Beautiful Bridal & Wedding Lingerie by Wonderbra

Bridal Wedding Lingerie Wonderbra Underwear Bride Bra Briefs

Finding the perfect bridal lingerie is key to your wedding day look. We know it’s not the easiest of tasks, but it’s an essential element to your wedding dress shopping. Like a primer for flawless foundation, a great set of underwear is everything. It provides the silhouette for your outfit and can really make or break a look. Which is where Wonderbra comes in, a brand synonymous with style, sexy and great fit. All the things you want to feel underneath your wedding dress, on your wedding day and during your honeymoon. Just the perfect option for your wedding and bridal lingerie then!

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Bridal Wedding Lingerie Wonderbra Underwear Bride Bra Briefs

Refined Glamour Ultimate Strapless

Find Your Wedding Dress First

When it comes to wedding lingerie shopping, find your gown first. Don’t worry about low necklines, backs or sheer fabrics, Wonderbra have every eventuality covered when it comes to bridal bras. Once you have your dream gown, take along your chosen underwear to your first fitting, not only will you see if it works in harmony with your wedding dress, but your seamstress will ensure your dress works with your underwear too.

Bridal Wedding Lingerie Wonderbra Underwear Bride Bra Briefs

Choosing The Right Bridal Lingerie

I love how Wonderbra have both practical and pretty options for brides. They also have a range of sizes to suit and a really useful size guide online to ensure you find the perfectly fitting pieces. If you are struggling to choose just one design from their beautiful collection you could always buy more than one set of lingerie, for both the wedding day and your following honeymoon.

Bridal Wedding Lingerie Wonderbra Underwear Bride Bra Briefs

Wonderbra asked me some super fun questions, which I hope prove to be both useful and insightful. Including my own wedding underwear experience.

Are there any wedding trends you absolutely love right now?

There are so many cool and inspiring trends in the wedding industry currently. Trends come and go year on year and some are so popular they become a wedding tradition. There are so many things I am loving right now, the emergence of darker atmospheric photography, celestial starry details, huge flower wreath ceremony backdrops and the ever more popular outdoor wedding ceremony here in the UK.

I am coveting greenery in abundance, delicious naked cake towers and mismatched bridesmaids to name a few. I don’t think any of these trends will be disappearing any time soon and it’s clear to see why, they are glorious!

Bridal Wedding Lingerie Wonderbra Underwear Bride Bra Briefs

Refined Glamour Brazillian Brief

What are the big trends for wedding dresses this season? What about bridesmaids?

There has been a real trend for embroidered and lace wedding dresses this season, many with nude linings for a really unique bridal look. There has also been a lot of love for fringed dresses and elements such as skirts with high splits, low backs and pockets. Long trains have been emerging again for a really romantic look with slinky tight fitting silhouettes. In terms of colour there has been a lot of off white, champagne and even gold tone gowns, which are all super gorgeous.

When it comes to bridesmaids anything really does go now. Many couple’s we feature chose mismatched frocks, either in terms of style or colour. I am loving multi toned looks for maids, with a few complimentary colours mixed together for a soft and pretty style. Sequins, beading and off the shoulder dresses are still popular for bridesmaids too.

Bridal Wedding Lingerie Wonderbra Underwear Bride Bra Briefs

Refined Glamour Balconette

We believe that wearing the right lingerie underneath is just as important as what you wear over the top!

How did you pick your own lingerie for your wedding?

I completely agree. When it came to picking my wedding lingerie, fit was key to me. I needed a strapless bra or basque to match my strapless off the shoulder gown. I opted for a pretty strapless bra, which fitted perfectly, so I didn’t need to worry about feeling uncomfortable or my bra slipping down when enjoying the day. Especially for dancing! When it came to knickers, again I wanted to be comfortable and I didn’t need to worry about a VPL as my skirt was loose fitting. So I chose a pair of matching short style briefs. I of course also wanted them to be pretty so I felt at my best. It’s always lovely having new undies too and I think it makes you feel all the more special in the wedding prep part of the day.

Bridal Wedding Lingerie Wonderbra Underwear Bride Bra Briefs

Why would you recommend Wonderbra as a wedding day staple for any upcoming brides?

I think Wonderbra is designed for stylish yet practical women who want to feel sexy and confident. Confidence is key on your wedding day and you certainly want to ooze sexy for your new husband or wife too. What I love about Wonderbra is their focus on fit and their bridal range is perfectly thought out in terms of different options for different dress styles. For example they offer options for strapless, plunge necklines and backless cuts too. It really is a one stop shop for bridal lingerie.

Bridal Wedding Lingerie Wonderbra Underwear Bride Bra Briefs

We’ve seen so many iconic celebrity wedding dresses over the years, which one is your favourite?

Ohh this is tough! There are so many amazing famous wedding dresses I’ve loved over the years. Kate Moss’ John Galliano floaty gown was oh so pretty, Fern Cotton went for a shorter gown by Emilio Pucci, which I think suited her and her style so perfectly. Olivia Palermo’s bridal separates by Carolina Herrera were just divine and really set a trend for skirts and cardigans in bridal wear. I really love celebrities that steer away from more traditional styles and stay true to their own style and taste.

Bridal Wedding Lingerie Wonderbra Underwear Bride Bra Briefs

What was your favourite guest outfit from the wedding of the year? We’re talking about the Royal Wedding of course!

Well, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding last month. I settled in front of the TV at a party thrown by my mum, it was such fun and really exciting to watch. There were so many varied outfits and style choices, featuring a lot of floral print and midi length dresses. Lady Kitty Spencer’s emerald green outfit looked stunning, Carey Mulligan’s dress was just super pretty and Sofia Wellesley’s peter pan collar frock was perfection.

Bridal Wedding Lingerie Wonderbra Underwear Bride Bra Briefs

Where To Buy The Featured Bridal Lingerie

Connect With Wonderbra

So there you have the perfect bridal lingerie for your wedding. Do go and browse the Wonderbra website to find your dream wedding underwear xo Lou

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