A Retro Styled Love Shoot

This retro styled love shoot is so much fun i cannot help but having a big fat grin all over my face when i view it. Here is perfect inspiration for an engagement or couple shoot if the retro era sings to your heart. Both couples are totally cute….

Thanks so much to the fabulous Brighton Photo and PhotoMadly for submitting this shoot to me today, here is what they had to say about the day

“You know it’s going to be fun day when you’ve spent the morning playing with marshmallows and jelly and then you find yourself traipsing the streets of Brighton for a date with a disco ball all the while wearing two hula hoops, clutching a bouquet of sunflowers in one hand and a game of Twister in the other.  All of this was for our retro styled shoot with our contest winners (as featured on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings in July) – engaged couple Miriam and Sam and long-term couple Lauren and Timothy – at the beautiful North Stoke Farm in Amberley, West Sussex.  When we arrived at the farm we plonked all of the above plus half the contents of both of our houses (it turns out we own a lot of retro!) into a middle of a field full of cows – which actually turned out to be bullocks, as we discovered when they all came racing over.  The locals assured us they were just nosey but we were rather hesitant as  there was one one-horned bullock in particular who earned the nickname“Satan” as he was especially ornery and seemed to be the leader of  stamping their territory and circling our set.  After we plucked up the courage and  to shoo the bullocks away, we got to work hanging the disco ball in a tree and setting up a fabulous 70s living room in a field.  Unfortunately the pink jelly rabbit didn’t survive (we should have gone for blanc mange instead) but between the record player, cake stand, sheepskin, Scrabble, cheese and pineapple and all the rest we had lots to work with.  In the end we got tons of fun shots and had a blast. We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them!”


Big thanks go to all the collaborators on the shoot:  PhotoMadly (pictures of Miriam & Sam), Brighton Photo (pictures of Lauren & Timothy), Ren Sullivan & Scarlet Hutchinson (hair & makeup), Lakey-Porter Furniture (camper van interiors & location) & Arun Valley Campers (camper vans & location).

How fun was that!!??? LOVE IT!! :-) xoxo

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