Wednesday Wedding Wonders

Bouquet Flowers Bride Bridal Colourful Ribbons Retro Vintage Dhalias Snap Dragons Crespedia Bridesmaids Pennard House Wedding Oxi Photography

Wednesday Wedding Wonders. 13/02/2019

Image by Oxi Photography via Kitsch Colourful Vintage & Retro Fiesta Wedding We’re full swing into half term here and I am trying to be super productive so I can also take some time out to spend with my two little boys. After all I know the week will whizz…

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Spring Cottage Rivington Wedding Emma B Photography

Wednesday Wedding Wonders. 23/01/2019

Image by Emma B Photography // Relaxed Colourful Festival Wedding with an Outdoor Ceremony The past couple of weeks have been busy but lovely. We’ve been organised and have booked our family summer holiday in Devon for July, hooray! Plus we’ve started to think about planning our kitchen extension and renovation….

Ceremony Outdoor Tree Moon Gate Flower Arch Aisle Bright Camp Festival Wedding Chloe Lee Photography

Wednesday Wedding Wonders. 9/1/2019

Image by Chloe Lee Photography // Bright Camp Festival Wedding with a Moon Gate Flower Arch & Literature Details I really hope you’ve had a great start to 2019 lovely readers! If you are newly engaged and have recently joined us for the ride, then a very warm welcome to…

Autumn Dark Red Wedding Belle Art Photography

Wednesday Wedding Wonders. 12/12/2018

Image by Belle Art Photography  // Atmospheric Autumn Wedding in Shades of Dark Red & Burgundy Are you well and truly in the festive spirit? I think it’s safe to say we are. We’ve had a couple of Christmassy weekends jammed packed with fun stuff, from visiting Father Christmas, decorating…

Wilkswood Farm Wedding Robin Goodlad Photography

Wednesday Wedding Wonders. 28/11/2018

Image by Robin Goodlad // Beautifully Boho DIY Outdoor Wedding It’s been a week of getting stuff done. We’ve been sorting and doing chores, plus getting organised for Christmas. I think I am almost finished with the Christmas shopping, the crackers, wrap and cards are bought, 90% of the presents are…

Wednesday Wedding Wonders. 21/11/2018

Wednesday Wedding Wonders. 21/11/2018

Image by  Maja Tsolo Photography // Bohemian Cool Wedding in Slovenia with Macramé & Pampas Grass It’s been a super busy couple of weeks since our last Wednesday Wedding Wonders. This weekend we celebrated my husband G’s birthday, with a meal at our fave pub and plenty of cake afterwards….

Smoke Bombs Bride Groom Portraits Photos Free Spirited Wedding Ideas Woodland Lumiere Photographic

Wednesday Wedding Wonders. 7/11/2018

Image by Lumiere Photographic // Free Spirited Woodland Wedding Ideas I hope you had a cracking week lovely ones! We had a super busy weekend, on Saturday we had a check up at the vets for our Maine Coon cat Eva, had a mooch around the shops, before getting the…

Mill Barns Wedding Cassandra Lane Photography

Wednesday Wedding Wonders. 31/10/2018

Image by Cassandra Lane // Elegant & Romantic Antique Rose Barn Wedding Happy Halloween! We haven’t gone mad on Halloween this year, but we have carved pumpkins and will be taking the boys out trick or treating with friends later. Instead I spent the half term with a rotten cold,…

Wednesday Wedding Wonders. 17/10/2018

Wednesday Wedding Wonders. 17/10/2018

Image by Bowtie and Belle Photography // Light & Airy Modern Meets Vintage Castle Wedding Well weren’t the rainy days all kinds of lovely and cosy? Luckily we made the most of the sunshine on Saturday by tackling some gardening and spray painting our new monks bench and peg rail…

Fairy Lights Lighting Canopy String Ceiling Decor Pimhill Barn Wedding Shrophire Leah Lombardi Photography

Wednesday Wedding Wonders. 10/10/2018

Image by Leah Lombardi // Super Personal & Magical Barn Wedding with Cat Details Hi there folks! Isn’t it wonderful to have the sun shining? I have a feeling this could be the last week of warmth so I am hoping to get outside in the garden at the weekend…