Wedding Music

Your wedding tunes sorted with our wedding music ideas, playlists and songs. Get inspired for your wedding soundtrack and create the most evocative, magical memories.

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Wedding Song Ideas Harp Harpist

The Perfect Songs for your Wedding Harpist

Beautiful wedding song ideas and alternative music choices that we know will help you put together the best wedding playlist for you and your wedding harpist, that will also make your day totally special and unique.

Christmas Songs Playlist Party Wedding

10 Christmas Songs To Get Your Guests On The Dance Floor

Ooooh there’s no doubt weddings are beautiful, exciting and romantic occasions… that’s a given. But add the magic of Christmas into the mix, with the twinkling lights, extra sparkly dresses and if you’re extremely lucky, a dusting of snow then the WOW factor goes completely off the scale. Many elements…

Wedding Songs Ideas Ceremony UK

99 Wedding Ceremony Songs

Whimsical Jurassic Park Inspired Outdoor Wedding // Image by Barney Walters   Music can be the soundtrack to our lives. Hearing a tune randomly can take you back in an instant to a time or place. Whether you want to bring songs that already mean something to you into your…