Britten’s Guide to Beautiful Alternative Veil Types

For the second of our veil features we wanted to run through the different types you might want to consider for your wedding day. Last week we explored the classic veil options. Ask someone what they think of as a veil and they will often describe something like this.


Britten Alternative Veil Types Guide

Bandeau Veils


The first of our different options for you are bandeau veils. Bandeau’s have more of a vintage feel and are attached either side of the head. The term ‘bandeau’ is often used interchangeably with ‘birdcage’ so look closely at the fixing options to determine which is which! Birdcage veils are attached on the top of the head rather than the sides.


Britten Wedding Veils Alternative Different

Drop Veils


Next are drop veils. These are simple and drape over the head. Drop veils are often held in place with a headband, a shown in our images for our ‘Rhiann’ drop wedding veil, but  we can also sew a comb into them instead if you prefer. Click for our ‘How to secure a drop wedding veil‘ guide.


Britten Wedding Veils Alternative Different


Juliet Cap Veils


Juliet cap veils are another option. They have a super vintage, almost medieval look that comes from their origins in 16th Century England. They are believed to have been invented, and popularised, by actors in the first performances of William Shakespeares ‘Romeo & Juliet’.


Britten Wedding Veils Alternative Different

Mantilla Veils


Finally you may want to consider our newest mantilla veils. Mantillas are a design of Spanish origin. They are circular and entirely edged with lace. It is a very striking effect, do have a look at our blog post ‘What is a mantilla veil’ for more info.


Britten Wedding Veils Alternative Different

If you have any questions about what style of veil may suit your chosen dress then get in touch any time, we are always happy to help!
Sarah Jane xxx



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  • Great look at the different types of veils that are out there! I’m personally a huge fan of juliet caps – they have such a beautiful look to them. Hopefully a bride-to-be gets some inspiration to do something different from this!

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