10 Of The Hottest Wedding Catering Trends Right Now

Wedding Food Catering Ideas Advice Trends

There are some things about your wedding that your guests will never forget. The one on the tip of everyone’s tongues? The food! In the age of Instagram, we’re all obsessed with food. It’s got to look great, it has to taste amazing; with all this theatre and excitement around what’s on your plate, it’s no wonder couples are feeling the pressure to step away from the usual chicken dinner on their wedding day!

Luckily, there are tonnes of ways to upgrade your wedding catering, and as one of the top things on your wedding check-list, it’s good to get thinking about how to get your menus perfect, ASAP. With that in mind, here are our top 10 catering trends for your wedding.

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Get Creative With Colourful Cuisine

Whatever time of year you’re getting hitched, colour plays a huge part in the overall aesthetic of your big day. Your bridal party outfits, flowers, and linens are all set to coordinate and compliment each other, so why not bring your catering menu into the mix? Whether it’s the cake, cocktails or canapés, the best catering suppliers will have great, innovative ideas for bringing your colour scheme and theme into your food.

Wedding Food Catering Ideas Advice Trends

Interactive Food Stations

One of our favourite growing trends is interactive food stations around your reception or evening do, where guests can personalise their food. It could be a pizza station where guests can pick their toppings, an attended buffet where each station has a chef to suggest food pairings for their enjoyment, or an ice cream stand where guests can muddle flavours and toppings to create the treat of their dreams.

DIY Drinks

Another really fun way to help your guests break the ice and get to know each other is with a DIY bar at your reception. It could be a gin and tonic corner, with a selection of gins, tonics and garnishes; or a prosecco display with fruit purees and liqueurs to mix with. Pick beautiful bottles, sparkling glassware, and decorate with colourful seasonal fruit to wow your guests.

Wedding Food Catering Ideas Advice Trends

Quality Gastronomy

Top quality ingredients make all the difference, and with more and more organic produce available, we’re seeing entire menus being designed around organic delights. And it’s not just the food that’s getting the organic treatment!

Stock your bar with the latest organic wines, gins, ales and vodkas to give your guests a taste sensation they’ll be talking about for months to come.

Taster Menus

High-end restaurants are known for their tasting menus, showcasing the very best of what they have to offer, and we’re seeing more and more couples bring this decadence to their weddings. A tasting menu takes your guests on a gastronomic journey through 5 or 7 small courses, perhaps with a wine pairing for each course, depending on budget. It’s a great way to show off your foodie credentials, but can take up a lot of time, so if you’re hoping for an all-night rave on the dancefloor, this option might not be for you. If you’re after a more sophisticated occasion, this could be right up your street!

Wedding Food Catering Ideas Advice Trends

Share A Meal, Family-Style!

One of the best things about a wedding is the bringing together of two families. Take that bond to the next level with a family-style dinner. Picture platters of charcuterie and cheese or seafood to start; beautifully roasted joints of meat with all the trimmings for main, and gateaux, trifles, cheesecakes, or taster boards of all your favourite puddings for dessert.

Sharing plates have many advantages – you won’t need centrepieces, as your platters of food will take their place, and the interaction of family-style dining will get all your guests mingling as they pass food around between themselves.

Go Global

If you and your fiance love to travel, why not bring some of the delicacies you’ve discovered around the planet to the catering at your event? Introducing your guests to your favourite flavours is a fantastic way to get people talking, and to give them a real night to remember. Maybe you discovered an incredible spice on your last trip to the Middle East, or found a spectacular cheese in France that goes perfectly with a chunk of crunchy bread and a glass of port.

If you’re a big fan of Japanese cuisine and sushi, you could add hints of wasabi, miso or pickled ginger to your canapés, or theme your reception cocktails around your favourite Japanese tea!

Wedding Food Catering Ideas Advice Trends

Seasonal Snacks

Many couples are moving away from a huge sit-down dinner with 4 courses, in favour of lighter bites and snacks throughout the event. Selecting seasonal goodies can save thrifty couples a lot of money, compared to a formal dining experience.

Lighter food options can mean guests feel less weighed down with rich food, and more inclined to hit the dancefloor! Have grazing points around the dancefloor so guests don’t have to move far for a bite to eat, then they can get straight back to throwing shapes with the rest of your nearest and dearest.

Don’t Forget To Cater For The Kids

If you’re having children at your wedding, you’ve no doubt already had some conversations about what to feed them. Of course, they’re going to be straight on the sweet cart or candy floss, but there’s more to kids’ dining than sugar and chicken nuggets!

Children’s tastes are changing, and many are exposed to more sophisticated flavours from a young age, so step away from the deep-fried, beige options in favour of fresh fruit and veg, pots of dips, pasta, and fresh fruit milkshakes. Healthy finger food is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages, and parents can relax in the knowledge they’re not filling up on junk!

Wedding Food Catering Ideas Advice Trends

Fuel The Dancefloor

What do we all crave after a few drinks and a couple of hours on the dancefloor? Snacks! More and more couples are serving snacks and comfort food later in the evening to satisfy the munchies of their guests. From elaborate cheese boards with crackers and port, to pizza vans and burgers, pick your favourite late-night snack, set it up close to the dancefloor, and keep your party fuelled til the very end.

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Wedding Food Catering Ideas Advice Trends

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