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Hello everybody!

The wedding is getting beyond close now and we have less than 5 weeks to go. Wedding fever is really upon us and plenty has gone on.

The boys had their stag do – a 15-strong team off to Magaluf, whilst I just had my big hen do evening (which I’ll talk about below!)

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Firstly, I’d like to confirm that the dress STILL fits. Having been snookered into picking up my dress a year early, it was really important for me to be able to fit into it a year after. I’m not a big dieter, I love food and particularly the sugary kind, but I have been conscious of how much I have eaten and got myself involved in exercise. For brides it can be a tough time and a pressured one to lose weight, but I was far from this ideal – I want to be the comfortable me on the wedding day but one that fits into my dress. So I have enjoyed celebrations and days out, but have also enjoyed a home skipping and resistance bands plan, as well as attended Bounce Sessions semi-regularly (look them up, they’re great!)

DIY Wedding Projects

As a DIY couple, we have spent many weekends sorting all sorts of things, often involving spray paint, posca pens and a lot of thinking outside of the box. Most recently, we tackled the photobooth.

With a bit of spray paint from the Range, a small chalkboard and some nails, we made the perfect frame. Combine that with the DIY booth pro app and hey presto, a photobooth made.

We also worked to create our Doughnut Wall. A Pinterest heavy trend and one that we’ve put together ourselves, as the cost of renting just didn’t seem justifiable. We used more MDF from B&Q for the stand and put that with a peg board that was spray painted gold. I spent a short time decorating it, and we have the pegs to go in once the board is at the venue! We have planned the doughnut layout (though not tried it!) so we should be able to get around 50 doughnuts on this!

A Cinema Hen Do

But the most important thing I need to talk about is my birthday cinema hen evening! On the same weekend as my 25th birthday, I decided I wanted to go all out and have a BIG hen do. Old and young, boys and girls, friends from work, school and clubs, as well as both families, I wanted all my loved ones to be there and so I did!

I am a big fan of drive in cinemas, secret cinemas, outdoors cinemas, the lot, and so I decided to look into hiring a cinema screen. Looking around I found Everyman Cinema, the Chelmsford one in my case, and I was able to hire a screen for up to 50 odd people, have food, cocktails and drinks, and have a full on film night (Big thanks to Becca for dealing with my emails, meetings and requests!). It took some planning and, after numbers were confirmed, Row leaders were allocated to deal with the 8 rows on the night to help get people to their seats and food and drinks to people (Big up to those guys, they helped the flow of 46 people getting their food and drinks!).

The film remained a secret bar my mum, aunt and work colleague Karen knowing, though there were plenty of guesses. Wedding Crashers, as well as The Greatest Showman had both been popular until I confirmed it was pre-2000 and wedding relayed. Father of the Bride then became a popular choice, but only one person truly guessed it – my friend Sarah, placing her bets on THE WEDDING SINGER. It turned out many hadn’t seen it at all, others hadn’t seen it for ages (its not on TV so this helped!) and it went down a treat with all, plenty of laughs and some booing at the Linda and Glen characters!

As well as this, I took the advantage of the big screen to display an intro video featuring baby videos and pictures of my life, as well as all the people that attended the hen do! A cute little touch I thought to add in.

The theme for the evening was festival vibes, which saw a multitude of playsuits, prints and bright colours. Everyone jumped on board with the Bride Tribe tattoos and wristbands, as well as the glasses when we headed on to the next venue. I decided to sport space buns, with a dress from Chi Chi, a Ginger Ray Bride-to-Be banner, plus a bride flower crown that got so many compliments. The finishing piece, alongside big gold hoop earrings, were my mermaid glitter eyelashes, which completed the festival look, complementing the facial glitter, which many sported that evening!

We ended the night with more dancing at Walkabout. I had booked a private section for us with sofas and our own bar, so we had our drinks (which I managed to start us off with using the ticket money which was a great touch for all), the DJ was great and my friends and family made the evening so special. Even my Dad turned up for a drink!!

I urge you all to organise it yourself if you fancy it! I took this task of myself (I had a wonderful bridesmaids hen detailed in my previous blog but had the help of my mum and row leaders for a hen that involved everyone and came right before the wedding! It was such a fantastic evening and meant lots of different groups for me to encounter everyone ahead of the wedding, which people have since said they are buzzing for! Not long to go now, and so very, very exciting!

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