Why Castles Make the Most Incredible Wedding Venues

Warwick Castle Wedding Venue Credit Jessica Raphael

Image by Jessica Raphael

We are so lucky in the UK to be surrounded by such grandeur, tradition and history. What’s more, so much of that history is preserved in buildings and architecture, the very fabric of our very past. Saying that, you don’t need to be a history fan to appreciate old buildings, I mean who doesn’t love castles? We here at Whimsical Wonderland Weddings think that castles make for the most perfect wedding venue and we are going to look into just why these majestic structures could be the most incredible location in which to say I do. Plus we will be profiling the spectacular Warwick Castle; just what they have to offer and all about their brilliant services for couples getting married.

Warwick Castle Wedding Venue Credit Jessica Raphael

Image by Jessica Raphael

Steeped in History

Let’s face it, castles have a rich past of historical figures, documented events and treasured antiques that make them a fascinating yet beautiful setting to hold a wedding. A castle wedding will be the talk of your guests for years to come, as they explore all the castle has to offer, take in the scenery and the magnificent atmosphere.

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Warwick Castle Wedding Venue Credit Dave Perry

Image by Dave Perry

Throughout time the Earls of Warwick have entertained royalty and hosted many lavish events within the spectacular State Rooms and beautiful grounds of Warwick Castle. Forge your own piece of history and let us deliver your memorable day within one of our many opulent historical rooms.

Warwick Castle Wedding Venue Credit Ayelle Photo

Image by Ayelle Photo

You can really go to town on planning your wedding around your castle venue. Pare back the décor and details to really show off the unique spaces and let the venue do the talking. Think also about entertaining your guests in an alternative and fun way. Warwick Castle offer some really imaginative and entertaining experiences for weddings, such as knights on horseback, fighting knights and birds of prey entertainment to name a few. Wow!

Warwick Castle Wedding Venue Credit Johnny Dent

Image by Johnny Dent

From epic battle to ancient myths, we’ve drawn on a thousand years of jaw dropping history to create themed experiences like no other. History is brought to life by a unique combination of a hearty feasts and enthralling entertainment.

Beautiful Grounds

Many castles, such as Warwick Castle located in Warwickshire, are situated in beautiful grounds. This can make the perfect backdrop to reception drinks, stunning wedding photography portraits, fun and games al fresco or simply kicking back in the evening and soaking up the atmosphere.

Warwick Castle Wedding Venue Credit Jessica Raphael

Image by Jessica Raphael

Running gently down to the river is the Pageant Field, flanked on either side by trees, many of which are over 200 years old.

This lawn was laid by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown to provide a picturesque view of the River Avon and an area for the ladies and gentlemen of the court to parade on sunny days. The perfect setting for outdoor wedding photos.

Warwick Castle Wedding Venue Credit Jessica Raphael

Image by Jessica Raphael

Castles often sit beside water, either a lake, moat or river. This makes for an idyllic spot to enjoy all the wildlife and opportunities that water can offer. You never know there may be an option to arrive in style on the water, or make use of a rowing boat post ceremony. Imagine how spectacular fireworks would be come evening reflected into the water.

Warwick Castle Wedding Venue Credit Jessica Raphael

Image by Jessica Raphael

Extensive Accommodation & Venue Options

Castles more often that not are vast, which means more choice, more flexibility and more potential to really make your stamp on your wedding. No two castle weddings are the same at Warwick Castle thanks to their numerous ceremony and reception locations.

Warwick Castle Wedding Venue Johnny Dent

Image by Johnny Dent

Dine in The Cedar Drawing Room nestled in the heart of the State Rooms with its intricate 17th Century cedar panelling. This room was used for holding the most noble of festivities, from grand banquets in the late 17th Century to ballroom dancing during the late 19th Century.

For a more intimate affair take the opportunity to dine in our opulent State Dining Room. The State Dining Room has played host to an array of historical monarchs including, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and more recently
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Warwick Castle Wedding Venue Credit Weddings by Nicola and Glen

Image by Weddings by Nicola and Glen

The night before your wedding it’s always lovely to settle into your own accommodation at your chosen venue and thanks to the sheer size of most castles, this isn’t going to be an issue. It means you can wake on your wedding morning, without the need to travel, get ready in style and relax. Then of course on your wedding night, you can enjoy the sumptuous castle setting in your very own suite. If your guests wish to join you in staying over then Warwick Castle has just the ticket.

Warwick Castle has two magnificent Tower Suites − The Peacock Suite and The Rose Suite, offering guests the opportunity to spend the night resplendent in their own private chamber.

Additionally, wedding guests can enjoy an overnight stay in a medieval themed lodge or Glamping tent (seasonal) located in a picturesque woodland glade.

Warwick Castle Wedding Venue Credit Sarah Morris Photography

Image by Sarah Morris Photography

Fairytale Dreams

Of course, with a castle wedding there is the connotation of fairytales, royalty and a sprinkling of traditional magic. If it’s your style, then you can really go to town with an opulent, elegant and memorable celebration. But if you have a more alternative style you can still add your own personality to your nuptials and bring a modern twist to a traditional setting. The options are endless for a unique and memorable celebration.

Warwick Castle Wedding Venue Credit Sam Boxall

Image by Sam Boxall

From intimate wedding breakfasts, to magnificent receptions, your wedding at Warwick Castle will be a truly memorable and unique day.

To find out more about Warwick Castle and all they offer couples getting married do take a look at their website, download their brochure or enquire to make a visit and see if there is availability for your wedding date. Weddings at Warwick Castle are sure to be just magical xo Lou

Warwick Castle Wedding Venue Credit Johnny Dent

Image by Johnny Dent

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