Wedding DIY Tutorials

DIY Tin Can Centre Piece Tutorial

I thought for ages about what inexpensive way I could present my flowers in for the shoot. In the end I came up with tin cans, which given a lick of paint are given a whole new lease of life. They are the ultimate eco-friendly, budget and gorgeous centrepiece concept….

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DIY Cake Topper Tutorial

Do you remember last month the DIY shoot i created for the blog birthday? If not have a look here. I thought it was about time i share another tutorial with you all, this week i wanted to show you how to create an inexpensive, fun and cute cake topper…

DIY Egg Cup Wedding Favours Tutorial

Remember last Friday’s shoot? Well if not go have a looksie and come back hehe! As promised i am bringing you the DIY tutorials so you can recreate the look i created, or adapt it to your own taste’s. This week i am tacking the favours…. seeing as it’s  nearly…