Blousey Beautiful Wedding Flowers by Daisy Ellen Floral Design

Daisy Ellen Floral Design Wedding Flowers Florist UK

Chelsea Flower Show award winning floral designer Daisy Ellen is a real talent in the wedding industry. Her romantic, country style suits many a beautiful wedding celebration.

Whatever the style or budget her clients bring to the table, Daisy Ellen Floral Design creates them the flower arrangements of their dreams. I just adore Daisy’s use of colour, texture and shape in her designs. Her bouquets are just stunning and set off a wedding theme to a T.


Hi Daisy, could you firstly tell WWW readers a little bit about you?


A little bit about myself. Well, I’m Daisy, owner of Daisy Ellen – Floral Design. I’m a big fan of flowers, love a bit of container shopping and I confess I have a slight addiction to candles. I’ve previously competed at the Chelsea Flower Show and have won Gold and Best in Show with my Floral Ball Gown. As much as I love floral art and all the craft it entails, there is nothing more satisfying than creating a stunning bouquet for a stunning bride.


What do you love and dislike about your job?


I generally love my job – from the buying of flowers to the the talks with excited brides, and even the early morning deliveries to ensure everything is perfect and just so. I suppose the only downside is my hands – there are only a few times in the year where my hands are green free and my nail varnish isn’t chipped. Oh and the thorns – they get everywhere!


How did you get into floristry?


My journey of getting into the floral business is a short one. I left school and the only thing I wanted to do was work with flowers! So by the age of 16, I was training at a local college. This went on to studying all my levels and achieving my English Masters in London. After working for years in different florists I decided my true passion was wedding and event floristry. And so Daisy Ellen was born!


Daisy Ellen Floral Design Wedding Flowers Florist UK

Image by Samantha Davis Photography


Tell us about your typical working day.


A typical working day for me starts fairly early. Usually around the 3-4am mark I’ll receive my delivery of flowers from one of my preferred suppliers. Then the work starts where I will check over and condition all the flowers delivered. These flowers will be for a Daisy Ellen bride so ensuring they are all perfect is key! I’ll then start on the wedding designs – usually starting with large displays like urn arrangements or candelabras first, then ending with the brides bouquet. Then it’s straight to bed for an early delivery the next day to ensure the bride has the perfect floral wedding day!


If you could choose another role in the wedding industry what would it be?


I think if I had to follow another path in the wedding industry, it would be in bridal wear. I love following the fashions of bridal gowns. I think the workmanship and design that goes into those beautiful dresses is something truly magic. But then again, there is the cake makers! And I do love a bit of cake!


Daisy Ellen Floral Design Wedding Flowers Florist UK

Image by Paul Ives Photography


What do you aim to achieve for your clients?


I aim to achieve a brides vision of her wedding day. I think when you’re initially planning you’re wedding you picture an image in your mind of how you want it to be – from the ceremony, right through to the reception. I want that image to be achieved on that day and we’ll go out of our way to create it with flowers!

How would you describe your style in three words?


Blousey, Country & Beautiful.


Daisy Ellen Floral Design Wedding Flowers Florist UK

Image by Paul Ives Photography


Could you tell us some information about your packages/prices?


For Daisy Ellen clients we pride ourselves on working with any budget. We have a price guide which outlines the starting costs to give people an idea of prices and designs. This is emailed to brides and grooms if they enquire. We tend to like to discuss all details with our brides, even down to fabrics they would like their bridal bouquet wrapped in. Then I’ll create a bespoke quote specifically for that single wedding – either working within a budget or including every design and idea to allow the bride and groom to pick and choose.


Do you have any tips for couples in selecting their florist?


I think the best advice I could give about picking your florist is choose somebody that understands your vision. I think if you have an immediate connection and trust the supplier straight away with creating your wedding flowers, go for them!


Are you seeing any trends for the year ahead?


Metallics! And I think blush will make a big appearance again this year!


Daisy Ellen Floral Design Wedding Flowers Florist UK

Can you give us a teaser about what you are working on now?


There are a few things in the pipeline. From a floral school, to some floral art, to making some brides weddings look awesome with some beautiful blooms!


How can we get in touch with you?


You can get in touch with Daisy Ellen via email on [email protected]

Website |

Mobile | 07532244250


To see Daisy’s full portfolio pop over to her stunning website and get in touch quick sharp to secure your wedding booking.

Thank you Daisy Ellen Floral Design for sharing all about your business today, it really is a fascinating insight and I cannot wait to see what 2016 holds for you xo Lou


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