On a final note, you may be hiring or purchasing from many different businesses during your wedding planning. This means you are in turn supporting many businesses large and small who rely on your custom. Please do consult with them directly before making any decisions on your wedding plans. They may have a contingency plan in place.

xo Lou

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