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Christmas Gift Beauty Junkie Bride To Be Present 2017

Beauty Junkie Bride To Be Gift Guide. Beth’s Christmas Wish List

Hello fellow wedding lovers – and SEASON’S GREETINGS! I cannot tell I lie. I love Christmas. I truly do. I am actually the most sentimental person you will probably ever meet, so for me, Christmas is all about getting the tribe together, celebrating the blessings that the year has brought,…

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Homewear Christmas Gift Wish List UK Blogger Lifestyle

The Homewear Gift Guide. Ashley’s Christmas Wish List

Hello lovely WWW readers! Although I am technically post wedding now and no longer a bride but a wife (!!) instead, I am sticking around for just a little bit longer to share my Christmas wish list of homeware! I am a self-confessed homeware addict, and now that my wedding…

UK Wedding Blog Journal Diary Bride Planner

The Bride Diaries // Welcoming New Real Bride Olivia

About Me   Hello gorgeous followers of Whimsical Wonderland Weddings and may I say how delighted I am to be here! I’ll let you into a little secret – this isn’t my first time being featured on Louise’s beautiful blog.  I’m a professional wedding planner you see, and one of…

Bride Blog Planning Journal Diaries UK Planning

The Bride Diaries. Beth & Ian’s Life Happens & Anniversary Fun

Hello fellow wedding planners! Hard to believe it’s November already, the months are beginning to whizz by aren’t they?   Autumn Vibes   Autumn is without doubt my favourite season. One of the reasons Ian and I have chosen to get married at the end of August is because (aside…

Searching Wedding Photographer Photographt Planning UK Olivia Moon

The Bride Diaries. Millie’s Found Their Photographer

Within a few weeks of booking our venue we also found our photographer. Winston is a big photography buff and teaches it as part of his job. He often tries to talk to me about a lens or particular camera and I have to nod along or pretend to be…

Engagement Shoot Sunset

The Bride Diaries. Tor’s Engagement Shoot

Well….this week has been rather eventful! We were lucky enough to receive our engagement photos from the proper awesome Harry Michael Photography. The shots truly are brilliant and I can honestly say that I have never met anyone with as much enthusiasm for their work, than Harry! His army style,…

The Bride Diaries Planning Blog UK

The Bride Diaries. Ashley’s Getting Married Tomorrow

Hello lovely WWW readers! I’ve just woken up next to my fiancé for the last time as an unmarried woman. I am getting married tomorrow! I feel like the last few months have flown by, and we’ve been planning the wedding for so long it’s always been “ages away” and…

Wedding Florist Flowers Planning Jordon Isherwood

The Bride Diaries. Millie’s Florist & Flowers

Images by Jordon Isherwood   The Florist Well it’s been a little while since we last spoke and I’ve got big news! No I’m not engaged again or pregnant before you start doing the OMG face, but I have found an amazing supplier for our wedding. I absolutely love flowers….

Bride Bridal Diary Blog Make Up Trial

The Bride Diaries. Tor’s Make Up Trial

You know you’re a bit too laid back, when your hairdresser is more anxious about your wedding than you are…. My wonderful (almost lifelong) hairdresser was baffled that I hadn’t booked some suppliers and gave me a bit of a telling off! During my usual appointment with her, she made…

DIY Ties Real Bride Diary Blog Planning Journal

The Bride Diaries. Ashley Has One Month To Go

Hello lovely WWW readers! I can’t believe I am saying this but we are now (just about) a mere month away from our wedding! I am so excited, a bit nervous, and also so ready to be married! I feel like I have been planning this one day forever (19…