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Whether you are looking to ditch the sweet wedding cake totally. Or perhaps you are looking for cheese wedding cake ideas to supplement your sweet tooth? I am here to the rescue!

You’re going to discover some of the most beautiful cheese wedding cakes, ever. Plus I’ll share just how to plan the cheese stack of your dreams. Hooray.

Cheese Wedding Cake Ideas Ben Selway Photography Photo: Ben Selway Photography via Green Cornwall Wedding Cheese Cake: The Green Cornwall


Mouthwatering Cheese Wedding Cake Ideas

Before we cover all the practical bases, it’s time to dive into all the cheese wedding tower inspiration. Ready? Let’s go.

1. Bunting Topper

Decorate your cheese stack with a personalised bunting topper.

Cheese Wedding Cake Bunting Hearts Bubear Photography Photo: Bubear Photography via Farmhouse Redcoats Wedding


2. Cheese Table

Create a whole cheese table to display your stack in all its glory.

Cheese Wedding Cake Idea Log Stand The Light Painters Photo: The Light Painters via Cockliffe Country House Wedding Cheese: Godminster


3. Paper & Dried Flowers

This couple decorated their cheese with dried and paper flowers. As well as a funny paper cake topper.

Cheese Wedding Cake Tower Topper Kim Williams Weddings Photo: Kim Williams Weddings via Bright Barn Wedding Cheese Cake: Hitchin Deli


4. Fruit

Add plenty of fruit to decorate your cheese cake, as well as enjoy with it.

Cheese Wedding Cake Fruits Bloom Weddings Photo: Bloom Weddings via Granary On The Common Wedding Cheese Cake: The Courtyard Dairy


5. Flowers

Add plenty of flowers to tie in your wedding theme to your cheese. Be mindful to choose edible or safe-for-food flowers.

Cheese Wedding Cake Slices Flowers Rebecca Walters Photo: Rebecca Walters via Buckinghamshire Barn Wedding


6. Raffia

Tie your cheese cake with rustic raffia bows, the effect is gorgeous!

Cheese Wedding Cake Herbs Raffia Captured by Katrina Photo: Captured by Katrina via Cotswold Marquee Wedding


7. Wooden Barrel

Think about how to display your cake. Placing the cheese tower on a wooden barrel is sure to steal the show.

Cheese Wedding Cake Barrel Fruit PIA Photo Film Photo: PIA Photo & Film via Rustic New Zealand Wedding


8. Log Slice

A log slice stand is always a winner. Sustainable and rustic, win-win.

Soft Cheese Wedding Cake Damian Wills Photo: Damian Wills via French Theme Wedding Cheese Cake: Fine Cheese Co


9. Salad

Add salad pieces such as fresh tomatoes for a gorgeous plate of cheese to enjoy.

Cheese Wedding Cake Ideas Lola Rose Photography Photo: Lola Rose Photography via Bonfires Autumn Wedding Ideas Cheese: The Cheese Plate


10. Dried Fruits

Or how about dried fruits such as dates for a decadent feast?

Cheese Wedding Cake Stack Grapes Sam BennettPhoto: Sam Bennett via Festival Farm Wedding Cheese Cake: Greens Catering


11. Heart Cheese

Look for a heart-shaped cheese, it doesn’t get any more perfect for a wedding.

Cheese Wedding Cake Tower Heart Top Neil Jackson Photographic Photo: Neil Jackson Photographic via Newburgh Priory Wedding


12. Figs

Figs always go beautifully with cheese and look beautiful.

Cheese Wedding Cake Figs Grapes Rachael Connerton Photography Photo: Rachael Connerton Photography via Floral Wedding Cheese Cake: Cheese Shop Nottingham


13. Ribbons

Decorate your cheese wedding cake with complimentary ribbons, simple, cheap and very pretty.

Cheese Wedding Cake Ribbons Stephanie Butt Photo: Stephanie Butt via Coton House Farm Wedding Cheese Cake: The Cheese Shed


14. Cheese Board

Emulate a cheese board by placing your cheese and fruit on a classic wooden board.

Cheese Cake Idea Wedding Table Flowers Topper Fruit Holly Driver Photography Photo: Holly Driver Photography via Fairy Wedding Cheese Cake: West Country Cheese


15. Large Cake Topper

Go all-out with a large paper topper to highlight your cheese tower.

Cheese Wedding Cake Idea Paper Decoration Wyldbee Photography Photo: Wyldbee Photography via Rustic Barn Fun Wedding Cheese Cake: The Cheese Yard Knutsford


16. Pork Pie

Throw in a pork pie layer to your cheese.

Cheese Wedding Cake Idea Pork Pie Layer Stevie Jay Photography Photo: Stevie Jay Photography via Arches Dean Clough Wedding


17. Labels

Think about adding mini flag labels so guests know what’s what.

Cheese Wedding Cake Idea Labels Emma and Rich Photo: Emma and Rich via Cowshed Woodhall Farm Wedding Cheese Cake: West Country Cheese


18. Giant Log Stand

How awesome is this epic large log cheese wedding cake stand?

Cheese Wedding Cake Large Log Stand Grace Elizabeth Photography Photo: Grace Elizabeth Photography via High House Wedding Cheese Cake: Bay Thorne Hall


19. Greenery

For a simple and modern cheese decoration idea, add foliage!

Cheese Wedding Cake Idea Greenery Marianne Chua Photography Photo: Marianne Chua Photography via Chainstore Wedding Cheese: Borough Cheese Company Bath Soft Cheese Company Godminster Cheese The Fauxmagerie


20. Round Cheese

Opt for cheese of the same shape to keep things easy, then pop a different shape on top.

Cheese Wedding Tower Large Grapes Sally T Photography Photo: Sally T Photography via Bright Wedding


21. Small Cheese Cake

Wedding cheese cakes don’t have to be large, a small stack can be perfect too.

Small Cheese Wedding Cake Flowers Idea Nicola Dawson Photography Photo: Nicola Dawson Photography via Great Comp Garden Wedding Cheese Cake: Touchays Event Caterers


22. Heather

Add heather flowers for a pretty decor idea.

Cheese Wedding Cake Idea Ivy Heather Taylor-Hughes Photography Photo: Taylor-Hughes Photography via North Cornwall Wedding


23. Semi Circle Wheels

If a whole cheese wheel is too much, go halves.

Cheese Wedding Cake Semi Circle Slices Lisa Howard Photography Photo: Lisa Howard Photography via Northern Monk Brewery Wedding Cheese Cake: The Black Mouse Cheese and Wine Emporium


24. Hessian & Gypsophila

Gypsophila and hessian are a rustic match made in heaven for weddings.

Cheese Wedding Cake Ideas Gypsophila Hessian Bow Olegs Samsonovs Photography Photo: Olegs Samsonovs Photography via Hayne House Wedding


25. Flowers & Fruit

Combine flowers and fruit to decorate your cheese tower.

Cheese Wedding Cake Flowers Decoration Idea Jessica O’Shaughnessy Photography Photo: Jessica O’Shaughnessy Photography via Outbuildings Wedding Cheese Cake: Liverpool Cheese Company


26. Name Topper

Opt for a simple name cake topper like this couple.

Cheese Wedding Cake Topper Figs Lisa Carpenter Photography Photo: Lisa Carpenter Photography via Cotswolds Barn Wedding Cheese Cake: The Cheese Works


27. Ferns

Use evergreen ferns to add a woodland vibe to your cheese display.

Cheese Wedding Cake Inspiration Laser Cut Topper Bloom Weddings Photo: Bloom Weddings via High Barn Wedding Edenhall Cheese Cake: J & J Graham 


28. Large Topper

Be bold and add a large statement cheese cake topper.

Cheese Wedding Cake Idea Large Topper Heather Jackson Photography Photo: Heather Jackson Photography via Botanical Barn Wedding


29. Tall Wedding Cheese Cake

Yes, you can have a tall cheese wedding cake, this tower has nine layers!

Tall Wedding Cheese Cake Autumn Nicola Casey Photography Photo: Nicola Casey Photography via Halloween Wedding Cheese Cake: Godminster


30. Light It Up

Make sure your cheese stack shines in the evening by placing wedding lighting around it.

Cheese Wedding Cake Flowers Fruit Ideas Florence Berry Photography Photo: Florence Berry Photography via East Quay Wedding Vegan Cheese Cake: Honestly Tasty


31. Slate Board

Place your cheese on a slate board. It doubles up as a chalkboard for labels too!

Cheese Wedding Cake Idea Hessian Bunting Topper Pickavance Weddings Photo: Pickavance Weddings via AirBnB Wedding


32. Multiple Cheese Cakes

Can’t fit all your cheese in one tower? Simply make another.

Cheese Wedding Cake Tower Strawberries Bloom Weddings Photo: Bloom Weddings via Sefton Park Wedding Cheese Cake: Delifonseca


33. Rustic Cheese Cake

I love this rustic cheese cake decorated with figs, greenery and a log slice.

Cheese Wedding Cake Rustic Freckle Photography Photo: Freckle Photography via Devon Garden Tipi Wedding Cheese Cake: Fego Food


34. Colourful

Add colour with bright flowers, fruit and wax-covered cheese.

Cheese Wedding Cake Stack Sunflower Daisies Charlotte Razzell Photography Photo: Charlotte Razzell Photography via Colourful Bright Summer Pub Wedding Cheese Cake: Pub Cheese Monger


35. Chutney

Place plenty of different chutneys with your cheese for a special treat.

Cheese Cake Chutney Idea Wedding Lisa Howard Photo: Lisa Howard via 60 Hope Street Wedding Liverpool


36. Breadsticks & Crackers

Breadsticks and crackers are ideal to pile cheese onto.

Cheese Wedding Cake Table Breadsticks Crackers Matt Austin Images Photo: Matt Austin Images via Opulent Eccentric Berry Gold Wedding Cheese Cake: The Cheese Press


37. Matching Tones

Use the same colour cheese in different layers for cohesion.

Cheese Wedding Cake Idea Colourful Cassandra Lane Photo: Cassandra Lane via Milling Barn Wedding


38. Vegan Cheese

Being vegan or dairy free shouldn’t mean you miss out! Look out for vegan cheese for guests with dietary requirements and put it to one side if you are having non-vegan cheese too.

Wedding Cheese Cake Vegan Dan Biggins Photo: Dan Biggins via Keeper and the Dell Wedding


39. Three Tier

Cheese towers don’t need to be huge, three tiers can be plenty enough.

Cheese Wedding Cake Tower Elegant Photography by Charli Photo: Photography by Charli via Cubley Hall Wedding


40. Cake Knife

Don’t forget a cake knife… or two!

Cheese Wedding Cake Idea Irene Yap Photography Photo: Irene Yap Photography via Bell Ticehurst Wedding Cheese Cake: The West Country Cheese Company


41. Cherries

Not only do these cherries look amazing, but I am sure they tasted even better.

Cheese Wedding Cake Cherries Carly Bevan Photo: Carly Bevan via Candy Coloured Marquee Wedding


42. Christmas Cheese Wedding Cake

If there was ever a time for wedding cheese, it has to be at a Christmas wedding.

Cheese Wedding Cake Christmas Lola Rose Photography Photo: Lola Rose Photography via Traditional Christmas Wedding


43. Plain Cheese Wedding Cake

No frills, fuss-free, keep it simple.

 Cheese Wedding Cake Plain Simple Maytree Photography Photo: Maytree Photography via Cumbria Barn Wedding Cheese: Harvey and Brockless


44. Cheese Wedding Sign

Don’t forget about adding a wedding sign to your cheese table. Make it fun and informative.

Cheese Wedding Cake Idea Sign Kim Williams Weddings Photo: Kim Williams Weddings via Bright Barn Wedding


What Is A Cheese Wedding Cake?

A cheese wedding cake is a savoury cake made entirely from cheese! There is no sweet sponge cake, it is created from stacks of cheese to create a cake effect.

Can You Have Cheese As A Wedding Cake?

Yes, you can have cheese as an alternative to the traditional sweet wedding cake. Or how about having both? Many couples opt for a tower of cheese, especially if they aren’t cake fans. It’s your wedding, you do what makes you both happy!

Cheese Wedding Cake Idea Table Kirsty Rockett Photography Photo: Kirsty Rockett Photography via Hidden River Barn Wedding Cheese Cake: Costco


How Do You Make A Cheese Wedding Cake?

You can either hire a pro cheesemonger or ask your caterer to create your cheese wedding cake. Or you can make your own.

Tips On Making Your Own Wedding Cheese Cake

Cheese Wedding Cake Advice Tips Ross Talling Photography Photo: Ross Talling Photography via Elegant Burgundy Boho Tipi Wedding


What Do You Serve With A Wedding Cheese Cake?

Try serving fruit, breadsticks, chutneys, condiments, crackers or bread with your cheese wedding cake. In fact, you could even pick out a special wine, port or drink to serve with the cake cutting too!


That's a wrap! All the cheese wedding cake ideas you'll ever need. Plus you now have all the tips and tricks on planning your cheese tower. Oh yes.

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