How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Hair Style

Choose Wedding Hair Style Advice Help

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We’re calling upon our resident bridal hair and beauty expert, Catherine Bailey today, who is sharing her top tips on choosing your wedding hairstyle. It’s vital to think through your options before heading to your hairdresser and before pinning away to your boards with styles that may not quite work come the big day. With that in mind we are hopeful that this brilliant advice will answer any questions you may have regarding all things bridal hair.


Speaking personally, I much prefer softer and more natural looking hair styles, as I think they are so much more contemporary and flattering than rigid ringlets and heavily back-combed bouffant “bridal” specific styles, which I think just look a bit naff these days and will date your photographs.

Having said that, I would avoid going for very ‘undone’ boho hair styles. Although they look cool on Pinterest or Instagram, they could actually look rather scruffy on your wedding photographs, as the camera tends to pick up stray hairs and texture a lot.

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Working With Your Hair Stylist

I would recommend asking your hair stylist to send you images of actual hair styles they’ve done on recent clients, then you can get a real flavour of their style.

It’s also very helpful to send your hair stylist images that you like that you’ve found online (eg. on Pinterest or Instagram), but do bear in mind that they can’t necessarily recreate another hair stylist’s work based on one photograph, as they don’t know what actual steps were taken to create that particular hair style, or how long or thick the model or client’s hair was to begin with.

The most important thing when choosing a hair style is to be realistic.  Most of the complex bridal hair styles that you may have seen on Instagram or Pinterest will have been done on hair models with very long, thick hair (and/or using padding and many layers of hair extensions) so these kinds of hair styles simply cannot be recreated on very fine or shoulder length hair for example. Together with your stylist, you’ve got to figure out what will work in reality with your hair length and thickness.

Also, many images of hair styles online show the backs of model’s heads, but on your wedding day, the majority of the photographs will of course show your face from the front (or from the side), so it’s actually much more important to think about how you want your hair to look from the front!

Fine Hair

If your hair is fine, it will probably not hold a curl very well and may start to look messy as the day goes on, so I recommend that you have it pinned up, as your stylist can back-comb the crown and each piece as they pin them up, creating the illusion of much thicker hair. I don’t recommend plaits or ‘half up’ styles on very fine hair, as they take a lot of volume out of your hair.

Thick Hair

If your hair is thick, it will probably hold a curl well for most of the day, so it will look great either fully down or ‘half up’ (ie. with some of your hair twisted or plaited gently back). Plaits work particularly well on very thick hair, as they help to ‘tame’ the hair, and soft up dos also look great on thick hair. Strict buns or chignons are tricky on very long, thick hair, as it is hard to cram all that hair into such a small space!

Choose Wedding Hair Style Advice Help

The potential advantages of wearing your hair up

It will show off the neckline of your dress and/or a detailed back.

Your hair will be out of your way, so it won’t annoy you and you can’t fiddle with it.

The style won’t be so affected by humidity, wind or rain.

The potential disadvantages of wearing your hair up

You may feel rather ‘exposed’ if you’re using to wearing your hair down.

It can look more mature and serious.

You may find it looks a little severe on the face, especially if it is pulled back tightly.


All in all, you want to feel like you on your wedding day and anything really does go when it comes to your bridal look. You want to feel both confident and beautiful, so be sure to work together with your hair stylist to find your perfect wedding hair style. And be sure to do a trial run pre wedding!


This is the fourth article in the wedding beauty and make up feature series from Whimsical Wonderland Weddings expert contributor and Make Up Artist Catherine Bailey Make Up Artist

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